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“Surprises” Continued...

By Tfabp
Earlier in the week I gave you a list of every day player surprises for me on the club in my game "Surprises". As a reminder about the game: let me tell you the rules. My game, my rules. Surprises can be either positive or negative, they are just deviations from the norm or what was expected. So you might say that the Orioles early success was a “Surprise”, although now they are back to normal. Two: Today we look only at the NY Yankee pitching staff. Three: The “Surprise” could be either offense or defense. Four: I will give a list of “Surprises” as I see them in no particular order. You can play by either choosing one of my “Surprises” as the biggest of the year OR nominate one I did not include for consideration. I will tell you my choices of a top one in about a week and will also include readers choices at that time (so remember to sign your comment if you do not use a recognizable profile so I know who you are.

So as I invite you to gather around the computer screen, because it’s time to play America’s favorite game here on the blog, “Surprises”.

Ivan Nova – has lived up to the moniker “Super Nova” while throwing another gem this week. Raise your hand if you thought he had a chance to win 15 games this year with under a 4.00 era. Yea, I thought so. He is a quick learner who seems like he understands how to pitch, not just how to throw.

Bartolo Colon – Despite missing a couple of weeks (which may help him in the long run) the round one has been a positive performer. Eight wins, 3.33 ERA and a 95 mile an hour fastball tell you all you need to know. He paced the Yankees in the first part of the season, took a bit of a rest and is looking like he will continue to flourish down the stretch.

Freddy Garcia - Ten wins, 3.10 ERA and no fastball to speak of, this veteran has been a godsend all season long. Quality start after quality start with few clunkers, have elevated him to MVP on the club status in the pitching department.

AJ Burnett – You can’t see it but I am shaking my head as I write this. So much talent, so much money, so little performance. If it wasn’t for the cream pies, he might not have a role on this club at all. The rumors see him going to the bull pen, he is lucky they don’t just kick him to the curb.

David Robertson – he was looking like the 7th inning guy coming out of spring training and his early season work was uninspired at best. But suddenly, an injury here, an injury there and he is like the Ice Man in the 8th inning. Yea, he walks a few batters too many but he also comes into difficult situations and has been “The Man”.

Joba Chamberlain – Come on now, are you really surprised he destroyed his arm and had TJ surgery. Really surprised – Nope. Surprised he didn't live up to the hype - No again.

Well that is 6 for me so be sure to make you comments in the space below and remember to include your name. Got a couple of responses to the every day grunt post, hope to get a couple more in this one.

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