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SuperBall Or SuperGlue: Which Describes Your Website Visitors?

Posted on the 10 September 2015 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
Sticky glue
  • September 10, 2015
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SuperBall or SuperGlue: Which Describes Your Website Visitors?

One thing kids love most about the springy rubber orb is its inherent unpredictability. Once thrown, a SuperBall™ will immediately bounce away, careening willy nilly, this way or that. But always far and always fast.

A website that visitors experience as irrelevant, uninteresting, or heavily company-centric, produces the same effect, as potentially profitable prospects bounce quickly away, rather than hanging around to learn more about your business.

We’re talking, of course, about stickiness, which is anything about your website that gets people to come back often and stay around longer. Benefits of a sticky site are numerous and obvious, including creating a connection that earns visitors’ trust–and ultimately, their business.

More Sticky Tips Than a Nail Salon

Writing for Forbes, marketer Jayson DeMers offers nearly two dozen suggestions for optimizing time onsite and converting more of your visitors, among them:

Make the Nav Easy and Intuitive

It’s easy to get over-zealous and pack pages to gills with content you (but not necessarily readers) think is wonderful. DeMers says to present your most relevant and helpful content prominently in the header, and put a sitemap with all other pages down below in the footer.

Feature the Fresh Stuff

Of course, you have a blog (you do have a blog, right?), which is where new and valuable content is usually posted first. But you should also have a ‘What’s New’ section clearly visible on your home page. Doing so shows that you’re a busy and dynamic company. If your content is exceptional, it might elicit reader FOMO, a highly desirable user response brilliantly leveraged by Apple and others.

Arouse Interest with Rich Content

DeMers also recommend integrating interactive or multimedia content, such as video, audio, games and polls, to engage and hold attention. Making it easy for readers to post comments and share feedback (using caution to monitor and moderate, and filter out spam-bots) is another easy technique that will help extend their stay.

So when planning and developing content, strive for the SuperGlue™ effect. Through tips, how-to articles, trends, news or insights, give readers plenty of reasons to linger longer, and to stick with your brand …forever.

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