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Survivor: South Pacific Recap: Reap What You Sow

Posted on the 29 September 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog
Survivor: South Pacific Recap: Reap What You Sow

Original Air Date: 28 September 2011

Reward Challenge Winner: Upolu

  • Reward: Chocolate, cookies, coffee, powdered milk, tea, and sugar
Immunity Challenge Winner: Upolu

Voted Out at Tribal Council: Mark Anthony (Papa Bear) (6-1-1)Redemption Island Duel Winner: ChristineLeft the Game: SemharRecap: Day 6's tree mail announced the first Redemption Island Duel. The tribes were instructed to send two members to witness the duel; Upolu sent Coach and Stacey, while Savaii sent Ozzy and Elyse. Before the duel started, Semhar recited more poetry to calm herself, but it did not help and she lost to Christine in a classic balance challenge. The castaways would balance a wooden totem on top of a pole which they would have to keep upright by holding at the bottom. At regular intervals, the player would add an additional section to the bottom of the pole, making the pole longer and harder to balance. The last castaway still holding the totem up would win.

On day 7 at Upolu, Brandon felt guilty about lying to his tribe during his push to vote out Mikayla. He finally told them the truth about his family, displayed his tattoos and apologized for continuing to lie to them. In private, Brandon and Mikayla discussed why he wanted to vote her out. After Brandon felt threatened by her demeanor, he gathered the rest of the tribe and told all them that he was very upset at Mikayla's approach, that she did not appear to have much of an alliance, and to keep him out of all tribal drama. 
Coach and Sophie got concerned that Brandon's outburst would cause friction within the tribe and their alliance. 
At Savaii, Ozzy decided that he had to trust somebody with the knowledge of his Hidden Immunity Idol and he decided to tell Keith about it. Keith then told Whitney in order to gain her trust. 
The combined Reward/Immunity Challenge consisted of a tribe member racing across a floating bridge carrying a bodyboard attached to a rope. The tribe member would grab a bag containing a banner that would form part of their tribe's flag. They would then ride the bodyboard back to shore as it was winched in by the four members of their tribe. Five bundles would need to be winched to the beach in this manner. Two tribe members would then use grappling hooks from the top of a wall to retrieve the five banners. Finally, the two tribe members would assemble the banners into their tribe's flag. The first tribe to have their flag completed would win. The challenge was won by Upolu after Coach did a phenomenal job with the grappling hook.
Back at Savaii, John and Mark shared their fear that one of them would be going to Redemption Island after Tribal Council and that the other would go at the next Tribal Council. The rest of the tribe decided on voting out Mark/Papa Bear, but would tell him that they would be voting for John. 
When Jim and Ozzy told Mark that Cochran was going home, he figured out they were lying and he went to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol as his last ditch play. Elyse and Jim followed him into the woods to watch him look for the idol. Not finding the idol, Mark decided to create a fake one in order to bluff the tribe into thinking he had one and told Jim that he found the idol. John saw through his bluff, but was still concerned that the tribe would shift the vote to him. At Tribal Council, the tribe voted to call Mark's bluff and he was sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 6–1–1.
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