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Summer 2020 is Already on Sale

Posted on the 04 November 2019 by Dubai City Company @iqdubaicity


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Belek is a small town, inhabited by almost 7,000 people. The city is located on a vast plain on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea about 30 km east of the capital of the Turkish Riviera - Antalya. The favorable climate means that hotels in Belek are open all year. Tourists from all over the world come here in crowds in the hot and sunny summer months. They value the high standard of local hotels and the wonderful sandy beaches. In the winter months, Belek attracts golf enthusiasts because of the terrifically prepared fields for practicing this sport, football clubs also come here for winter training camps, as many hotels have full-size and professionally equipped football fields. The hotels are located among pine forests,

The climate favorable to water sports will surely please enthusiasts of this type of activity. There are many schools and sports equipment rentals on the beaches to try windsurfing, parasailing or sailing. The gentle descent to the sea and sandy beaches also create perfect conditions for carefree relaxation and sunbathing for families with children.

In recent years a real tourist center has been created here full of restaurants, bars and numerous shops as well as a bazaar where you can buy literally everything. Belek is also air fragrant with pine trees, many green areas and no busy streets. Hotels are often located in very large areas, have beautiful gardens and great infrastructure, numerous pools, bars, restaurants with great food, extensive animations, the possibility of practicing a wide range of water sports and many more. All this makes tourists feel pampered here in every respect.

The area where the resort is located in its history was under various influences. Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk cultures have left their mark here. To this day, these traces can be seen in the landscape of the region, most of the historic buildings have been preserved from the Roman Empire. Belek is also a great base for visiting larger cities such as Antalya, Side, Alanya, Perge, Aspendos and many others.

Today, the city is a symbol of luxury, the hotels concentrated here are full of all kinds of amenities. A stay in this cozy resort will be a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and souvenir hunters - there are a whole range of boutiques and shops with a large variety of goods. And all this in the atmosphere of Asian exotic, surrounded by golden beaches and blue sea waves.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

The island of Kos is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and is located in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Turkey. It measures 45 km long and 10 km wide. About 20,000 inhabitants live in a few small towns. Kos is associated with the figure of Hippocrates, who lived on the island around the 5th century BC

The tourist season, as in the case of Crete, begins in May and lasts until mid-October. The main cities of the island are the capital Kos and Mastichari. Tourists also often visit Marmara, Tigaki, Kardamena, Lambi and Psalidi

Characteristic of the island of Kos are the long and sandy beaches that stretch along the entire coast. Among them should be distinguished the most beautiful - Lambi Beach near the city of Kos and Kardamena located in the fishing village of the same name.

Thanks to the Meltemi wind blowing in the summer, the island of Kos has also become a great place for windsurfing, parasailing and other water sports.

Being on the island is also worth visiting the ancient temple of Asklepiejon, and also go to Bros Therma - a place where there are hot springs connecting with sea water, heating them to a pleasant temperature.

The island's largest city is Kos, the main port is worth seeing, as well as the 14th-century fortress built by the Knights of St. John. One of the city's attractions is also the Hippocrates tree. There is a large and diverse hotel base, many restaurants and discos.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

The region in which Alanya lies is one of the most popular places among tourists going on holiday to Turkey. The region is inhabited by almost 300,000 people, and is located in the central part of the Turkish Riviera, from the north surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. There are wide, clean, sandy beaches along the entire coast. The tourist season in the Alanya region begins in mid-May and lasts continuously until mid-October. During this period, temperatures often exceed 30 ° C. Alanya, Okurcalar, Mahmutlar and Obagol are the most popular tourist resorts in the region.

The city of Alanya has changed its rulers and name many times during its long, rich and turbulent history. Initially it was known as Coracesium and its current name is due to the first Turkish president - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who in 1935 ordered them to be called Alanya. Above Alanya is the 13th-century Seljuk fortress, called Alanya Kalesi, it is open to the public and is also a sensational vantage point to the whole area. Today, the city is one of the most popular tourist resorts of the Turkish Riviera, it is known above all for its beautiful sandy beaches including the most famous - Cleopatra's Beach. Tourists are also impressed by the rich hotel base, which offers facilities of a very high standard, and at a reasonable price. There are many bars, pubs and clubs in the village, and the city center is one big marketplace where you will find shops offering literally everything: food, clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, etc. Alanya is a great place for water sports, or a great base for exploring the nearby sea caves during cruises organized here. Active tourists will also be interested in numerous trips to the nearby dolphinarium or the opportunity to participate in a jeep safari.

Okurcalar is another well-known tourist resort in the region, the city is located about 30 km west of Alanya. There are many luxury hotels that are very popular among tourists. The clean, turquoise sea, wide sandy beach and the outline of the mountains on the horizon provide unforgettable views and are a great scenery to spend your vacation. The city is full of bars, discos, bustling pedestrian streets and colorful shops offering various souvenirs. People who love water sports can take advantage of the local clubs renting sports equipment. While on holiday in Okurcalar, it is worth visiting the ruins of canoeanserai in nearby Alarahan, or go to Cakallar to see the 11th-century Alara Castle.

The smaller, slightly out of the way towns are Obagol, Mahmutlar or Payallar. These towns are connected by a short distance from Alanya, so they are perfect places to spend a vacation for people who value peace and quiet and at the same time like the proximity of a large resort.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Side is a small tourist town, located on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. This city with centuries-old history, which has its roots in ancient times, currently inhabits almost 20 thousand people. The most beautiful weather with many sunny days lasts from the beginning of May until mid-October, creating great conditions for a carefree vacation on the Turkish Riviera. Other important tourist resorts located near Side are Colakli and Manavgat.

Today's Side is one of the most popular resorts on the Turkish coast. Despite the touristic nature, Side has retained something of a small town, it is characterized by a great location between two larger centers in Alanya and Antalya. Tourists from around the world eagerly visit this place, which attracts with its rich history, dating back to the sixth century BC, well-preserved monuments, clean, wide beaches, luxury hotels and charming streets that encourage romantic walks . The town also captivates with shaded alleys and exotic nature. Houses that are built in a traditional way are standing next to the ruins of ancient buildings and today's luxury hotels, while small restaurants, cafes and shops are located in the narrow streets leading towards the sea. All this means that the atmosphere we can meet here is typical of a Turkish resort town.

The beaches in Side are characterized by a gentle descent to the sea, which promotes relaxation and sunbathing for families with children. Water sports enthusiasts looking for suitable facilities and good conditions for windsurfing or diving should also be pleased.

Tourists staying in Side will find everything that makes summer vacation a successful one. A long, sandy beach, well-equipped hotels, charming streets, cozy restaurants and cafes and the lack of loud discos will definitely allow you to relax from the hardships of everyday life.

While on vacation here, it is worth going for a walk around the old part of the city, where we can see many monuments remembering the glory days of the city, which was an important port of the Roman Empire. To this day, it has survived in great condition, among others Roman amphitheater, which can seat up to 15,000 spectators, as well as the Greek temples of Apollo and Athena. Behind these two temples there are also remains of a Christian basilica. Visitors also have the opportunity to see the old town during a ride on the diesel train, which leaves from around the bus station. It is also the only way to explore the city in a motorized way, because most of it is pedestrian-free, which only affects the attractiveness and idyllic nature of Side.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, separated from the continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean. For centuries, he has been fascinated by the exotic, richness of monuments and landscapes that have inspired many artists. Called the Sun Island by the ancients, it boasts Europe 's largest number of sunny hours per year.

It is one of the pearls of southern Italy that you can discover, understand and experience thanks to a series of tourist routes, from nature to history and tradition.

Sicily is a land of myths and legends with magnificent monuments from ancient times, a mosaic of cultures and nations that made it so original and exciting. The sunny island is full of contrasts: typically Mediterranean vegetation, flowering orange, lemon and olive groves in the coastal area and the desert wild landscape inside the island.

The greater part of Sicily is occupied by highlands and mountains, dominated by the Etna massif, one of the largest volcanoes in the world, which is a symbol of the irresistible beauty and vitality of this incredibly charming region.

Lovers of history and monuments are captivated by the majestic temples of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta. In the architecture of cities one can see Arabic and Norman influences, elements of Art Nouveau and Baroque. In Sicily, even cuisine is an art. Wonderful fruits and vegetables ripening in the sun, as well as the abundance of fish and seafood is the basis of sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine.

The island has another advantage, it shows tourists that you can spend your vacation not only on the beach, but also getting to know the picturesque landscape, magnificent monuments and taking advantage of numerous tourist attractions, active leisure and many entertainment.

When is the best time to fly to Sicily?
For summer holidays in Sicily, it is best to go from May to October, when the temperature in the country exceeds 20 ° C, the warmest months are July and August, when the thermometers indicate above 40 ° C - this is the perfect time to soak up the wonderful beaches, although people bad heat-bearing should take into account too high temperatures. The warm months are also June and September perfectly suitable for holidays in more favorable air temperatures.

For visiting Sicilian monuments, the best months are from April to June and from September to the beginning of November, although it is difficult to use sea bathing, but there are not as many tourists as in the summer.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Holiday holidays are behind us, so think about several days of pleasure when the colder days come. A cruise on the Canary Islands, during which we combine rest with sightseeing, may be a great proposition. Itaka, on board its comfortable OCEAN MAJESTY ship, offers several programs for this form of recreation.

  1. ISLANDS FOR THE LINE 6 - a cruise during which we will visit 6 various islands with amazing landscapes: Tenerife, La Palma, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and La Gomera
  2. ATLANTIC QUEENS - is a combination of 4 Canary Islands: Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria and La Gomera with Madeira, so we will visit the charming Funchal, and we'll catch our breath on the sandy beaches of Gran Canaria
  3. THE ATLANTIC ADVENTURE also connects the Canary Islands with Madeira, during this cruise the ship calls at the ports of Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Tenerife and La Palma and in Madeira we will spend 2 days full of impressions and wonderful views
  4. CANARY TREASURES are, in turn, a combination of 5 islands: Tenerife, La Palma, El Hirro, Gran Canaria and La Gomera - we relax resting and sunbathing

This year's hit will be the New Year's cruise! NEW YEAR'S EVE IN MADEER - the date of this cruise is 26/12 to 03/01/2020, the program includes the Canary Islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Gomera and La Palma, and we will spend this most important night of the year in Madeira watching the fireworks in Funchal.

A Polish-speaking resident provides care during each cruise.

