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Some Random Notes:

By Tfabp

As the Yankees complete a 3 game set with the Orioles, its time for a bunch of quick observations and commentary:
-The Yankees are playing poorly right now. Incredibly, Ivan Nova, who has been a rock for them for almost two years, got a five run lead against Baltimore and then promptly let them score seven runs.
-Ichiro has one hit in each game he has played as a Yankee. I am hoping that his Stadium home run is a foreshadowing of things to come. That right field porch should be a piece of cake.
-Joba is back and even though he gave up some hits and runs in his first outing, it is still nice to say, “Joba is back”.
-The Red Sox supposedly discussed a blockbuster deal with the Rangers that included Josh Beckett, Kelly Shoppach, and Jacoby Ellsbury. My only comment: how can they trade “dreamboat”? The pink hats will revolt (for those who don’t know, pink hats are what Red Sox Nation calls all the bandwagon jumpers who started following the team when it was winning the 2004 pennant and now buy up all the Fenway Park tickets to watch Jacoby’s ass, which means “real” Red Sox fan cannot go to Fenway. Their description, not mine.

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