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Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Christine

Posted on the 25 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog
Survivor: South Pacific - Meet ChristineName: Christine Shields MarkoskiAge: 39Tribe designation: UpoluCurrent residence: Merrick, New YorkOccupation: TeacherPersonal claim to fame: All the goals I have set for myself, I've accomplished.Inspiration in life: Emilio Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary who fought for what was right and fair for the people of his country. Also, my father, Vincent Shields. He is another benevolent leader, who always treats people fairly, never judges others and is a great teacher of everything logical. And of course, my mother. She taught me how to be soft, colorful and strong.Hobbies: Traveling, reading and exercising.Pet peeves: When people don't wait their turn, when people don't peel the price sticker off the bottom of their shoes and drivers who are stupid and inconsiderate.3 words to describe you: Helpful, stubborn and self-motivating.Survivor contestant you are most like: Stephenie, because she's strong and outspoken.Reason for being on Survivor: This is another goal for me to meet and prove to myself that I can do it. Also, my brother-in-law would love to say that his sister-in-law is on Survivor.Why you think you'll "survive" Survivor: I'm good with directions, instructions and putting things together, with only using materials at hand. I'm an expert at building fires and a born leader. Why you think you will be the sole Survivor: First and foremost, I won't quit. As with anything I do, I'll give it my all and I really need the money.
Christine seems a very nice lady and it amused me to find out what her application video was like. She's not a quitter, despite her angelic look. On the other hand, she admits that a lot of things annoy her, among which laziness, and her attitude towards people that maybe don't rise to her standards when it comes to camp work might make her an early target. She may also come off as the motherly type and a lot of people are not comfortable with that. She might clash with Stacey Powell if she will take on this role. I don't see her as a physical threat. Looking at her tribe, she may actually be the weakest, so it will actually surprise me if she survives the first tribal council. Unless Coach gets an early target on his back, Christina might very well be the first to go.She compares herself with Stephenie, but so do most women this season. I don't see the resemblance, Stephenie is indeed very strong - physically and mentally - and I can only see one of those characteristics in Christine, and not even then at the true extent of the former competitor's.My take: meh...I like her, she looks fun, but her kind is known for leaving the game early.

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