The price of cruises includes flight, transfer to the port, accommodation on board in the selected type of cabin (internal and external cabins available), all inclusive soft, insurance.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Sicily is an island with an amazing history. Is one of the largest rocky islands in the Mediterranean. Sicily attracts tourists with beautiful sandy beaches and azure sea, fantastic olive groves but above all with multinational cultural wealth.

The Greeks left magnificent temples and theaters here, and the Romans added mosaics to the set. Moorish architecture is a legacy of the Arab families living in Sicily. Spanish influences can be seen on the facades of many churches and palaces on the island.

What is worth seeing in Sicily?


Exceptionally situated, on one side, view of the Ionian Sea, on the other, majestic Etna. Taormina is a city "squeezed" into the rock, with the most valuable monument which is the Greek theater from the 3rd century BC. Being in Taormina it is obligatory to take a walk on one of the most expensive streets in Europe, and stop at Piazza IX Aprile with a phenomenal view. You can also sit in one of the cafes to enjoy Sicilian coffee or ice cream.


Located on the east coast of the island of Syracuse, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in the entire Mediterranean basin. It is a city with a rich past - considered one of the most powerful in the ancient world. The ruins of the temple of Apollo, the Greek and Roman amphitheater and the tomb of the great scientist - Archimedes have survived to this day. The historical center of Syracuse with the Cathedral of Santa Maria delle Colonne attracts crowds of tourists every year.


Not worrying about the rumors and stereotypes that circulate about Palermo, I encourage you to plunge into its bustling streets to feel the atmosphere of this city. Most of the monuments are located in the Old Town. It is here that we will find architecture that perfectly combines Arab, Norman, Baroque and Art Nouveau influences. The Ballaro market will take you into the atmosphere of North Africa. There you can feel like you are at a real Tunisian market.


This volcano is still awesome, but in reality it is easy to conquer. A large part of the route "uphill" can be covered by bus - up to the height of the Siestiere crater. Farther you can get by cable car, and up to a height of 2900 m above sea level can be reached by off-road car. The remaining over 400 m must be covered on foot to be able to look directly into the eye of the Etna crater.

The volcano is still active and poses a real threat to the inhabitants of nearby villages and towns. You can feel the warmth of the earth's interior under your feet all the time. Trips to Etna are completely safe, as eruptions are easily predictable today. Etna is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

The city of Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most famous Egyptian resorts. The name of the city means "Old Man's Bay". The resort is located on the shores of the Red Sea, in the Golden Bay, and is surrounded by nature reserves and Ras Muhammad National Park. The weather here, like in all of Egypt, allows you to relax on the sun-drenched beaches throughout the year. Underwater coral gardens and beautiful sandy beaches of South Sinai make it a place that attracts crowds of tourists seeking sunbathing from all over the world every year.

The city achieved its fame thanks to its excellent location: great weather virtually all year round, crystal-clear Red Sea, shimmering with vibrant colors, coral reefs were quickly noticed by people thirsty for the sun and diving fans. Due to the fact that virtually the entire shore is covered with underwater coral gardens, the city has gained the name of a world-famous diving center. At present, Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most important cities of the Egyptian Red Sea coast. The city is full of life 24 hours a day, nobody is bored here because the peninsula is full of attractions such as aquaparks, tennis courts, amusement parks, fitness clubs, go-kart tracks and much more. Numerous oriental souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, discos and casinos, make every tourist finds the right place in this resort. People with strong nerves and who like communing with nature should be tempted to visit the local shark observatory. The resort is also rich in numerous bike paths that lead through both the urban parts and the sand dunes and even mountains.

The most northerly district of Sharm el-Sheikh is Nabq, famous for its luxurious, modern hotels, perfectly prepared to welcome even the most demanding guests. Most facilities have points where you can use the Internet or have a wireless network, great wellness centers allow you to keep fit and rich animations are conducted by experienced and eternally smiling instructors. Many hotels also have their own water parks, which is a real treat for families coming here with slightly larger children.

Holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh are an excellent option to get to know fascinating places known only from books or textbooks for history. It is a great starting point to get to know the most important places located in this part of Egypt, i.e. the Moses Mountain, the monastery of St. Catherine or Cairo. Being here is also worth a trip on a glass-bottomed boat, and more courageous people can afford a motorcycle safari in the desert.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Which cities should you consider when visiting Morocco? I propose the most known: Agadir, Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca and of course the capital of this country Rabat. These are places that cannot be missed even during a short visit to Morocco. This is where the most interesting monuments and the best tourist attractions are located.

The capital of Morocco is the lively Rabat, a city located on the Atlantic Ocean. Rabat owes its extraordinary cultural wealth to a history dating back to the 12th century. Moroccan tradition and art can be admired thanks to the numerous preserved monuments from different periods. Everything goes in a fixed rhythm here. Both parts of the capital, old and new, have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Being in Rabat you cannot miss the ruins of Szalla, the citadel of Kasba al-Uday, Mausoleum of Muhammad V, or the Hassan Tower.

The largest resort of Morocco is Agadir - a modern city with many restaurants, pubs, pubs, discos and night clubs. The beaches stretching for kilometers here are sandy, ideal for total relaxation. Fantastic weather throughout the year combined with a warm ocean promotes water sports. Therefore, surfing and kite surfing enthusiasts have excellent conditions. While in Agadir, it is worth going to the top of the Kasbah Hill, from where there is a beautiful panorama of the city.

Do you know where one of the most beautiful buildings in this part of the world is located - Koutoubia Mosque? Or maybe you associate one of the largest and busiest squares in the world called Jemaa el-Fina? If the names of these places do not tell you anything, necessarily while in Morocco, you should visit a city that fully reflects the oriental charm of this country. This city is of course Marrakech. From afar you can see the towers of beautifully decorated minarets, markets are full of colors and smells of spices, and in narrow alleys to the music of snake charmers the awe-inspiring cobras sway. Marrakech, like Rabat, is divided into old and new parts. The old part of the city will surprise you with wonderful mosques and beautiful houses, and the new with entertainment venues, boutiques and nightclubs.

Fez is the oldest Moroccan city founded around 789. And it looks as if time had stopped here just a few hundred years back. The most interesting place in Fez is Fas al-Bali, is the old Medina inscribed on the UNESCO list. We stroll through labyrinths of narrow streets, alleys, squares, stalls, mosques and houses, moving into the magical world almost to its very beginning. It is also worth walking around the Carpenter's Square (Place en-Nejjarine), where there is a beautifully decorated fountain, or from the roof of the Medersa Al-Attarin photograph the courtyard of the Al-Karawijin mosque.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Mykonos is a picturesque island lying in the Aegean Sea among the Cyclades, which captivates with the unique beauty of the original architecture, long beaches with the azure sea in the background and the amazing hospitality of the inhabitants. It is widely regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, and the well-developed hotel and recreational facilities make more and more people want to relax here.

"Little Venice" is said about Mykonos, the island of stars and windmills. This place is extremely beautiful, colorful and constantly vibrant with life. Here, luxury intertwines with tradition, creating a unique Greek whole

Mykonos is certainly the perfect place for people who want to spend their holidays at endless events. In the city of Mykonos there are dozens of clubs, bars and restaurants. Luxury character, streets filled with stores of renowned brands, rich night life, 300 sunny days a year - this is the place where they spend their holidays, among others Paris Hilton, Anna and Robert Lewandowscy, Kinga Rusin and Ewa Chodakowska

Mykonos lives by its own rhythm. Here you will not find crowds heading to the beaches in the morning, although they are among the most beautiful in Greece. In fact, the island wakes up around 4pm, when everyone after night madness goes to the restaurant for dinner and a glass of wine.

Mykonos, however, is not only fun and night life. You will also find numerous galleries with works of art. A number of historic windmills welcoming us off the coast of Mykonos, make a great impression.

Mykonos is also beaches, one of the most beautiful in Greece. Being on Mykonos you should take advantage of the offer prepared by Platis Gialos. Golden sand, turquoise water and a varied tourist infrastructure will make everyone find something for themselves. In the northern part of the island, in turn, we have an intimate, small and extremely charming Agios Sostis Beach - for lovers of peace and quiet.

Super Paradise Beach, a nudist beach, is also very popular. And for lovers of long walks on the beach I recommend Elia Beach - located just 10km from the outback.

While resting on Mykonos it is also worth visiting some interesting places - the most important of them is of course Chora, a medieval city with white houses with red roofs, with a port and a row of medieval windmills and a district with characteristic architecture, from which Mykonos is called "Little Venice".

In the neighborhood we can visit several other islands of the Cyclades - Milos, Paros or Naxos.

Mykonos is an island of contrasts, and right after Santorini one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades archipelago. You can love or hate her, but you can't go past her indifferently.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Parties until dawn, pelicans and windmills - these are the first associations that come to us when we think about Mykonos.

Mykonos is an island of contrasts, and right after Santorini one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades archipelago. You can love or hate her, but you can't go past her indifferently.

We choose this island as a place to vacation, not to show off. Although you could, we are going to an exclusive island, liked by show business stars.

Of course, you can spend a week at parties, spending each evening in a different club. You can also lie on the beaches, one of the most beautiful in Greece. However, all this is not enough to enjoy the charm of Mykonos and get to know its true face.

Places worth visiting in Mykonos:

- Little Venice -

One of the most charming places on the island. It is a settlement founded in the 17th century by local rich people. Their colorful houses, built practically in the sea, delight everyone. Little Venice tempts with a riot of colors and a lot of taverns and cafes, which in addition to an interesting menu, also serve spectacular sunsets.

- Mills -

They are located in the southern part of Chora. Established between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and to this day remain one of the characteristic elements of Mykonos. Windmills appear on virtually every postcard from Mykonos.

- Pangia Parapotriani Church -

The most photographed church in the world. The object, in fact, consists of several buildings, each of them is dedicated to a different saint. The construction of the whole lasted over three centuries.

- island of Delos -

A neighboring island of Mykonos, whose ancient ruins are on the UNESCO list. According to Greek mythology, it was here that Apollo and Artemida were born. As a result of excavations, a temple complex, secular buildings, a port with all equipment as well as a commercial city and numerous houses from the first century BC were unveiled.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

The hotel base in Mykonos is diverse, but you should not expect large departmental hotels here. Most are boutique facilities with a small number of rooms. Most hotels offer stays with breakfast or two meals. In vain to look for all inclusive facilities so popular in other vacation destinations.

In Mykonos, luxury is associated with service, intimacy and beautiful views.

Below are a few hotels that I recommend if you are thinking about vacation in Mykonos:


Located on the beach of Agios Ioannis. The rooms combine Cycladic architecture with a relaxing atmosphere.

