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Surfing at Baler, Aurora

By Khristinacarla @khristinacarla


Recently I learned a new sport I did not expected to nail. :)

I’m not a very athletic type of person but the waves and the bright sun was so tempting to ignore. I dived in … felt the salty water (actually tasted it and probably drank a gallon … ewww LOL!)

People wouldn’t think of Baler with the prettiest beaches but rather remembered with Surfing. Baler has the most waves compared to other parts of our country which gave them the right to own the “Surfing capital.” 

Riding the waves is quite tricky. You have to get that right amount of balance and lots of timing. I admit I fell from the board and got hit a couple of times but I learned. :)

I also learned that huge boards are for beginners and the smaller it gets means you’re already a PRO! :) 

Surfing did a lot of rashes on my elbows and knees due to climbing and standing up on the surfing board. In conclusion surfers should wear a rash guard. It not only protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays it also protects your skin from getting abrasions



Credits for the awesome timing and skills on photography to Mr. Jopet T. I thought I’d never get a good souvenir from this experience. It was so funny seeing myself doing this and hey my muscles are unbelievable, they were too toned for a girl. :P LOL

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