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Super September Day 5: Revlon Colorstay Review (Normal/Dry)

By Blushingantics @BlushingAntics
Super September Day 5: Revlon Colorstay Review (Normal/Dry)I first mentioned using this foundation back in July. I was staying at a friend's and I had forgotten to pack foundation. Since I'm not too keen on greeting the world with a bare face, I decided to go to the drugstore to see what I might want to try. Naturally, I had to eliminate most of my options simply because of my fair skin. Eventually it was down to Revlon Colorstay for Normal/Dry Skin versus Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation. Since it is nearly impossible to really see the color you are getting from the Whipped Creme formula, I eventually chose the Normal/Dry version in 110 Ivory. 
I have tried the Combination/Oily formula in the past and I wasn't the biggest fan. I'm not saying I hated it, but it didn't match my skin well. To be honest, neither does the Normal/Dry formula. Before I turn this into a comparison review, here's a short list of the product's claims and features (and what I think of them):
  • Wears for up to 24 hours: This claim is crazy. Not only because it won't last for 24 hours, but also because you should not be wearing foundation for 24 hours. I chose Normal/Dry because I was having dry skin issues because of Tretin-X. This holds up for about 8 hours and kind of goes downhill from there. But I also don't have mega dry skin.
  • Flawless look: I actually agree with this statement. My skin looks amazing. It doesn't cover my larger bumps, but it covers hyperpigmentation like few other foundations will
  • Lightweight feel: I agree with this statement as well. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin. I think the Combination/Oily version felt heavier, but I think there also may have been a reformulation since I used the Combo/Oily version.
Other things to be aware of:
  • This foundation is not paraben-free: I know there is a lot of controversy about parabens and how a lot of people argue that they are the safest preservative, but I think I would rather use up my products with parabens and stick to having one item in each "category" that is free of parabens. Of course, I don't condemn others for using products with parabens, and every now and then I will probably pick something up with parabens without checking the ingredients first. The point is, it has them. If you want fewer parabens in your products, this is not the foundation for you.
  • The packaging is a pain: In some countries it has a pump, but here in the States we get the bottle that likes to keep on giving. So it leaves a problem: do I waste this extra foundation, or do I contaminate the foundation in the bottle? On those rare days when I pour out the exact amount I need, I am happy.
  • I think it used to have SPF, but now it doesn't: I heard this has been reformulated over the years. When I started wearing makeup, it had SPF 15, but I can't find any sign that there is any sort of sun protection at all in the newer formula.
  • For a drugstore foundation, it's kind of expensive: I say "kind of" because drugstore makeup is becoming more and more pricy. 
Bottom line: I like this foundation and would probably buy it again if it matched my skin well and if it was free of parabens. It ranges between $10 and $14 and is available at drugstores, Walmart, Target, and so on.

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