Guests can enjoy fresh seafood, grilled specialties and other Mediterranean flavors in the open-air restaurant or by the pool with panoramic sea views. The White Bar is ideal for a glass of champagne in a minimalist setting with an outdoor terrace.

The hotel Spa offers various types of treatments. A modern gym and tennis court are also available.


Hotel by the private part of Psarou beach. Accommodation in villas and bungalows. Some have access to a private pool.

The hotel itself boasts a spectacular infiniti duplex pool and the largest conference room in the Cyclades.

Fantastic cuisine and service are essential at this hotel. The Aegean Poets restaurant serves lunch and dinner with à la carte dishes and seafood specialties. Lunch and drinks by the pool are available at the L'Archipel brasserie. Delos Bar is the perfect place for an after-dinner drink


Located on the seafront in Agios Ioannis, it perfectly combines Cycladic architecture with modern design. The hotel has a wonderful spa center offering many beauty treatments, an infiniti pool, all located on a private beach.

The stylish and spacious, bright apartments at Anax Resort and Spa have a balcony and patio with great sea views. Some have a private pool.

And something for a slightly less well-off pocket

- hotel ALKISTIS -

Renovated intimate building located among the neat vegetation. The hotel guarantees beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere. The hotel is located directly on the sandy beach. I offer accommodation in several buildings, terraced. Rooms decorated with taste in a modern style. A good option for an economic trip to Mykonos.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

Are you still one of the lucky people in front of whom there is still unused vacation? You have no idea for a holiday? Here are the most popular destinations this summer.

Greece has been the continuous summer leader for several seasons. We relax on Greek islands or on land, and the holiday spent here is associated with excellent food and excellent climate, with beautiful beaches and charming towns, with Greek culture and ancient history. The most popular islands are Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Zakynthos, Kos, Kefalonia, Santorini, Skiathos, Skopelos, Mykonos, as well as the Halkidiki peninsula, the Olympic Riviera and the Peloponnese. The warmest and most varied Greek island is Crete, where the season lasts the longest, from April to the end of October.

Bulgaria is another favorite holiday destination. It is primarily a price hit, but not only. This country tempts with a long, sandy shoreline with the two largest resorts Sunny Beach and Golden Sands and smaller holiday towns such as Albena, Primorsko and Obzor. Many tourists here carelessly spend time on sunbathing and partying. What will we associate holidays in Bulgaria with? Probably with Balkan folklore and hospitality, excellent cuisine, excellent wine and competitive prices in shops and restaurants.

Albania has become increasingly popular. This wonderful country, fascinating, mysterious and full of contrasts, is still being discovered by tourists. There are many wild places here, not spoiled by mass tourism. Albania has wonderful monuments, mountains, beaches, lakes, untouched nature and beautiful landscapes. And also many renovated or completely newly built hotels.

Turkey was permanently in sales hits of the summer. In this country, holidays are a fairy tale, hotels have for the most part a wide all inclusive offer, the climate is perfect, the weather is perfect and the beaches are very nice. It's the perfect place for a family vacation. Almost every hotel has attractions for children in the form of smaller or larger aqua parks. For lovers of night life there are plenty of clubs, bars and discos here. For those who like to visit are the famous Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Istanbul. In Turkey you can spend a truly unforgettable, crazy vacation.

Spain - this country needs no introduction. It is the most popular tourist country in Europe. Spain is a real paradise for beach lovers. The length of the coast is almost 5,000 kilometers. The country also has many monuments and a great Mediterranean climate. Cities are teeming with life day and night. The flagship of Spain is wine, flamenco and tapas. And when you get bored of mainland Spain, you can choose from the Canary Islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and the Balearic Islands: Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

Invariably, Croatia has been number one for fans of four wheels for years. It is a country for everyone who wants to relax on the wonderful, crystal clear sea and those who want to spend their holidays actively. You can rent a yacht or sailboat for several days. You can sunbathe on a variety of beaches, from stony, concrete, to gravel and sandy. You can visit countless monuments, enjoy delicious cuisine, soak up the Balkan climate, all surrounded by magnificent landscapes.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

It is worth seeing the city of Cagliari, where the main attraction is the 13th-century cathedral in Cagliari, the National Archaeological Museum, which includes finds from the Nuragic, Byzantine and Roman pottery times, and the Basilica di Nostra Signora di Bonaria.

One of the most famous archaeological monuments is the Roman amphitheater and definitely worth visiting the famous city beach Poetto, which stretches about 8 km from the picturesque peninsula La Sella del Diavolo.

Another attractive place is the medieval city of Castelsardo classified as "the most beautiful places in Italy". From the height of Castello dei Doria, which overlooks the city, you can admire the magnificent view of Golfo dell'Asinara.

Villasimius is a tourist town that is famous for its crystal clear waters, beautiful coves and long beaches with the best white sand. All this is surrounded by Mediterranean thickets. This is also the reason why Villasimius attracts many tourists in the summer.

Worth seeing is the Punta Coda Cavallo marine reserve, which consists of many small bays with cliffs and sandy beaches among Mediterranean scrubs that spread an intense scent, like La Cinta beach, which stretches for about 5 km with the most delicate white sand. The Tavolara-Capo Coda Cavallo Marine Reserve is also ideal for diving.

Costa Verde - Marina di Arbus is an endless series of pristine beaches such as Piscinas. A beautiful sandy, extensive beach surrounded by dunes, hailed by National Geographic as one of the 21 most beautiful in the world.

Sardinia is an ideal place for vacation thanks to the wonderful beaches and the wonderful historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage of the island. I would definitely recommend.


Summer 2020 Already Sale

We can plan a trip in various ways. Having access to the landline internet and our computer, we are able to assemble from the beginning to the end all the necessary elements of our journey. We can book tickets, hotel, check reviews, museum ticket prices, view the object on satellite maps, etc.

However, what if during our travel we do not have access to the Internet and our only "window to the world of cyberspace" is the screen of our smartphone or tablet?

Below are some applications that may be useful on the go.


The application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs containing most of the information available on the Ministry's website. We find data on visas required in a given country, information on security in the region, customs or holidays, driver's advice and some travel information. Everything available offline without having to access the internet connection.


This is an application that suggests offline maps. In the search engine enter the city name and the app offers us the choice of downloading a detailed map and articles about the place visited. In fact, with just one click, we have not only navigation, but also a full range of information on local attractions.


The application completely replaces the notebook and in a highly developed version. Triprider allows you to take notes and plan in detail each day. Thanks to the capabilities of this application, we can save documents and tickets needed for travel, mark and organize photos, etc. The whole can be saved in pdf format. The application allows you to save the details of many trips in one place, cataloging each trip with details in separate tabs.


Comprehensive weather forecast allowing you to control the weather forecast. Forecasts are given in an hourly, daily and long-term version.


If we want to limit the amount of electronic equipment we take with us to an absolute minimum and at the same time read electronic books, we no longer need to take the popular "mongrel" with us. KINDLE has created an application that, when installed on a tablet or smartphone, will allow us to read books on the go.

I also recommend the TRIPADVISOR application , which is an offline version of the website where we can find opinions about hotels and tourist advice. The mobile version works without a network connection. So we can keep pages of interest to us and look at them during the journey.


Costa Brava is also called the Wild Coast. It is located in Spain and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its range covers about 200 km of coastal strip from the French border to the capital of the region - Barcelona. The most beautiful, sunny weather prevails here from May until the beginning of October and it is during this period that it is best to go to the Costa Brava to spend your vacation. This region is famous for its raw, wild landscapes. In the north, the coast is steep and rocky, but we will also find many charming bays with sandy beaches, while the southern part is lush green pine groves and oak forests, as well as wonderful sandy beaches located on the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

Customers going on holiday to this region of Spain often stay in Lloret de Mar. It is the largest and most popular resort on the Costa Brava, which is famous for parties until dawn. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, taverns, discos and pubs in the city, where fun seems to be endless. Lloret de Mar is also a very rich and diverse hotel base, a suitable property can be found here for families with children as well as younger vacationers looking for entertainment. Tourists wanting relaxation and blissful laziness on the beach offers the city both popular beaches in the center of the town and secluded surrounding bays.

Blanes is another recommended city on the Costa Brava. It is a holiday resort, located about 70 km from Barcelona. The resort is divided into two parts, on the north-west side there is a port and a small beach, while the south-east is a long sandy beach with high hotels, diversified in terms of standard and price. There are also many restaurants and shops here, and the undoubted attraction of the city is the botanical garden, which offers a beautiful view of the entire area.

Calella is another, often chosen town on the Costa Brava, located along the rocky coast. The city captivates with small secluded and sandy beaches. It is one of the quieter towns in the region, characteristic of the old part of Calella are the narrow streets with numerous monuments and restaurants, there is also a historic lighthouse. During the tourist season, Calella offers many attractive cultural events. Relaxing in Calella is also a great proposition for lovers of water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing.

Spending your vacation on the Costa Brava, it is worth going on a trip to the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona. The magnificent Spanish Square, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, the gothic Cathedral or Camp Nou stadium are some of the many places worth seeing. Also, a walk along the famous La Rambla avenue leading to the port will make you remember Barcelona for a long time.

A bit smaller, but also a remarkable city when planning a tour, is Girona. It is located on a hill with a great view. In Girona, important points of many trips are the Gothic church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Arab baths or colorful houses on the river Onyar. Being here is worth taking a walk through the narrow, medieval streets, which are especially charming in the evenings.


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A week out in Morocco? Why not ... Morocco is a country where you can always count on perfect weather. It is located on the north-west coast of Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara, only just 14 km from Europe. It is a country for thrill seekers who are tempted by exoticism, the magic of colors, smells and oriental flavors. Morocco also impresses with hospitality. The inhabitants of Morocco are primarily Arabs and Berbers. The vast majority of the population are Muslims. Historic medina are the showcase of Morocco. They reflect the appearance of the oldest Arab cities. Narrow, tangled streets among clay buildings and surrounded by colorful bazaars and restaurants create a maze in which you can get lost.

Holidaymakers are waiting for thousands of kilometers of paradise beaches, beautiful architectural monuments from the Middle Ages, desert sands, winding roads and snowy peaks of the Rifu and Atlas mountains with green, vibrant oases. The most famous cities for tourists are Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca and of course the capital of this country Rabat. These are places where you can see the most interesting monuments and the best tourist attractions.

