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Survivor Finale, Goldbergs Finale, Turner Upfront and CBS Upfront

Posted on the 19 May 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
May 19 2016

Trivia Answer: Dr. Frasier Crane left Cheers and Boston for a radio show, his Dad with a dog and his brother in Seattle!

First Fives: Karen Heniger, Adam Cohen, Elke Raskob, Mike O'Dea & Monica Caraffa

Honorable Mention: Rachel Snyder
THE NUMBERS Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 2.6/18.0
The Voice-NBC 1.8/9.0
NCIS: New Orleans-CBS 1.8/13.3
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.7/7.9
Chicago Med-NBC 1.6/13.3

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs-ESPN 2.3/5.4
NBA Draft Lottery-ESPN 1.2/2.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.6
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .7/2.1
Chrisley Knows Best-USA .6/1.5 
Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
The Voice-NBC 1,103,000 Tweets
Megyn Kelly Presents-FOX 162,000 Tweets  
NBA Draft Lottery-ESPN 152,000 Tweets
Marvels Agents of SHIELD-ABC 65,000 Tweets
The Flash-CW 56,000 Tweets

THE SHOWS Survivor Finale
Wow...now that's what I call a finale. 
I honestly did not think Michelle had a shot to go all the way let alone win the entire game. I can't believe Tai didn't get any votes at all. He did play well. He made big moves, he played a decent social game but I guess, he did piss some people off too. Lots of emotion, lots of tears and I think that did sway the jury quite a bit. How awesome was the final twist? Incredibly great idea to be able to vote out a jury member before the final tribal. Not only do they get voted out, but after sticking around til the end they don't even get to go to the final tribal council. Sucks for them but great for the remaining players.  I couldn't believe we went to a fire building tie breaker. I really couldn't believe how long it took for the fire to get built and actually burn through the rope. Stressful and boring to watch all at the same time. Maybe some editing would have helped move things along there. I knew Mark the Chicken lived but did Jeff tell us what happened to him? He wasn't at the reunion but Sia was and Jeff, like all of us, was shocked by her live $50K donation to Tai. I was more shocked by how old Drew Carey looked. One of the only male celebs not aging well. Glad Jeff called Debbie out on the number of jobs she's had, sad that Caleb's now married. I didn't realize how serious his condition was until Dr. Joe filled us in. Just when I thought I haven't heard the word "Millenial" enough, now I'll have to hear it all next season. Millenials vs. Gen X'ers and I'm hoping the Gen X'ers kick the Millenials ass big time. Did anyone catch Aubry's on air flirtation with Cochran? Do you think they hooked up after the finale? Another great season even though I wasn't happy with the winner. Can't believe I've been along for the ride for 32 seasons and still excited for the next one. Jeff and Mark Burnett are the best at keeping the show fresh and interesting all these years. 
The Goldbergs
I knew that Erica was going to realize she actually did like Jeff Schwartz by seasons end but had no idea it would be when he found someone else. That someone is the chick that played Lisa in Suburgatory. Whatever happened to the other girl, the star...Tessa? We haven't seen her anywhere, have we? So it was the end of the school year and Adam was graduating 8th grade. He's taller than Bev, his voice is almost done doing the Peter Brady and Bev was having a hard time as usual letting her little guy go. I guess in Jenkintown they have Freshman Fear week, we just have the Senior Prank in Tenafly. Adam shockingly flipped Barry in front of everyone. Great for Adam's street cred but not for Barry's, not that either of them have any street cred, but you know what I mean. In order for Barry to get the JTP and the school back on his side he and Adam staged a pretty cool final prank...the entire (very small) 8th grade class and the principal were showered by sprinklers during graduation practice. Of course the timing was right for everyone in both schools to witness this momentous event and all was right in the world. Before the final videos of Adam's family rolled, Bev made a big announcement that she was going to get her teaching degree. Hoping she doesn't end up teaching one of Adam's classes next season. That feels like a shark is prepping for a big jump and I'm not ready yet for my Goldbergs to go downhill again just when they were getting their mojo back. Name the song for 5 bonus points.


