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Sunday Salon — August 25

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

logo for The Sunday SalonHappy Sunday!

Time: // 9:03 am

The scene: // at my desk looking out at what promises to be a much more typical August day than we’ve been getting this summer — hot and humid!

Listening to: // My Good Morning playlist on Spotify — Morning Morgantown by Joni Mitchell. My favorite playlist resource: Book Review: Your Playlist Can Change Your Life. It really did change my life!

Currently reading: // Nearly finished with Cooked by Michael Pollan. I put it down to read some other things, but I’m about to get it done now. It’s a good thing there is no longer a waiting list at the library so I could renew it.

cover of Julia Child Rules by Karen Karbo
Blogging about: // Living Like Julia (Wanted: Bloggers to #LiveLikeJulia For One Week and Write About It). I chose the rule from Julia Child Rules by Karen Karbo on Friday: Live Like Julia. Yesterday I wrote about how cooking fits into a week of test-driving Rule #6: To Be Happy, Work Hard: Weekend Cooking: Veggie Pasta.

My report today is that this isn’t going quite the way I imagined. I spent my work time on Friday writing blog posts. And, yesterday, things got all kind of weird and discombobulated. I felt like, to do anything, I needed to know what I wanted to do in five years. And, I just don’t have the answer to that question. This morning, I’m thinking about how Julia Child worked for years on Mastering the Art of French Cooking with no guarantee that it would ever see the light of day. And, in all those years, she could never have imagined becoming America’s instructor of cooking on television.

In other words, I need to chill and do the work in front of me instead of trying to predict the future. I’m going to take a step back today and do some things that feel more calming and work toward the Big Picture so that I have the best vision available. With that, I can jump back into the details without getting lost in the trees.

Participating in: // The Back to School Reading Challenge (Join us! We’re reading to learn new things through September). Next up, I’ll start our Read Along Book:  How Children Succeed — The Back to School Read Along Selection.

What are you up to this fine Sunday?

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