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Superdrug Own Brand Vs Batiste

By Mollylouise
Superdrug Own Brand Vs Batiste
Superdrug Own Brand Vs Batiste Superdrug's own brand of brunette dry shampoo is reasonably good yet reasonably bad. It smells so much better than the Batiste version, almost like baby talcum powder. However, I bought this in town on a bad hair day to take away the grease before being presented in front of Year 11 GCSE French and Spanish students. Obviously I sprayed this to refresh and revive my hair. Only for it to stain my hair a dark shade of brown. Almost bronzed. So I ended up with a stained face until someone told me of the little mishap. I was called a 'street performer' and a 'doctor who weeping angel'. Of course I didn't take offense to this as I did look completely ridiculous. In all fairness it could happen to anyone. The color is the main function of this dry shampoo which was not what it bought it for. The next hair wash all the product washed out turning the shower water brown. I felt dirty. Overall, this product is generally quite good until you have this little mishap (every time you used the product). I advise you use a mirror or just miss this brand and go for a safer option. For a fraction of the batiste price it's only £2.19 for 150ml of product.
Superdrug Own Brand Vs BatisteI would definitely prefer to buy the Bastiste dry shampoo purely because I know where I stand with this product. Although, it doesn't smell heavenly it does honestly give the well needed boost. It removes the greasy hair oils and gives a little oomph. Which is handy for flat and lifeless hair like mine. The color does not stain my skin so therefore doesn't need to be forcefully scrubbed off my skin. Although, it is more expensive than SD own brand it does its job and makes me feel clean unlike the opposing 'duplicate' idea.


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