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By Nhorsman11
Hello Ladies, I hope you have all been having a wonderful Dec month so far. I haven't been posting due largely to not doing my nails at all...  I had been feeling very down or tired or lost or something.. Well it turns out that I am about 9 weeks pregnant or so.. I have Dr apt on Dec 17th to get my actual due date. I don't keep track of my monthly cycles so we didn't have a base line for calculating how far along I may be. I had an ultrasound on Dec 5th and it showed about 7.3 weeks. The lady said it wasn't 100% until the technician read the ultrasound so I wasn't to hold her to it but it was measured and calculated that way.  We have been thinking conception was around Oct 20th or 21st so that would make my due date July 14th as per a pregnancy app I got for my iPod.  I have just been feeling SO HIT BY A BUS that I am having a hard time. I have never gotten pregnant easy at all. My youngest is 9 so since I turned 35 I haven't been on BC due to higher risk and my forgetfulness and gaining weight, I truly didn't even think I could. I had to take fertility pills for my 13 year old and it still took 4 years to get pregnant so this really came out of nowhere. I just keep saying it better be a girl and not another stupid boy..Teasing.. I really want a girl but my boys aren't stupid.. I just feel so over run by testosterone that I need estrogen balance here. lol. My mom also took her camera back so for the next month there will be no pics.. I am hoping after holidays I can get a camera cuz we will need one for baby so I may as well get it first so I can do my nails a bit more before SHE comes.. Our first baby had a birth defect so we had him at 31 weeks so I need to go for special screening to ensure baby is healthy so I think that is worrying me also..I started folic acid right away after my test hoping to keep any problems at bay.  I had a question for those of you who have been pregnant and using Seche Vite. The bottle says chance of birth defects but I thought I read a post last year about it not being dangerous if not used daily or in closed in area.. I always use a fan on high to make sure that it is not in my face. I just wondered what your own experience was or if you heard information about it. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that I keep most of you who do follow me. I can post more often if anyone is interested in short updates on my pregnancy until I can get my camera but if not I can just come back when I am able to post pics..  Take Care of You! Nicky

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