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Sunny Saturday

By Babyjandbean
This morning started out like most other Saturdays. Baby J and Bean got up a bit too early. Bean was cranky while he was waiting to eat - he has to take a med first thing in the morning and then wait 45 minutes to eat - I'd be cranky, too. Then, I was off to yoga. The subscription class I was attending has ended so the class is back to being packed. It was a little overwhelming at first. There wasn't much room. Nonetheless, it was a great class. The instructor really kicked my butt and I forgot all about the lack of personal space by the end of class.
Sunny SaturdayWhen I got home, Baby J was playing dress up. He had his parka and backpack on along with a play construction hat. It wouldn't have been so funny except for the fact that he had no pants on - just underpants and socks.
After lunch, I settled in for afternoon nap with sweet Bean. There's nothing better than watching him sleep. He is so calm, peaceful and really just beautiful. Baby J refused to nap today. That's getting more and more common. I think he's definitely getting ready to give up his nap. He still does quiet time, though and he rested in his room for about an hour and a half.
I'm hoping to head out soon for a walk with the kids and maybe a trip to the neighborhood playground. It's a little bit chilly but the sun is shining and we can all benefit from some fresh air.
We aren't really doing anything exceptionally exciting this weekend. A trip to the grocery store and maybe a Costco run. But we will be bracing for a very busy week. Both kids go to the cardiologist on Monday and Bean is headed to the physiatrist on Wednesday. Add that to four therapy sessions and Baby J's preschool and we won't stop moving all week. I'll write more on my thoughts about the doctor appointments tomorrow but for now, I'm planning to enjoy this sunny, quiet Saturday before the craziness begins.

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