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Sunday Catch-up

By Maddie @maddiestweets
hey everyone!
i thought i'd do a sunday catch up. i kind of want to make my blog a bit more personal, more blog posts on days out with friends and family, etc. yay or nay? i want you guys to know what i get up to so you can get to know me a bit more :3
1. on monday i went to lakeside! (haul? yay or nay?) it was a painfully long drive, and we got stuck in traffic on the way home *sigh* but i got some lovely things! including some office shoes. forever strutting in my office shoes. so let me know if you want a recent purchases #3!
2. i went to my friend jemma's on tuesday and she said we should watch black swan. i'd never seen it before. i was horrified. not as bad as human centipede, but still not pleasant! some people are all like 'omg it's so beautiful!' i think it's just plain weird if i'm honest. i mean, the things she gets up to! oo-er.
3. saw the inbetweeners on wednesday. possibly the funniest film i've ever seen. *WARNING* don't watch it with your parents. just don't put yourself through it - yes, it's a 15 and the series was an 18 (i'm a rebel hehe) but the film, in my opinion, is even ruder than the series. you have been warned. but it's still absolutely brilliant!
4. GCSE results were released on thursday. even though i'm year 10 going into year 11, i still had some results to collect for 35% of my english literature. i got an A! *happy dance* i was extremely proud of myself, and my target's a B so it felt good to defeat my target - muhahaha. congratulations to everyone who got their results back on thursday! whilst we're on the subject of school, i've seen loads of 'school organisation tips' posts going around, do you want me to do one?
5. i've just sat here and watched man u beat arsenal 8-2. i'm a man u fan. i'm happy.
6. requests are welcome :)
maddie xx
sunday catch-up

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