The largest resort of Morocco is Agadir - a modern city with many restaurants, pubs, pubs, discos and night clubs. The beaches stretching for kilometers here are sandy, ideal for total relaxation. Fantastic weather throughout the year combined with a warm ocean promotes water sports. Surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts have excellent conditions. While in Agadir, it is worth going to the top of the Kasbah Hill, from where there is a beautiful panorama of the city.

Moroccans use French, although the official language in this country is Arabic. Of course, you can communicate in English, especially in typically touristic places.

Polish citizens are required to have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of departure from Morocco and are exempted from the visa requirement for a period of 90 days.

The flight time is about 5 hours.

The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham MAD, in exchange offices you can exchange both the euro and dollars, although the euro is more popular. Exchanges outside exchange offices are not recommended.

When leaving this country, no additional vaccinations are required or recommended.

We still have a few days of vacation, September and October are ahead of us - it's worth going to such a hot, exotic, African land - to the Kingdom of Morocco.


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Total exoticness at your fingertips? Now it's possible. A direct flight from Warsaw will take you from this holiday season to an island at the end of the world. Unforgettable views, sandy beaches, crystal-clear Indian Ocean, palm trees and extraordinary nature are just an introduction to the magical world. We invite you on a journey of a lifetime to a place where life flows "mora mora" - without rush and stress.

Madagascar and the tiny islands around it invite you to relax.

The plane lands on the island of Nosy Be - in the north-west of Madagascar. Fairytale beaches and wonderful nature made her lovers of tropical holidays fall in love. There are exclusive hotels here, you can dive, snorkel, explore the nearby islands, or simply enjoy the sun and ocean. Nosy Be's treasure are wonderful, tropical beaches. The most famous are Ambatoloaka, Madirokely and Andilana. During ocean tides that recur daily, the water may cover the beaches for several hours. In the depths of the island there are plantations of coffee, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, ylang-ylang and spices. Because Nosy Be's middle name is Perfume Island.

A weekly holiday on Nosy Be in the all inclusive option can be purchased from as little as PLN 4,999 / person.

By choosing to Nosy Be it is also good to plan a visit to the nearby islands.

One of them is the deserted Nosy Tanikely with a beautiful coral reef, a fantastic place for diving and snorkelling. It is also worth visiting Nosy Komba - Lemurs Island.

The cost of optional trips is about 80 euros / person

Practical information :

Tourists are looked after by a Polish resident, whose tasks include help upon arrival, departure and stay, as well as registration for local trips.

Flight Time from Poland to Nosy Be - approx. 10.5 hours (direct flight).

Local time for Nosy Be: Polish time plus 2 hours.

Visas are required. A tourist visa valid for 30 days (including the day of entry and exit) can be obtained at the airport at Nosy Be. Documents necessary for obtaining a visa: passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of return to Poland with 3 free pages, return ticket confirmation. At the airport, complete the visa form and arrival migration cards. The cost of the visa: approx. 30 EUR .

The climate of Madagascar is tropical with the rainy season in force from December to March.

The island's religion is Christianity and traditional African beliefs.

Currency: Madagascar (MGA): 1 USD = 3000 MGA; it is worth taking low-denomination dollars (USD).

Official languages: Malagasy and French.

Electrical voltage: 220 V.

Vaccinations: no vaccinations are required when entering Madagascar, but WHO recommends vaccinations against yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus and polio. We suggest anti-malarial prophylaxis. Get mosquito repellents. Customers who have visited the country of yellow fever in the six days prior to arrival in Madagascar are required to have a yellow fever vaccination book.


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Hello! If you haven't managed to go on holiday yet and you are not planning them for various reasons, there is no panic. One option for basking in the warm sun despite the end of the season, and also long after it gives Gran Canaria. Today's entry I invite you for a walk around this island.

Gran Canaria is one of the seven large Canary Islands that belong to Spain. Located on the northwest coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Its area is 1560 km² and is inhabited by over 800,000 people, the capital of the island is the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Due to the climate here, the tourist season can last all year.

Due to the fact that we can find almost any type of landscape on the island, it is called a miniature continent. There is, after all, both a high volcanic massif with snowy peaks, but also evergreen lowlands covered with exotic vegetation, and the proximity of the Sahara caused that we also have high dunes and wide sandy beaches. In addition, Gran Canaria has mysterious caves and steep cliffs.

Gran Canaria is an unusual island where the sun always shines, a great place for anyone who values ​​heat, beaches and water sports. In the southern part of the island there are resorts that will provide us with entertainment and luxury hotels, including in Maspalomas and Puerto Rico. In the north, on the other hand, vast valleys with unforgettable views dominate, olive groves alternate with banana plantations and citrus trees.

The island is divided into four main regions:

Maspalomas is located on the southern coast of Gran Canaria and is one of the most popular destination for tourists. We have a well-developed tourist base here with numerous hotels, restaurants, entertainment places and water sports centers.

Las Palmas, or the north-eastern edge of the island, also includes the capital of the island, characteristic for this region are the wonderful beaches and a variety of hotel and catering facilities.

The Central Region is located in the central part of the island, we will find here mainly mountainous areas, but also picturesque valleys with small villages. In this part of Gran Canaria there is the highest peak - Pico de las Nieves. This area is characterized by the highest amount of precipitation on the island, it is also a great attraction for all nature lovers.

Northwest region, i.e. an oasis of peace, an ideal place for tourists who value peace and lack of noise. We will not see here loud, entertainment resorts, but Tamadaba Nature Park is located here, and therefore most of this area is under protection. This region also captivates with picturesque caves, beaches and small, quiet villages.

Impressive landscapes, richness of nature and well-developed tourist resorts make rest on Gran Canaria a great idea to spend a holiday for even the most demanding holiday-maker.


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Are you looking for vacation proposals for the upcoming cool autumn days? Cape Verde will be a great idea.

Cape Verde is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, located over 450 km west of the west coast of Africa. It is made up of an archipelago of several islands and islets with a unique, diverse landscape and a unique, warm climate.

There is such a local legend that Cape Verde is the work of God, who, after making clay from a man, shook off the remains of this clay over the endless ocean water. These dozen or so particles were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean by accident and created such an unusual archipelago.

Each island is different and unique. The most popular is the island of Sal with one of the finest beaches on the archipelago. Mountainous landscape can be admired on Santo Antao, and green hills and valleys on the island of Santiago. Equally interesting is the island of Fogo with an active volcano and the island of Sao Vicente famous for the carnivals in Mindelo.

What tempt these islands?

First of all, phenomenal beaches - wide, with fine, golden sand, with a gentle descent to the ocean and warm turquoise, crystal clear water.

Great weather is another advantage of this country. It is dry and warm here for at least 11 months a year, only September is the wettest. The perfect weather falls on our winter and spring months, i.e. from December to June. The air temperature is then about 24-28 degrees, rainfall almost does not happen, a pleasant and stronger wind blows. And this in turn pleases windsurfers and kite surfers because it creates fantastic conditions for practicing these water sports. You can also dive - there are underwater caves, tropical fish and sunken ships.

The complement is excellent cuisine. Gourmets of fresh fish and seafood will definitely not be able to resist dishes prepared in many ways.

From practical information:

* visas are required, a visa card can be obtained at the airport as soon as you arrive, a tourist residence permit is entered into the passport at the airport by an employee from the immigration office on the basis of the previously filled arrival card, the cost of the visa is about 25 USD, the passport must be valid minimum 6 months from the date of return to Poland;

* the flight time on the Warsaw-Espargos route is about 9 hours - it is possible that there will be a stop during the flight;

* local time: Polish time minus 2 hours;

* the official language is Creole and Portuguese, you can also communicate in English and Italian;

* voltage: 220V, sockets are standard, adapters will not be needed;

* the monetary unit is escudo , 1 escudo = 100 centavos; EUR 1 = approx. 110 CVE, exchanges are best done at local banks, exchange offices or hotels. Dollars are not accepted;

* roaming: there is no Polish roaming on Cabo Verde, it is best to use public phones - telephone booths;

* vaccinations: no compulsory vaccinations are required, it is recommended to vaccinate against hepatitis A and B. Tourists traveling through any of the African countries must have an entry in the international health book confirming vaccination against yellow fever. However, it is recommended to take a mosquito repellent and sunscreen creams when traveling;

It is worth visiting Cape Verde because they are a fantastic place for everyone who likes to laze around and everyone who actively spends their holidays.


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Today's entry I invite you to Tenerife - the island of eternal spring!

Tenerife is one of the seven large Canary Islands that belong to Spain. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa. It is the largest island of the archipelago, and is inhabited by almost 900 thousand people, thus is also the most populous Spanish island. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the largest city and the capital of Tenerife.

The island is very diverse in terms of landscape, on the one hand we have mountains with the highest peak - El Pico del Teide, but also picturesque gorges and valleys and among them magnificent flower gardens and manicured parks. The coast itself is also very varied, there are both rocky, stony and sandy beaches with various shades of sand. The climate in Tenerife is mild throughout the year, which means that the island's tourist season can last all year. The mountain range divides it into two climate zones: in the south it is warmer, sunny, the amount of vegetation is smaller, and more sandy beaches. The north is a bit cooler, there is more greenery and wonderful tropical nature here. The coast is rocky, gray and black beaches dominate. Lower temperatures in this region of the island are also affected by the Canary Current,

The largest and most entertaining resort of Tenerife is Playa de las Americas, there are many shops, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and discos. This makes the city an ideal place for those who value entertainment and nightlife. A large number of comfortable hotels for both the whole family and younger holiday makers will meet the expectations of even the most demanding travelers. The city also attracts water sports enthusiasts who use great conditions for windsurfing, sailing or other water sports.

A little calmer resort is Los Christianos - a place often visited by families with children, as well as tourists seeking respite and rest. There is a wonderful promenade leading to the port, and the beaches are covered with golden sand, brought from the Sahara.

The richest and most varied hotel base is located in Costa Adeje. Most of the best hotels are located on the coast, offering not only great views, but also their own sandy beaches, most of which are piled with sand from the desert.

During your stay in Tenerife, you should go on a trip to the popular city - Puerto de la Cruz, with Loro Parque. This is a wonderful zoo located within a beautiful park. We can admire in it, among others Europe's largest dolphinarium, an impressive collection of parrots, an alligator beach, a penguinarium or an aquarium with sharks.

