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Survivor: South Pacific - Reap What You Sow. Bits and Pieces

Posted on the 29 September 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog
Survivor: South Pacific - Reap What You Sow. Bits and PiecesThe power shifted again from Savaii to Upolu as Coach led his tribe to victory in a challenge where both tribes made mistakes, but maybe the most unexpected one was Ozzy's. Nevertheless, it was not he who caused his tribe to lose, as Savaii and Upolu were neck in neck before the last part of the challenge - it was Coach's skill with the grappling hook that put Upolu in the lead, an advantage that Whitney could not recover. For a recap of the episode, go to this post. But let's see what were the best and worse moves the survivors did this episode.Drama-boy stirs things up. Let's start with Upolu this time. I need to get it out of my chest and then move to different, less disturbing things. Whoever cast Brandon needs to die. This kid is ruining the show for me. I hated Russell Hantz, but at least he was open about being a villain. Brandon is just a very conflicted kid who doesn't bring anything to the game other than pure drama and not even in a good sense. He's not even good at keeping the secret he so determinedly swore to keep before the season started. Also, the more he says he wants to be kept out of the drama, he's the one stirring it, by summoning two tribal meetings that left everyone baffled. The only good thing about it is that he caused an Eliza-like reaction in Stacey when he announced who his uncle was. It's about time for the others to get him out, he's a loose cannon and won't bring anything but trouble. Coach 3.0 is rocking it. We haven't seen any martial arts and he only mentioned the dragonslayer once in 3 episodes. Of course, all of that could have been edited out, but at least he does great in challenges. I won't go as far as to say better than Ozzy, they were on different parts of the challenge this time, but he did win immunity for his tribe after the two tribes were neck in neck after the first part.Dolphin-boy loses the board, his pants and his mind. It was a rare mistake from Ozzy during the challenge, but I wouldn't go as far as saying that he lost immunity for his tribe. The first time he went in the water, Savaii didn't give him enough rope when he could have really taken the advantage in front of an arguably slower Brandon. What I didn't understand is why did he have to tell Keith about the HII. Says Ozzy, "There's gotta be a certain point where I have to trust somebody with the knowledge that I have the idol". No, dumbass, there's really no need to do that. Haven't you learned anything from Micronesia? Keith is not a stupid player and telling Whitney proved just that. Now they're bonding over not having the idol and they will turn against Ozzy eventually. So from the top of the totem pole he might just end up fifth and that's not where I want my Ozzylicious to be.The tribe has spoken... word. When Coach is rolling his eyes at something you say, that's your cue to shut the f**k up. For Semhar, talking about having her boo's babies without anesthesia might be calming, but for me it was annoying and it bored the crap out of Jeff Probst, who couldn't hold in a sigh while waiting for her to cut her little poem short and start the damn duel already. Thankfully for my Aleksandr Pushkin-trained mind, her attempt at poetry will not be bothering us anymore before the reunion show, where I can bet you Probst will ask her to torture us again. So long, Semhar!Papa Bear never sprints. That's right, Elyse, he doesn't, but he got you saying the second funniest line of the episode (the other one being John's "Papa Bear comes waltzing into camp with this big smile on his face and an extra-large bulge in his underpants"). Figuring out he was on the chopping block (yep, Ozzy, you've never been a good actor!), Mark starts looking for the HII frantically and, when his search proves to be in vain, he makes one out and tells everyone he found it. Not a bad strategy, but his over-enthusiastic attitude didn't fool anyone. Plus, the best he could have accomplished would have been having the others split the votes and hope for a re-vote in case of  a draw.The editing sucks. I get it that the Hantz family must be publicized, Jeff has such an admiration for Russell that it couldn't have been otherwise (and by the way, I think Russell's name hasn't been mentioned so many times during his seasons as it has been in these three episodes). But we need to see more of Sophie, Albert and Edna, please!We have a week of thinking about the will-he-or-won't-he (manage to vote Ozzy out, that is, and I'm talking about John, who starts to stir up trouble in the Savaii camp), but also the will-he-or-won't-he turn absolutely crazy (and now I'm referring to the little troll who goes by the name of Hantz). Until then, peace out!

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