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Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Ozzy

Posted on the 28 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog
Survivor: South Pacific - Meet OzzyOscar "Ozzy" LusthAge: 30Current Residence: Venice, CaliforniaPrevious Seasons: Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: MicronesiaOzzy Lusth may be a surfer from Venice, California,  but he takes the game of Survivor seriously. "I'm here to play in a humble way, but I'm also here to win." This will be his third time playing Survivor, and he believes the game has made him a stronger person. "For the last two seasons, I feel it has really changed me for the better. And, I'm looking for this last, this third experience, to really be the end to it all, the redemption."In previous seasons, Ozzy dominated in challenges but did not have the best social game and was even voted out of Survivor: Micronesia with an idol in his possession. He has grown a lot since the last time Jeff Probst snuffed his torched and is ready to give the game another shot. "The last Tribal Council that I went through, the one that voted me off, I've got to let that go, but I have to be able to remember and go back and say there were signs."Not only has Ozzy matured as a player, but he has also transformed his personal life. Born in Mexico, Ozzy takes pride in his heritage and his community. In 2009, he started the non-profit organization, MexicoSkateProject.org, to help grow the popularity of skateboarding and build skate parks in every town or pueblo in Mexico. What does he think of Coach, his competition? "Honestly, I'm actually pretty excited that Coach is here. He can be a polarizing character but I think that he respects the way that I play the game, and I respect the way he plays."The first time around, back in Cook Islands (season 13 of Survivor), Ozzy got the nicknames of dolphin boy and monkey boy, because of his amazing swimming, climbing, balance and survival skills. He became a fan favorite quickly and lost the million by a single vote to Yul, who played a less physical game, but was more savvy when it came to strategy. When he returned in Fans vs. Favorites, he played against more athletic people, but still did very well in the physical challenges, as well as with puzzles, but got too confident in his alliance and got voted out with an idol in his pocket (and that was the moment I started hating Parvati).Ozzy is amazing in challenges, he can swim like no other, hold his breath under water for 3 minutes and climb trees like a veritable monkey. He's also great at camp life, he was always the tribe provider. What he lacked in the past is the social game, and hopefully he got better at that. He's a cocky son of a bitch (and I say this will affection) and this might get him into trouble. He was blindsided in Micronesia because of this and I hope he can tone that down this season, because I really want him to go far and win.My take: yey!!!!!!!!!I hated the way Ozzy was blindsided in Micronesia and I felt that he has to come back to Survivor at some point. He's my Survivor guilty pleasure, he's my  all-time favorite guy (beats Rob, whom I hated in Marquesas) and there's always a battle in my mind between him and Stephenie for my favorite castaway ever. I've lived the summer in a state of complete excitement ever since I heard the spoiler that put him in this season and I'll root for him all the way.

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