Tenerife is often associated as one of the islands where you can sunbathe and swim in the ocean. Meanwhile, it turns out to be a very interesting and diverse place that will meet the expectations of the most demanding tourists. The island captivates with both beautiful beaches and high mountains, green botanical gardens contrast with the harsh, rocky landscapes in the southern part. You can find here noisy, crowded, vibrant and peaceful, less frequented corners. All this combined makes Tenerife attract millions of tourists every year wanting to spend their wonderful holidays there.


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Who dreams of sunny, warm days, lush greenery and a few days without rush and stress, should pack a suitcase and go to the exotic, fourth largest island of our globe, which is Madagascar.

The flight lasts about 10-11 hours, but due to only two-hour time shift relative to Polish time, we will not feel the travel inconvenience for too long. Hence, particularly short, weekly stays are preferred.

And when we land in Madagascar on Nosy Be, our eyes will see an unusual place. All visitors to the island agree that there is no other place like this on Earth. The island belongs to Africa, but it is hundreds of kilometers away from the continent and this, among other things, has caused the uniqueness of this land. Very late, populated, left for millions of years in complete isolation, it created perfect conditions for nature. Everything is different here - climate, flora, fauna, culture and food. In Madagascar there are over 90% of plant and animal species that we will not find anywhere else.

When planning a trip to Madagascar, remember that this direction is not very popular, do not focus on mass tourism. This has its advantages, because we will spend a quiet holiday, but on the other hand, we do not expect a very high standard of hotels or a European level of service. This is one of the poorest countries in the world.

From practical information:

visas are required, a tourist visa valid for 30 days (including the day of entry and exit) can be obtained at the airport at Nosy Be. The document necessary to obtain a visa is a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of return to Poland with 3 free pages and confirmation of the return flight. At the airport, complete the visa form and arrival migration cards. The cost of a visa is about 35 EUR / person;

the climate is tropical, the rainy season falls in the months December-March;

religion: Christianity and traditional African beliefs;

the prevailing currency is Madagascar (MGA): 1 EUR is around 4200 MGA, it is worth taking low-denominated Euro (EUR);

the official languages ​​are: Malagasy and French;

electric voltage: 220 V;

vaccinations are not required, from the recommended vaccinations the list is as follows: against yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Only customers who have visited the country of yellow fever 6 days prior to arrival in Madagascar should have a yellow fever vaccination book. Anti-malarial prophylaxis is suggested and it is necessary to stock up on mosquito repellents;

beaches and ocean : characteristic of Madagascar are the large amplitudes of the tides of the Indian Ocean, that is, the repeated rising and falling of the water level in the ocean;

Worth to see:

Avenue of Baobabs - the most photographed place in Madagascar, located on the western part of the island along the road from Morondava to Belon'I Tsiribinha in the Menabe region. Dozens of 700-year-old baobabs grow along the road , creating a unique landscape;

Antananarivo - the capital and also the largest city on the island. Tourists are delighted with the atmospheric streets, colonial architecture and green hills rising just outside the city. It is also worth planning a few hours in the Lemurs Park;

Ambohimanga - Royal Hills inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are objects associated with the former rulers of Madagascar, their burial sites and objects related to religious worship. The royal complex consists of buildings erected in various styles, there are also pools carved into the rock and colorful 19th-century buildings;

Antasibe-Mantadia National Park located in the central-eastern part of the island. This is the most visited national park in Madagascar. Delights with a variety of plants: lianas, ferns, orchids. The park's symbol is an indri - a tailless lemur with black and white fur. Here you can also find red-eyed lemurs and diadem sifaki;

Isalo National Park is another place worth visiting, seven species of lemurs not found anywhere else, moreover sandstones, forming amazing rock massifs. There are numerous sandy valleys and canyons, in addition to lemurs in the park we will find many endemic species of animals and plants;

Many attractions, getting to know different culture, beaches with pristine white sand and crystal clear water, unusual vegetation and animals not seen anywhere else, I hope, will interest every seasoned traveler. I invite you for an offer :).

Cyprus is one of those places in the Mediterranean Sea where the sun shines all year round!

The goddess of love Aphrodite knew what she was doing here, emerging from the sea foam.

Cyprus is divine! Wonderful beaches, picturesque Troodos mountains, delicious wines, fascinating monuments, great fun and hospitable Cypriots create the image of a dream holiday island.

You can enjoy the charms of Cyprus all the time, all year round.

CYPRUS consists of two parts: Northern Cyprus (so-called Turkish) and Southern Cyprus (so-called Greek)

- you must see both! They are completely different!

Northern Cyprus is the best kept secret of the Mediterranean. Also known as the "Turkish Cyprus", the area captivates with a calm and intimate atmosphere, comfortable hotels with all inclusive option, as well as unusual monuments. From Nicosia - the only capital in the world divided in half - to the amazing port in Girne with vast, sandy beaches and azure water. When visiting Northern Cyprus, be sure to see Guzelyurt - a town famous for its delicious orange crops, Famagusta - a city from the 3rd century BC with numerous monuments or Kyrenia with its beautiful Old Town. Remember that Northern Cyprus was created at the crossroads of Greek and Turkish cultures - this mix gives a unique effect.

The climate in Cyprus is typically Mediterranean. Excellent weather is maintained here throughout the year, and in summer the hot sun usually means that the temperature reaches about 35 ° C. At the turn of April and May and October, the mercury column drops slightly, and in Cyprus it gets a little less hot.

The highest rainfall in Cyprus is usually recorded between December and March, when the temperature on the coast reaches about 16 ° C.

Today I encourage you to read about Menorca - an island from the Balearic archipelago, which really differs significantly from Majorca or Ibiza.

Menorca is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea in the eastern part of the Balearic Archipelago. Its area is 668 km², which makes it the second largest island in the archipelago, and has a population of over 90 thousand. people. The main city of the island and also its capital is Mahon. The mild Mediterranean climate means that the tourist season lasts from mid-May until the beginning of October. There are few rainy days in summer and temperatures often exceed 30 ° C, while in winter it sometimes drops to 10 ° C.

The high-mountainous terrain and the irregular shoreline are characteristic of Menorca. The island is famous for its charming coves, small sandy beaches as well as turquoise, calm sea and great weather almost all year round. El Toro is the highest peak in Menorca and reaches 358 m above sea level

Menorca is not the island of choice for summer holidays as much as the other large Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Majorca). For this reason, visitors can count on relaxation away from large and noisy resorts. Lovers of walks will love the seaside walking trail cami de Cavalls, which you can traverse the entire island along the coast. The island also has great conditions for horse riding, canoeing, cycling or golfing.

The largest tourist centers on the island are the capital Mahon, Es Mercadal and also Ciutadella. The port city of Mahon is located in the southwest of the island, here are fragments of the city walls, historic churches and colorful houses with characteristic shutters. In the 1990s, a number of investments were carried out to further make this place more attractive. Es Mercadal is a town that captivates with traditional white houses and a wonderful beach. Ciutadella de Menorca is the former capital of the island, the charming center is full of winding, narrow streets, you can also see palaces of Tsar Saura and Torresaura as well as historic churches. Midsummer Night - Festa Sant Joan, organized here on the longest day of the year, which attracts many tourists.

Minorca is becoming an increasingly popular place to spend your vacation, so the hotel base is also beginning to grow. New high standard hotels are being built in convenient locations close to the beaches. Their greatest concentration is in Ciutadella and its surroundings. The beaches of Menorca are well maintained, and the most beautiful sandy beaches are located in the southeast of the island.


Marsa Alam is a holiday resort in the south-eastern part of Egypt, located on the Red Sea, and over 250 km from Hurghada. The quiet and intimate town is not yet overrun by mass tourism, it is one of the best diving spots due to the crystal clear water and the richness of underwater life. High temperatures prevailing in this region practically throughout the year, cause that the tourist season in this place basically does not end. In addition to Mars Alam, El Quiser and El Ghalib are popular with visitors.

The region in which Marsa Alam lies is known primarily to people who love diving. The unusual fauna and flora of the Red Sea waters and the color palette at the bottom of the reservoir delight even the most demanding aesthetes. The coral reefs are intact and extremely beautiful. The most famous dive sites are Abu Ghusoon, Marsa Samadai, Marsa Abu Dabab, and Elphistone Reef. The city is still one of the most pristine resorts in Egypt, it is an oasis of peace for families with children and tourists looking for calmer places than the crowded Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. The hotel base is well developed here, luxury and comfortable hotels are located right next to the sandy and coral beaches, their greatest concentration is among the bays in the northern part of the city. In addition to sunbathing and diving, tourists resting here decide on a jeep safari and also trips to Berenice - the ancient city famous for the temple of Semiramis or the ruins of the former port. Being here is also worth seeing the traditional camel market in Bir Shalatein and get to know the Wadi El Gemal National Park. The city is also a great base for the Valley of the Kings and Giza.

El Quiser is another place where vacationers like to stay. Also here we have great conditions for diving and admiring one of the most beautiful coral reefs, but also in the city itself we will find modern hotels and places for lovers of fun. In El Quiser waters we can not only dive, but also there are excellent conditions for surfing or windsurfing. You can also rent water scooters, motorboats or take part in the cruise admiring the charming corners of the Egyptian coast.

However, Port Ghalib is a tourist town that is developing dynamically, there are many luxury hotels here. Of course, the diving conditions are also great here. In addition, the city's development may be accelerated by the construction of the largest yacht port on the central coast of the Red Sea.


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Here is the list of hotels that we think deserve special attention.

Number one, although not the cheapest, is the 5 * Hotel Andilana Beach Resort in Nosa Be. We recommend this hotel both for a romantic vacation for couples, but also for an active holiday with the family. Hotel guests have a choice of two sandy, hotel beaches offering various ways of spending free time. One of these beaches is ideal for blissful laziness, the other, in turn, is designed for active people, because it has a rich sport offer. The advantage of the hotel is the extensive garden with lush vegetation, in which we meet lemurs, turtles and chameleons, a hotel wellness center with a wide range of massages and treatments, and a large swimming pool with a sensational view. Noteworthy is also the hotel restaurant Pily Pily located on a cliff, which offers delicious seafood and an unforgettable panoramic view of the bay.

With equally good reviews, we recommend the 4 * Palm Beach Resort & SPA hotel. The hotel is modern, sensational located on a wide, sandy beach. It offers complete relaxation in the full sense of the word. And of course, breathtaking ocean views. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa center and a restaurant serving international cuisine. Comfortable rooms are spacious and elegant. The hotel has attractions for children, there is a mini-club and hotel animations. Friendly and competent service as well as professional service will appeal to even the most demanding guests. It's the perfect place to get away from the daily routine.

