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Sushi Ta-ke, a Social Encounter in Hong Kong

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Japanese Sushi has long been acknowledged for its food-related attributes such as the presentation, freshness and taste, as well as its healthy properties being low in fat, calories and cholesterol. However, among Asian consumers, Japanese food consumption is rated most highly not only for these food-related attributes, but also for the overall dining experience comprising of restaurant aesthetics, service excellence, interactions and social engagement. Welcome to ‘Sushi Ta-ke’, a social encounter in Hong Kong where the restaurant founders operate on a simple premise to delight customers with “traditional Edmae sushi made with the freshest ingredients, skillful techniques and presented in an artistful attention to detail, introducing authentic Japanese cuisine in the finest way”.

Sushi Ta-ke, a social encounter in Hong Kong

Sushi Ta-ke Sushi Bar

Authentic indeed, as all to often the affects of globalisation on food traditions transported from one culture to another, meant that the ‘meaning’ in the host country begun to differ from the country of origin; not quite so at ‘Sushi Ta-ke’. True to age-old traditions in Japan, the overall sushi dining experience encouraged patrons on getting to know the Sushi Chef and his team at their local Sushi bar; which developed over frequent visits, eventually lead to entrusting the Chef to offer dishes based on what he thought his patrons would most enjoy.

Sushi Ta-ke, a social encounter in Hong Kong

Sushi Ta-ke Master Chef Kimijima Yukio

At Sushi Ta-ke, these traditions are upheld and best experienced in ordering ‘Omakase’ style, which affords guests to leave the selection of dishes to the Chef, whilst immersing themselves in the artistic performance by a team of skillful craftsmen who are eager to delight. Sushi Ta-ke’s Omakase menu comes in three variations – Matse, Ume and Take. The latter, ‘Take’ – offers guests an extended Sushi experience evolving over 2 ½ hours of experiential dining. Comprising of three kinds of mouthwatering appetizers, five kinds of Sashimi, a simmered dish, a grilled dish, seven pieces of Nigiri Sushi, one piece of Seaweed role, a seasonal soup – complemented by conversations with Japanese Master Chef Kimijima Yukio, not to forget the soothing ‘sake’ of course.

Sushi Ta-ke, a social encounter in Hong Kong

Sushi Ta-ke fresh fatty Tuna Sashimi

Chef Kimijima, a sushi expert with over 30 years experience and originating from a family that operates one of the famous Japanese restaurants in Ginza, Japan, takes great delight in sharing his knowledge and the stories that surround the ‘Take’ ingredients. Cultivating this Japanese tradition – a valued part of the Sushi bar culture, patrons embrace this unique form of social engagement between ‘guest’ and ‘host’, where each dish is being explained for its ingredients, garnish and their origins, seasonality, texture, noticeable flavors and how best to enjoy the creations (e.g. no sauce, or by hand).

Sushi Ta-ke, a social encounter in Hong Kong

Assorted Sushi

Seated along the Sushi bar counter, not only is the smell of ‘ocean’ evident of the freshness of seafood flown in daily from coastal Japan and other exotic locations, but the curiosity among fellow diners about new and unknown dishes. Perhaps the true ingredients are quality Sushi, personal service interactions, social encounters and surrounding environment, that make the overall ‘Sushi Ta-ke’ dining experience.

Sushi Ta-ke, a social encounter in Hong Kong

Sushi Ta-ke Sushi with Seasonal Soup

Sushi Ta-ke, a social encounter in Hong Kong

12/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2577 0611, 

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