Turner Upfront Recap

Yesterday was the first Turner Upfront I've ever attended. I made it a priority because I've always been a Kevin Reilly fan, the company as a whole isn't afraid to take programming risks, they understand the importance of data to clients, there are now a bunch of shows on all of their nets that I watch (except for Adult Swim) and of course I wanted to see Anderson Cooper, my ex-boss, Donna Speciale and...I've recently become a bit obsessed with Samantha Bee.  So glad I was able to make it. The opening Town Hall with Anderson, Conan and Charles Barkley was hilarious.  Here's the rest of the recap:
  • Glad the drone cam was only spying on the audience for a moment, those things freak me out
  • Conan killed
  • Loved Donna Speciale's white dress
  • Turner was the first upfront that went deep into data and gave Turner Ignite some stage time
  • 4 for 4 digital disses
  • The Adult Swim clip had great music...wonder if they have a Spotify playlist to follow
  • Kevin Reilly did NOT announce that he's saving The Grinder
  • Angie Tribeca's back on 6/6
  • Samantha Bee in the house and I get all fluttery
  • Conan Primetime specials coming our way
  • If you don't have a teenage boy in your house you don't understand how big eleague will be
  • Search Party and People of Earth seem odd and interesting. Really need to see the full ep to weigh in. I just like that the shows seem DIFFERENT than anything else. 
  • Animal Kingdom is Point Break meets Sons of Anarchy. Guys are super hot and walk around without shirts most of the time
  • Good Behavior stars Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey without her accent.
  • The Alienist and Tales from the Crypt...way too scary for me. 
  • Will, the new Shakespeare show could be cool
  • Soundtracks on CNN is right up my alley
  • Where was Anthony Bourdain that he was so tan? 
  • My son would have freaked out seeing the Impractical Joker guys in the house.
  • Adam says TV rules...so it does
  • Billy Eichner was funny and not funny all at the same time. He sort of said TV isn't dead but it's dying. Not sure his bosses were thrilled with his performance overall.  
  • Getting out of the Theatre at MSG wasn't easy
  • Celebs were mingling but hard to get near them and way too crowded so no photo ops this go around.  A bit disappointed I was hoping to find Kevin Reilly and give my Save the Grinder pitch, but no go.           
CBS Upfront Recap
Remind me next year to bag the CBS Upfront altogether and just stream the presentation. The entire Carnegie Hall thing is just ridiculous. Special tickets for the orchestra, crazy seat saving lunatics for the boxes so regardless of how early you get there you need to climb your way to the scary nosebleed seats. Never again. Please remind me to re-read this post next year.  I figured there'd be a James Corden Car Karaoke bit, but I was hoping it would beLes in the passenger seat, not Joanne Ross. (Would have been even cooler if Julie was in the back seat) Les loves the spotlight and I'm betting he can actually sing. James gave us the 3rd Hamilton tribute in 3 days. Not sure who's was better, his or Fallon's. After that it was all same old same old. Les slamming his competitors. 5 for 5 on the digital dissing and lots of typical CBS shows with older, white, males in the lead. Most of them continue to be doctors, lawyers, or cops. I didn't think Stephen Colbert killed, a bit disappointing actually. Kevin James was back and Matt LeBlanc didn't seem thrilled to be on stage at all. All that hype on Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS but he'll be back on any screen of your choice on his new show...Bull. If you want to watch The Good Wife Spinoff (featuring women) or the new Star Trek, you'll have to fork over some dough for CBS All Access.  The party was horrible. The Plaza's new Todd English section was not at all a great place to party, find your friends, hear, breathe, or find a bar. I was in and out in under an hour. 
CBS Fall Lineup
Monday: Big Bang/Kevin Can Wait/Man with a Plan/2 Broke Girls/Odd Couple/Scorpion 
Tuesday: NCIS/Bull/NCIS New Orleans
Wednesday: Survivor/Criminal Minds/Code Black
Thursday: Football then: Big Bang Theory/The Great Indoors/Mom/Life in Pieces/ Pure Genius
Friday: MacGyver,/Hawaii Five-0/Blue Bloods
Saturday: Crimetime Saturday/48 Hours   
Sunday: 60 Minutes/NCIS LA/Madam Secretary/Elementary 
One more upfront left...CW this morning. I'm exhausted!  
Thursday's Trivia Question: Name the actress that appears in Santa Barbara, The Princess Bride & House of Cards.
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