The third suggestion is a 4.5 * Royal Beach hotel. It is also worth considering when planning a stay in Madagascar. Located on a vast, green area, right next to a beautiful, kilometers-long beach, it was designed in the style of a holiday village. It consists of several low-rise buildings and swimming pools with sunbathing terraces. The rooms are bright and beautifully decorated. It is a perfect place not only for lovers of relaxation, but also for enthusiasts of water sports, in particular diving.

Another suggestion is a budget 3.5 * Orangea hotel, whose standard and service is at an equally high level. The hotel is located among lush vegetation, by a beautiful beach with coconut trees. It was designed in a local style. It consists of low-rise houses that perfectly blend in with the surrounding nature. Hotel guests can choose from standard rooms or bungalows. The hotel is especially recommended for couples, for a romantic holiday for two. The evening sunsets delight and the cuisine is delicious.


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Today's entry I invite you to familiarize yourself with the charms of Aegean Turkey. What are the main attractions? Why is it worth going there? I present some arguments to you below.

The Turkish Aegean coast is one of the most-visited regions, which attracts tourists from all over the world with beautiful beaches and rich hotel infrastructure. It is located in the southwestern part of the country off the coast of the Aegean Sea. Here you will find everything you need for a blissful rest - turquoise sea, golden sand beaches, luxury hotels, great conditions for water sports and a wealth of monuments. The most beautiful weather with high temperatures is here from the beginning of May until mid-October, the air temperature usually exceeds 30 ° C. Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Cesme are the most popular tourist destinations in this region.

Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts of Aegean Turkey. Currently, a small town with a centuries-old history of approximately 35,000 people. Well-equipped hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, discos and casinos constitute an endless, colorful center. The city is located on a magnificent bay with a sandy beach and great conditions for water sports including diving. Enthusiasts of this sport should go to the area of ​​Gelidonya and Manavgat, where we can discover sunken shipwrecks, numerous diving bases and schools will help us in this. People who prefer a night life should also not be disappointed, popular discos and night clubs encourage fun and dance until dawn. Architecture lovers, however, will definitely love the castle of St. Peter, which was built in the 15th century. Relaxing in Bodrum is also worth seeing the ruins of the mausoleum, and also stroll around the charming old town.

Another tourist resort worth stopping in is Kusadasi, which owes its name to the nearby islet, the so-called Island of Birds. Near the city there is the main tourist attraction of the region - very well preserved remains of the ancient city of Ephesus. In addition to a trip to Ephesus, we can go to Miletus, famous for the ruins of a giant theater, and nature lovers will be delighted to visit the Dilek Reserve. Kusadasi is also a great place for young people at heart, the city is famous for its rich nightlife and numerous discos. The resort also houses two large aquaparks, which are great attractions for families with children. Beaches in the city are relatively narrow and crowded, so it's worth going about 5 km south of the center to relax on the famous Long Beach, over 20 km long.

The city of Marmaris was once a small fishing village, but today it is a popular tourist resort, located between the sea and the mountains, the landscape is complemented by a picturesque yacht port, which makes us relax here in a wonderful scenery. This part of the coast also impresses with fragrant pine forests, as well as excellent conditions for sailing and windsurfing. At night, the city also offers many attractions, numerous restaurants, bars and discos make the party last until dawn. Tourists are also impressed by the rich hotel base, which offers facilities of a very high standard, and at a reasonable price. Most of them are located in large, green areas in the neighboring Icmeler. Marmaris also boasts a modern marina, from which there are also excellent connections to Rhodes and other Greek islands.


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Marsa Alam is known around the world for its excellent diving conditions and I believe that anyone who is interested in even a little underwater life of the Red Sea should see the bay of Abu Dabbab in the resort of Marsa Alam with their own eyes. The bay is famous for its wonderful coral reef inhabited by hundreds of creatures. This is one of the few dive sites in the world that are famous for their immaculate beach and a wealth of plants and marine animals. The advantage of this location is the fact that unusual views are possible immediately after entering the beach, so it is an ideal place for diving with a mask. A special sign of the Abu Dabbab bay are green turtles, but you can also come across here: moray eels, lionfish, seahorses, octopus, crocodile fish, rays and many other organisms living in the Red Sea. Great diving sites and a very good hotel base are tempting customers who have been choosing the resort of Marsa Alam more and more recently for the direction of their dream vacation.


Wonderful beaches with golden sand and beautiful shells, dunes, coves, low hills and orange groves

- do you know where we want to go?

COSTA DE LA LUZ, is called the Coast of Light! The sun shines here 310 days a year!

Region of Andalusia, located just off the border with Portugal. It extends from the Strait of Gibraltar.

This coast offers us everything that is associated with Spain and leisure in this country.

Wide, sandy, beautiful beaches, friendly and professional service and excellent level of hotels!

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Here you will find delicious tapas and jamón iberico.

We can enjoy a real sherry from Jerez de la Frontera.

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    Right to information on passenger rights
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It was in Andalusia that flamenco was born, giving rise to a corrida. This is where the tradition of grand Spanish Fiestas comes from. It is worth coming here especially in September to the largest flamenco festival in Spain, with the participation of masters of this genre of dance. A popular place is also the Andalusian Flamenco Center with a library, museum and dance school. Flamenco has been inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List since 2010.

  • food and drinks
  • two phone calls, faxes, teletext or e-mails
  • hotel accommodation with transport between the airport and place of accommodation

This coast is calmer compared to the lively Costa del Sol, there are no endless rows of hotels like in the Costa Brava region and crowds on the beaches.

Being on the Costa de la Luz, we have the impression that we are in a different, better world - low, green hills, orange groves, stork nests, numerous bays and wild dunes.

  • € 250 for flights up to 1,500 km
  • € 400 for intra-Community flights over 1,500 km
  • € 400 for flights other than intra-Community flights from 1.500 km to 3.500 km
  • € 600 for flights other than intra-Community flights over 3.500 km

Great atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and crowds on the beaches.

  • two hours for flights of 1,500 km
  • three hours for intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 km
  • three hours for non-Community flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km
  • four hours for flights other than intra-Community flights over 3.500 km

For active people, the area offers a lot of optional excursions ... but more on that soon!

  • passengers have been informed of the cancellation of the flight at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure time.
  • the passengers were informed of the cancellation of the flight from 2 weeks to 7 days before the scheduled departure time and at the same time they were offered a change of travel plan enabling them to depart no earlier than 2 hours before the planned departure and arrival at their destination no later than 4 hours after the planned departure.
  • the passengers were informed about the cancellation of the flight less than 7 days before the planned departure time and at the same time they were offered a change of travel plan enabling them to depart no earlier than 1 hour before the planned departure and arrival at their destination no later than 2 hours after the planned departure.
  • cancellation of a flight is caused by extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided despite all reasonable measures had been taken (extraordinary circumstances should be understood to include political instability, meteorological conditions preventing a given flight, a security risk, unexpected flaws that could affect safety, strikes having impact on carrier activities).


Are you flying by plane on holiday or on a business trip? Charter, scheduled or maybe low-cost airlines? Know your rights as a passenger. You will save time and nerves.

    The right to a refund of the full ticket price and free return

Today a compendium of knowledge in case your flight is CANCELED

    refund the full cost of the ticket in cash to the passenger, within 7 days, at the price for which it was purchased, for part or part of the journey not made and for part or part already made, if the flight no longer serves any purpose related to the passenger's original itinerary and provide the passenger, where appropriate, with a return flight to the original point of departure as soon as possible.

In the event of a flight cancellation, the carrier is obliged to provide each passenger with written information on the provisions regarding minimum passenger rights, including the right to compensation and care.

    Right to change your itinerary

As part of care, the carrier should provide passengers with:

  • at the earliest possible date or
  • at a later date convenient for both the passenger and the carrier.

Assistance is provided depending on the waiting time for an alternative flight, with the right to hotel accommodation only if you have to wait for that flight for one or more nights.

Complaint procedure

In the event of a flight cancellation , the carrier is obliged to pay compensation in the following amounts:

The amount of compensation may be reduced by 50% if the arrival time of an alternative flight to the planned flight does not exceed:

There is no right to compensation if:

  • a copy of a confirmed booking for a given flight,
  • a copy of the complaint addressed to the carrier,
  • a copy of his answer or an indication that despite the expiry of the 30-day period, no response was received to the complaint.

The compensation should be paid in cash.

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With the written consent of the passenger, it can take the form of a voucher or services.

If the flight is canceled, the passenger has the right to withdraw from the contract. In this case, the carrier is obliged to:

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With the passenger's written consent, the full cost of the ticket can be refunded in the form of a voucher or services.


In the event of a flight being canceled, the carrier must provide the passenger with a re-routing so that he can reach his final destination under comparable conditions:

The right to change the itinerary is not entitled to a passenger who has exercised the right to a refund of the full cost of the ticket.

Complaints about the refusal of boarding, cancellation or delay of flight must first be lodged with the carrier who performed the flight. If the airline refuses to pay you compensation, you can lodge a complaint with the Passenger Rights Protection Commission, which operates at the Civil Aviation Office. This is important, because only after exhausting the complaint procedure at the airline, you can lodge a complaint with ULC about the carrier's violation of EU provisions.


You can file a complaint if 30 days have passed since the complaint was made.

You should join her:



Winter is in full swing, winter sports enthusiasts go skiing, but those of you who do not necessarily like winter sports for various reasons have an alternative in the form of sunny relaxation. Cape Verde is one such place. Today, a few tips in which hotels to spend warm, carefree days.

Hotel Oasis Atlantico Belorizonte - with us it is one of the most popular hotels. It is often at very attractive prices. We recommend superior rooms, which are after renovation. The hotel is located right next to a sandy, wide, beautiful beach. It consists of a main building and side buildings. It has a large sports and recreational facilities, runs animations. Customers appreciate the very good hotel kitchen with lots of fish, seafood and vegetables. The advantage of the hotel is also its location, only a few minutes walk separates the hotel from the town of Santa Maria.


The next hotel we recommend is Club Hotel Riu Funana. It is a wonderful complex of the renowned RIU network for a family, carefree vacation. The hotel is located close to the town of Santa Maria, of course on a beautiful, fine sandy beach. Has a rich sport and entertainment offer. Customers like well-maintained, comfortable rooms and the entire infrastructure - two large pools with hydromassage, four restaurants, several bars. There is also a disco and spa center. For children, the hotel has a mini-club, a playground, a swimming pool with a paddling pool. There is also a varied animation program, shows, live music, evening programs. Delicious and varied food deserves a very good rating.

