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Summer Dress Shopping Haul: Lane Bryant

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

It’s funny how you never intend to go shopping for yourself but end up shopping for you anyway. This past weekend I had simple plans, I would help my brother finish up his prom shopping and then we would have a family dinner. I planned to stay in and relax because I have been all types of tired lately. I wanted to kick back with a movie, relax with my baby, and have a glass of wine. I swear he looks like a walking afro because little ole me has been too wrapped up to get him to the groomers. Anyway, I ended up shopping this weekend after I received one very important phone call from my sister. She didn’t hesitate to let me know that a local once popular mall was closing its doors. And what did I do? I frantically told her I’ll be there in an hour. The trip to the mall proved to be worthwhile; I had an amazing summer dress shopping haul.

In its former glory days, Evergreen Plaza was the mall of choice for teens. I fondly remember going there after my eighth grade graduation to hang out with soon to be former classmates. I remember wearing my luncheon outfit (a whole lot of pink polyester and lace) with my carefree curl dripping on my shoulders. Somebody should slap me right now for wearing that outfit right along with my highly flammable hair. How do you think Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire so easily during that Pepsi commercial? It was all that damn carefree curl activator.

That mall had one of my favorite Lane Bryant stores. It was the largest of any Lane Bryant’s I had been in within the Chicago area. I am sad to see it go but 60% off everything perked me up a little. Ashley Stewart also had 60% off everything as well. My amazing shopping haul was less than $100.00. While prom shopping with my brother we went in DSW and I scored these Steve Madden flats.

Summer Dress Haul

I scored 3 dresses from Lane Bryant for $60.00 and 2 dresses from Ashley Stewart for $26.00. The Steve Madden flats were $15.00 after 40% off and a $10.00 discount I received in the mail.

What’s on your list for summer must haves’s this year?

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