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Sunshine by Alice in Chains.

Posted on the 25 November 2011 by Melodicwisdom

This song definitely had me fooled. I always liked it but I have no idea what it’s about. Apparently everyone else is in the same boat because not only is there a debate on its backstory, many people believe Staley wrote it about his father walking out on his family & how his mother dealt with it. Well, after finding no answers on Wikipedia, I went to the Facelift CD and looked at the writing credits…“Lyrics: Cantrell” Layne didn’t write it!!!! So now what is the song about????

Sunshine was released on August 21, 1990 (one day before Staley’s 23rd birthday) from their debut album, Facelift. Their second highest selling album to date, it was recorded between December 1989 and April 1990. It was never a single but seems to be one of the most popular among fans based on comments from the internet.

When I first listened to Alice in Chains I wasn’t quite used to Facelift except for “Man in the Box“. It was more hard rock and edgier compared to their songs, Down in a Hole and Rooster.  As I’ve gotten older I’m beginning to like it a lot more. Another great track from the album? Love Hate Love. Yes, Staley DID WRITE that one.

Sunshine, sweet love my labor. Don’t mind, I don’t care no more.

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