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Summer is a Great Time for Skiing

By Simplypiste @simplypiste

Summer is a great time for skiing

You could head to the other side of the world for some UK summertime skiing. Or you could wait for the snow to return to Britain. But why wait at all – or travel far – when the UK has so many indoor and dry ski slopes offering great summer deals?

Over the last decade, the number of indoor real-snow slopes and dry ski slopes has increased in the UK – and it seems that there is a slope close to most towns and cities across Britain.

The advantages of skiing in the UK in summer

While more people will be enjoying the outdoors in the summertime, you can be guaranteed quieter artificial ski slopes.

Many artificial ski slopes offer great summer deals on cheaper sessions and lessons.

You don’t need to worry about the weather when skiing indoors or on a dry ski slope. So you can book ahead and just go, instead of worrying about cancelling because of the weather.

In the school holidays you’ll find there are children’s ski and snowboard schools. Can you think of a better way to keep the kids happy – and allow yourself a break for some much-needed me-time?

Also look out for family ski group deals. Many ski centres will be keen to get families hooked on the sport, so that they continue to come regularly throughout the winter months.

Summer is a great time for ski clothing and kits deals

While the canny buyer always looks for sales bargains out-of-season, many people leave it until they are just about to jet off. But if you buy your ski clothing now you are far more likely to find a great deal.

Look out for second-hand skis and ski boots, too. Many ski centres and shops have ex-demo skis and shoes that they sell off for a fraction of the normal price.

 Skiing is a great calorie burner

The keep-fit benefits of skiing and snowboarding are amazing. Both sports offer lots of toning potential, especially for legs and bums. These sports are also great fat burners because they are high energy and cardiovascular.

An average person of about 10 stones, who skis at a moderate pace downhill for one hour, will burn more than 400 calories.

So if you take advantage of summer skiing indoors and on artificial slopes this summer you could save money, find cheap ski clothing and kit and also lose weight. Can you think of any disadvantages?!

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