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Sunset at Crammond

By Ros @scotlandphohos

Yesterday the Innertube Map was launched online as thunder rumbled overhead and a downpour hit the city.

I’m one of  11 volunteers who have been working on creating a series of blog stories, which relate to the different lines and stops on the map. We’ve been learning how to use a raft of technology, and some of the ins and outs of good blogging.  Now that the map is live, members of the public can also add their own posts, videos, audio or photos.

I decided to go out and mark day one of the online map by taking my bike and camera down one of the Innertube routes that I haven’t been along in a very long time. I headed down the brown line, and made my way to Crammond boat club, just as dusk was falling.

In contrast to the earlier torrential rain and thunderstorms, it was a lovely still evening, with just a hint of colour in the sky.

Photo - sunset at Crammond on the Forth Estuary

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