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Sunrise, Sunset

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

Morning! Glad you enjoyed the first installment of Diary Days! I have to admit, even though that entry was from over 10 years ago, I still cringed when rereading- and typing!- it up, and I had a serious blush when I hit “publish.” It’s okay to be a little uncomfortable though from time to time, I’m learning.

How’d you sleep? I’m really noticing how late night has fallen lately! I’ve been trying to go to bed on the early side, and it seems as though the sun has just set by the time I’m getting ready to go to bed.

I never get sick of this view.

nyc sunset.jpg

Another good thing about longer evenings? Good lighting!

Crunchy coconut salad.JPG

B and I had giant salads for dinner the other night, featuring tofu pan-fried in coconut oil, sweet potatoes, orange bell pepper + (frozen) peas roasted in coconut oil, curry powder + turmeric, pea shoots, Israeli couscous + cheese (“pepper jack” for me, sheep/goat-style feta for him). I was burned out on salad for a while, but it was nice to return to a big, nutrient-dense bowl of veggies on a hot night.

While I was making dinner, I experimented with my first kombucha cocktail. It was nothing too crazy, just 1 part bourbon : 2 parts kombucha. We recently bottled a reeeeally fermented batch of ‘buch (we let it steep about 6 weeks!) and while I really like it, a little juice (or liquor) definitely takes some of the acidity away.

kombucha cocktail.JPG

I’m getting back into the swing of things at work, and am remembering how important meal planning is. It’s easy to graze on the restaurant’s homemade pita chips throughout the day, but all of a sudden I’ll be hit with a massive wave of hunger and become a cranky, hangry beast. We each get a 15-30 minute break per shift, but I never used to take them. Now, I enjoy the quiet moments I take for myself while I sit on a nearby stoop and try not to inhale everything at once!

Today’s planned grub includes: sliced yellow bell pepper, white cherries, romaine/chickpea/ asparagus/ brown rice/ pepita/ craisin/ hemp seed/ goddess dressing salad, snackiballs + sesame truffles.   

work snacks.jpg

While I was throwing it all together last night, I had a little hemp seed spill…

happy hemp.JPG

What do you find yourself craving as the weather gets warmer?

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