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Summer in the City Day1

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101

I have never been to a you tube gathering before and when I first turned up at the place I bumped in to Oli White who was great to speak to, The atmosphere was amazing and the rooms were packed out with loads of people swarming round the big YouTube stars.

The music at the gig was just great and the performances from all the musicians was our talent. Jack and dean were just perfect for ending the gig and the whole day has been a good experience, I shall be going tomorrow for the full day so will have plenty of photos and videos to share with you all on this blog at the start of next week.

I have to buy a new sd card for camera tomorrow was I have nearly filled my main one with just photos from today, also got a fluid head for my tripod so I can film a few videos in the next few months.

I have lots of photos and video to share with you all, but the internet is expensive here so I don't want to use it too much so all photos and videos starting monday,

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