The Sensimar Cabo Verde Resort & Spa is a great hotel for adults only. This five-star resort, opened three years ago, tempts with holidays full of luxury and peace. It has spacious, modern rooms with ocean views and access to the pools. The service is at a very high level. Sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the gym and sports classes run by qualified trainers, as well as the wellness zone. The wide, fine sandy beach is right next to the hotel. It's a great place to get away from everyday life.



As we promised, we are coming back to the optional trips from the Costa de la Luz area, to which we encouraged you a few weeks ago.


Depending on the Organizer with whom we plan a vacation in this part of Spain,

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many faculties overlap or are very, very similar.

Below are a few that we think deserve attention.

Seville is a city adorned with blooming orange trees, sounding flamenco sounds and cultivating the traditions of the corrida. Unusual monuments from Roman, Arab and Christian times please the eye of visitors.

It is the proud capital of Andalusia, charming with its unquestionable charm and vibrant with life. The magic of Andalusia and wonderful works of art justify the words of the old saying: "Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla" ("Who did not see Seville, did not see a miracle").

Seville's visit begins with a ride through the center. At the beginning you will see the Ibero-American Exhibition grounds from 1929 and the famous semicircular Spanish Square located next to Maria Luisa Park. The next point is the walk around Barrio de Santa Cruz. It is preserved in a typical Andalusian style, the former Jewish quarter with whitewashed low buildings, narrow streets, full of cozy bars with "tapas". Then a visit to the largest Gothic cathedral in the world - Santa Maria de la Sede, also famous for the tower "Giralda" (former minaret) and the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Established on the site of the Moorish mosque, a stately building, to this day is the city's biggest tourist attraction. At the end, free time (about 3 hours) for a meal, shopping, boat trip on the Guadalquivir river or further sightseeing (e.g.

The Portuguese Algarve region, although located a stone's throw from Spanish Andalusia, offers visitors completely different, exotic landscapes, with high cliffs, fanciful rocks formed by wind and water.

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Secluded beaches of golden sand hidden in coves and ubiquitous agaves, cactuses and palm trees. A full-day bus trip along the southern coast of Portugal will let you enjoy the diversity of the landscape and get to know some of the characteristic Portuguese towns.

Drive to Portugal by the bridge over the Guadiana River. Arrival in Villamoura, a picturesque resort surrounded by golf courses, and also the tourist center of the Algarve province. It is also famous for the port where the most expensive and effective yachts that can be seen on the Algarve coast are moored. Free time, which is worth using to taste local specialties. Then visiting Albufeira, a charming former fishing village with traditional low-rise buildings and low whitewashed houses, now very often visited by tourists. A walk along the steep, winding streets, between bars, shops and restaurants in the center. Free time in the village. On the way back, you can shop in Vilareal do Santa Antonio - a "shopping paradise". Finally, a moment of relaxation during the ferry crossing the Guadiana River.

The trip will start in one of the best fighting bull farms in Spain ("Toro bravo"), where we will admire these amazing animals up close. As this part of the Huelvy province is famous for its wine traditions - the area of ​​origin of the "Condado de Huelva" wines (front table wines, fortified wines, vermouths and excellent quality wine vinegar), then we will go to a typical local bodega where production takes place traditional wines with a denomination of origin - wine tasting.

Free time for rest and meals on your own. In the afternoon we will visit the emblematic village of El Rocio, which is a gateway to the Doñana National Park. This town is famous for the solemn and unusual celebration of Pentecost, during which it is filled with people in traditional costumes, richly decorated horses and colorful carriages. They draw to the shrine located there, where there is a statue of Our Lady of Rocio surrounded by a deep cult. We will have time to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of El Rocío and a walk through the picturesque streets of the town straight from the west. Duration of trip is about 9 hours,

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A bus trip to the peninsula with a length of only 6 km - a tiny British enclave on the North. Iberian.

The program includes a panoramic minibus ride, whose route includes downtown - Main Street, viewpoint,

from which you can see the coast of Africa, entry to the high Rock of Gibraltar, famous among others from macaques, often visiting tourists in search of delicacies, the spectacular grotto of San Miguel. The extraordinary, international atmosphere and the duty-free zone are further advantages of the headland. In particular, it pays to buy alcohol, tobacco and perfumes. A unique gift can be the crystal souvenir from Gibraltar Crystal Factory.

Huelva is the largest city of the province and its capital, numbering about 150 thousand residents. Onuba (the historical name) was founded by Phoenician merchants, and the Romans expanded the port. Due to the proximity of places related to the Columbus expedition to the New World, Huleva is celebrating the so-called "Fiestas Colombinas" at the turn of July and August. In the program of the trip, a ride through the city, during which you can see the most important places and monuments - including cathedral, university, Queen Victoria's English quarter, old Casa Colón. Free time in the city center after this panoramic ride.

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From all places in Spain, Christopher Columbus has just chosen Costa de la Luz to plan a trip to India. For several years he lived in the fifteenth-century Franciscan monastery La Rabida, where there is also the only statue of the Virgin Mary in Spain crowned by Pope John Paul II. Columbus set out on his three ships to conquer the New World from nearby Palos de la Frontera. Replicas of 1: 1 ships: Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina can be admired at the Maritime Museum, where there is also a miniature of the town of Palos and the island, which Columbus's first expedition saw first.

For families with children, we especially want to pay attention to the faculty "Eye to eye with a pirate in Zoomarine"

The family theme park is located just a few kilometers from Albufeira (Portugal).

Animal shows, including dolphins, seals, sea lions and birds. In addition, an artificial wave pool, beaches, several slides

and a water playground for children. We also suggest a visit to the Pirate Bay, where in the world of adventures of corsairs, mysterious maps and hidden treasures will transfer all the show full of twists and turns. For an extra charge, you can swim with dolphins.

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The above descriptions of local tours, Tour Operators with which the company has current agency contracts. The descriptions are given for information only and do not constitute an offer. We do not guarantee that they will all be implemented. A full list of available local attractions along with their current prices is available from residents on site.


For us Europeans, the Kingdom of Morocco is such an exotic at your fingertips. In this country, only about 5 hours away, there is everything that can delight - warm Atlantic waters, breathtaking peaks of the Atlas mountains, hot Sahara sand and Moroccan cities with countless eateries, restaurants, discos and clubs.

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So, which hotels should pay special attention to so that the vacation was fully enjoyable?

In the first place I propose the IBEROSTAR FOUNTY BEACH hotel. It belongs to the renowned Iberostar hotel chain. An undoubted advantage is that it was completely renovated two years ago. The hotel has an ideal location. The center of Agadir, one of the few cities that must see while in Morocco, is less than 3 km. The hotel stretches along the seafront promenade, by a sandy, wide beach with a gentle descent to the sea. Has a beautiful garden. Meals are varied, with lots of fish and seafood. Animation programs for both children and adults guarantee great fun. The hotel meets the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

The RIU PALACE TIKIDA AGADIR hotel tempts with elegance and luxury. The complex belongs to the renowned RIU Hotels & Resort chain. It has been designed in a modern style combining oriental and classic elements. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden with lush, tropical plants. Has a lot of space. The hotel has a private, wide, sandy beach. It is close from here to the center of Agadir. You can walk freely and peacefully. Guests are impressed by the excellent cuisine and the highest level of service.

If the portfolio is a bit smaller, you can equally comfortably relax in a hotel from the same family - RIU TIKADA DUNAS. This is a popular, liked, although slightly older hotel. It has very good service, service and food, and comfortable, spacious rooms. It attracts enthusiasts of active leisure. The large garden has a complex of pools with fresh and seawater. A seaside promenade leads to the private section of the beach. I can recommend the hotel to couples, families with children or groups of friends.

Hotel KENZI EUROPA is a budget, well-maintained hotel surrounded by an exotic garden. The hotel was completely refurbished in 2013. Very nice rooms are arranged in two 7-storey buildings. The hotel is located close to the private beach and promenade and only 500 meters from the center of Agadir . Has attractions for the whole family. For the youngest there is a nice playground, paddling pool with colorful slides and a mini club offering various activities. Slightly older children go crazy on six slides, while adults have a chance to take advantage of the sports offer. There are rich animation programs in the season. Guests are attracted by really good service and a hospitable atmosphere.

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Low costs
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No crowds of tourists


The climate change

Sometimes you wonder how to combine rest with children with the desire to participate in something more than just blissful laziness? How to plan a trip with our kids so that they don't bore us with the questions "how long?" You will find excellent offers for short but also full of surprises trips in ITAKA's offer.

Where to then go on a long-awaited trip?

ITALIA not only in miniature - it is a bus trip of Italy, a country dreamed of having fun with the whole family. Sun, sea, wonderful monuments are the perfect backdrop to a great adventure, which is a trip to three fantastic amusement parks: Italia in Miniature, Oltremere and Mirabilandia. These places were created to entertain and teach. Masterpieces of Italian art, the animal world from prehistory to modern times - these are just some of the attractions that await in theme parks. Padua - the city of St. Antoni, Rimini - the most famous Italian resort with a charming old town, and the most romantic place in the world - Venice, which will surely charm everyone, regardless of age. It is also worth going to the beautifully situated San Marino. The route in Italy is planned for about 1000 km.

FAIRY-TERM weekend - it's a bus trip to Paris and Disneyland, with fun for both children and adults. The program includes the most important monuments, the most interesting places, the famous Parisian metro, a cruise on the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. Visiting the most beautiful corners of Paris and a day full of excitement in the famous amusement park, where you can find fairy-tale characters from your favorite cartoons, is the perfect idea for a short family outing. A similar program has the second trip to France proposed by Ithaca - Land of fairy tales and fairy tales - with the difference that the additional point of the program here is Asteriks Park, a beautiful, colorful town created on the basis of the famous comic and rollercoaster as a challenge for the bravest.

LEGOLAND, i.e. have fun - another unforgettable adventure for children and parents. During this (coach) trip, fantasy becomes reality, and the fairy-tale world enchants everyone. We will learn the history of Vikings in Roskilde, visit Copenhagen, reminisce about Andersen's fairy tales, see the world built of millions of Lego blocks and go crazy in the land of adventure in Hansa Park. Anyone who has dreamed of being a pirate, viking, cowboy, knight, explorer or princess can make their dream come true. Let your imagination run wild and go on this trip. The route is planned for about 900 km.

