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Survivor: South Pacific Recap: Survivalism

Posted on the 06 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog
Survivor: South Pacific Recap: Survivalism

Original Air Date: 5 October 2011

Reward Challenge Winner: Savaii

  • Reward:Two chicken hens and one rooster
Immunity Challenge Winner: Savaii

Voted Out at Tribal Council: Stacey (7-1)Redemption Island Duel Winner: ChristineLeft the Game: Mark Anthony (Papa Bear)Recap: Jim is concerned that Ozzy and Elyse have a tighter bond than people realize and that he can't vote out Ozzy, so he confides in Cochran about a plan to vote out Elyse next. Cochran agrees, as that would leave him in the game for at least another three days. 

At Upolu, Brandon is still feeling tormented by his actions and decides to be a more honest player. He apologizes to Mikayla for his recent outburst in front of the tribe. He then tells Edna that she is not part of the core alliance, but just a sixth subordinate member. 
Cochran, Jim, Brandon, and Edna go to observe the Redemption Island duel. Before the duel starts, Brandon apologizes to Christine for how the Tribal Council went against her. For the duel, the castaways would toss sand bags and attempt to land them on top of ten crates. The first castaway to have one bag on all ten crates would win. Christine edges out Papa Bear to win her second duel in a row. 
Brandon's revelation about her status made Edna more cautious and she decides that she has to emphasize the social aspect of her game by being cordial and polite since she is not a strong physical competitor. However, her constant talking and laugh annoys Mikayla and Stacey. 
At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, three castaways (two men and one woman) from each tribe would stand on perches holding a wooden pole on their shoulders to which weighted bags would be added. Every few minutes, the other four members of the opposing tribe would select someone to carry an additional 20 pounds (9.1 kg) of weight. If the weight becomes too much for a castaway, they would drop the pole and be out of the challenge. The last castaway standing would win the challenge for their tribe.
Savaii choose Dawn, Jim, and Keith to be the weight bearers while Upolu choose Albert, Brandon, and Stacey. Keith drops out first after 26 minutes and 180 pounds (82 kg). Albert is out next at the same weight. Jim and Brandon surpass the Survivor record of 220 pounds (100 kg) held by Rupert in Survivor: Pearl Islands and J.T. and Brendan Synnott in Survivor: Tocantins by going to 240 pounds (110 kg), but both drop the pole shortly after the last 20 pounds (9.1 kg) are added. Just like in Survivor: Tocantins, it is down to the two women: Dawn and Stacey. The weight is at 140 pounds (64 kg) when Stacey drops her pole to give Savaii the win. 
Even though Stacey thinks she had proved herself as a strong player by her performance in the challenge, she is still concerned that she would be voted out next, so she tries to stir things up by telling Brandon that he needs to watch out for Albert, Mikayla, and Sophie. 
At Tribal Council, Brandon breaks down for feeling that he has something to prove by being Russell Hantz's relative and that he has to reclaim the family name in a positive manner. The tribe discusses trust and loyalty. When the vote comes, Stacey's worries about being voted out become reality and she is sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 7–1.
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