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Sunscreen Video: The Most Adorable Lesson–ever!

By Jackiebernardi @JackieBernardi

Sunscreen awareness

In celebration of National UV Safety month:

Sunscreen, as I’ve said before, is the number one skin care product that should be used by everyone for gorgeous, healthy skin. I’ve written about the application of sunscreen, and sunscreen products, but I’ve never been able to convey the information adorably.

Thank goodness for Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a Beauty Blogger, internet sensation and YouTube’s “#1 Beauty Guru.” Earlier this week she posted the following video, which she calls “The Ultimate Sunscreen Guide.” It’s not really the ultimate guide, but it is really good, and accurate. Plus it’s a fun take on some serious information that even your kids would enjoy watching.

Note: The advertisement box at the beginning is from YouTube, not me. You can close it out by hitting the X in the upper right corner of the ad.

PS–I recommend that you subscribe to all of Michelle’s videos–you’ll love them! Michelle Phan on YouTube

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