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ENCHANTED London - the trip is addressed to everyone who likes to explore not only the beaten tracks. The program shows London as a city full of life, surprising attractions. We will see London "classic": Westminster Abbey, Tower Brigde, Wax Museum and we will take a cruise on the River Thames. At the same time, a visit to Warner Bros Studio for a trip to the enchanted world and discovering the secrets of magic (not just cinema) is planned for the youngest tourists, at the Museum of Natural History there will be an opportunity to face the dinosaurs and experience the earthquake. The London skyline is worth seeing London from the London Eye - a 350 m high Ferris wheel, visiting the fantastic Thorpe Park or going to the West End show.

AHOJ, Mole! - is an invitation to our southern neighbors, where many attractions await the youngest tourists. The program includes: the Skalne Miasto nature reserve, Zoo Safari with animals at your fingertips, the fairy-tale Jičín of the Rumcajs robber, Golden Prague, where you can move to the world of mini-railways in Království Železnic, fun at the aquapark with artificial waves, slides and a rushing river. At the iQpark Science Center in Liberec, both children and adults will find that learning does not have to be boring. The route in the Czech Republic is planned for about 300 km.


Have you been on holiday in Croatia? If not, it's time to go there. Croatia is a beautiful country. In addition, especially this year we will be favorite tourists there. In the end we lost the handball match, which opened the Croatian handball team the way to the semi-final and eventually they, and not us, won the 3rd place in the European Championships .... but whatever, I love this country anyway. What captivated me? The kindness of the hosts, the warm sea, beautiful mountains, small and larger islands, the color and transparency of the sea, calamari that does not taste like this anywhere else, juicy figs picked straight from the tree, olive groves, the smell of lavender at sunset, cities and towns where you can admire the remains of Roman times and unique national parks.

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Traveling by plane to Croatia takes less than 2 hours, but I prefer to travel by car. You can choose a route through Slovakia and Hungary or more convenient through the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Depending on the location of our vacation, the journey takes from about 8 to about 14 hours. Some divide it into two stages, resting in, for example, Vienna or the surrounding area. However, when we get tired of sunbathing, we have an alternative to get in the car and drive to the nearby charming places, which are not lacking in Croatia.

Accommodation is no problem, you can choose what you like, it can be in hotels, in rented villas for your own use, in private apartments, in the style of holiday villages or on camping sites.

The best months to relax are June, the first half of July, the end of August and the first half of September. During this time, beautiful weather is guaranteed, there are also fewer tourists and prices are slightly lower.

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When planning a vacation in Croatia, you should think about exactly where you want to spend it, whether it will be the northern part of the country or whether they will be islands, or maybe it is worth adding some kilometers and traveling south ...

The nearest kilometer away from us is Istria - a peninsula with numerous rocky and gravel bays. Umag, Porec, Rabac, Rovinj and Pula are the most popular holiday resorts in Istria. Pula is famous for the best-preserved Roman monuments, including the Colosseum. Rovinj impresses with its charming old town and beautiful beaches. Rabac is a mecca for enthusiasts of sport and active leisure, and Umag is a favorite place for families relaxing with children because of the beach that slopes flat towards the sea.

Driving further south, you can choose to rest on the islands. Croatia has up to 1185 islands. Some of them are undeveloped, but they all tempt with paradise landscapes, beautiful beaches and intimate coves. Rab, KRK or Cres are the northern pearls of the Adriatic. The island of KRK is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which is a great simplification, as you do not have to use an additional paid ferry. The island offers beautiful beaches, charming towns and a wonderful Mediterranean climate. You can reach the island of Rab by ferry. It is one of the greenest islands on the Adriatic, with sandy or sandy-pebbly beaches, as well as with over 120 km of walking routes and marked bicycle paths. Cres, in turn, is a not very crowded island with idyllic landscapes, pristine beaches and beautiful views.

In southern Dalmatia there are three more islands: Korcula famous for the best diving spots, Brac - eagerly chosen by windsurfing or kitesurfing and the island of Hvar pulsating with night life and many cultural events.

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If, apart from sunbathing, we are looking for places to party on land, let's choose around cities and towns such as Trogir, Zadar, Split or Makarska - no one will be bored .

Someone will say that the downside are rocky beaches? Yes, the beaches are rocky or pebble (the more to the south, the fewer stones and more gravel), although there are also sandy beaches, they are not as long and wide as on our Baltic, but they are. Water shoes must be worn, especially for children, but the transparency of water where there are stones is unique.


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We can already say that holidays in Greece deserved the title of this year's summer hit. Poles willingly decide to spend their holidays in this corner of Europe, and the islands are by far the most popular. The choice is huge, because Greece has over 2500 islands, of which over 150 are inhabited, and their total area accounts for about 20% of the country. Each of them has its own unique character and is in some respects beautiful. After all, we have here small and still virgin for tourism, as well as larger islands, where tourism continues at its best for decades. Below I will try to present a few in my opinion the most interesting islands, and maybe you will be tempted to relax on one of them?

Crete is the largest and one of the most visited Greek islands. This place is created for vacationers preferring the all inclusive option. The rich hotel base provides all the comforts, which means that you can basically not leave the sunbeds by the pool or the nearby beach. Of course, in my opinion, it's not worth sitting only in a hotel, because Crete is also a great, ancient history with Greek mythology in the background, after all, Zeus was born on Crete, and the island is associated with even myths about Minotaur, Dedal and Icarus. A must for active tourists is to visit the ruins of King Minos palace in Knossos, or take a trip to the Samaria Gorge, famous for its picturesque rock formations.

Santorini in ancient times was called Kalliste - that is, the most beautiful. There is a reason. The symbols of this island are white houses with blue roofs and they stand on dark, volcanic cliffs. Santorini is the perfect place to spend a romantic getaway for two. A multitude of narrow, winding streets, cozy pubs and alleys after which you can wander for hours. Another of the island's attractions is certainly the Red Beach near Akrotiri, where volcanic lava formed red cliffs. Santorini is also often visited as a one-day option during optional trips from nearby Crete.

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Skiathos is a small but very picturesque island in the Northern Sporades archipelago. It is known especially for its wonderful sandy beaches. On an area of ​​only 48 km 2 (roughly the same number of the Commune of Zielonki) there are over 60 of them, and on each of them guaranteed warm and extremely transparent water and sand under the summer sun. All this makes Skiathos an ideal place for families with children. The fact that outside the monasteries we will not find many monuments here, but we can feel the atmosphere of the Greek island with narrow streets and white house fronts with blue shutters. Adventurers should go a little further away from the main tourist routes to look for local restaurants with traditional Greek food.

Corfu is the second largest island in the Ionian Islands. On the surface slightly larger than Warsaw, we will find above all plenty of greenery, which is persistently juicy and intense even during summer heat. On the island you will find a lot of vineyards, citrus gardens, and above all olive groves. The inhabitants of the island produce natural cosmetics from olive oil, which is usually a sales hit of nearby stores or stalls. Many, among those who have visited Greece length and breadth, claim that the local landscape is the most beautiful in the whole country. The island's true beauty is best explored on self-organized trips, for example by renting a car.

Rhodes is a great option to spend your vacation in an active way. The waters here are famous for the extremely favorable conditions for windsurfing. A great base for practicing this sport is Prasonisi in the very south of the island, where you can easily rent equipment and undergo training. Rhodes, however, is not just windsurfing, less active tourists will certainly not be saddened by the fact that the sun shines here for over 270 days a year, and the beaches here are one of the most beautiful in all of Greece. The island also captivates with flora and fauna, and the phenomenal Butterfly Valley leads here, in which we can observe from June to July thousands of floating butterflies, which creates a breathtaking view.

Of course, this is not all the islands where you should spend your vacation. After all, Kos, Evia, Lesbos or Samos are missing here. I hope, however, that this short description will be helpful for those of you who have not yet planned their summer vacation.


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Many people try to go on a dream and long-awaited rest during the holiday season. The most popular resorts then experience a real siege of tourists seeking sunbathing and blissful "doing nothing". Some, however, whether due to limitation of vacation dates or fully deliberately go on vacation after the season. In today's post I will try to outline the pros of such trips and tell where to go so that the holidays after the season were successful.

Holiday trips in the autumn are mainly chosen by older people, couples raising children in preschool, but also students starting the semester only from October. The group is complemented by people who are consciously waiting for the autumn trip.

The main advantage of out of season trips, which cannot be overestimated, is the lower cost of the holiday itself. Tour operators since the second half of September are more willing to reduce prices of trips so as to fill seats on the plane and hotels with the largest possible number of people. Those who prefer to organize their own vacation will also have more room to negotiate the price of accommodation or its length and will be pleased with lower air ticket prices than even in July or August.

In the holiday season, the most popular resorts are filled with relaxing families with children. Not for everyone staying on vacation among even the most charming toddlers is comfortable. On the other hand, schoolchildren who have to go crazy on vacation seem to be more than troublesome. This also automatically means crowded beaches and queues for major tourist attractions. Fortunately for those who value peace, along with the first September bell, these problems are forgotten.

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Another benefit, though not material, is that traveling to foreign resorts out of season gives you the opportunity to enjoy great weather and full sun during the time when our country is usually cold, gray and rainy. On the other hand, not everyone likes hot weather, and just such weather should be reckoned with in July, among others on the Greek islands or in Turkey. September or October is definitely a better holiday option for people sensitive to heat. You can still relax on the beach, the water in the sea after the summer is warm, and the pleasant air temperature encourages sightseeing.

The choice is really big, and everything depends on our preferences and portfolio. If you want to relax on a sunny beach accompanied by the sound of the waves of the warm sea, it is worth choosing Greek islands such as Crete, Kos or Rhodes as well as Turkey or Egypt. Especially in Greece, vacation offers will be really much cheaper than during the holiday season. However, you must remember to choose the direction of travel, note how long the countries you are going to remain active for tourism and good conditions for sunbathing. In the case of Croatia, Montenegro or Bulgaria, in the second half of September the weather may be similar to the one we have in Poland, even on the Greek island of Corfu during this period it is not unusual to have more rainy days with cool evenings. Better weather conditions in addition to the mentioned Turkey or Egypt can be expected in Spain, Malta, Sicily or Cyprus. Those planning a trip at an even later date can of course find the sun in the Canary Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Zanzibar and Thailand.

People who prefer close travels, for whom the priority is only silence, peace and wonderful landscapes can consider a trip to the mountains. The Alps, the Tatras or even the Bieszczady attract with a palette of beautiful autumn colors and ubiquitous silence. Also, a trip to the autumn Baltic Sea due to the high content of iodine in the air can be beneficial and relaxing for us in many respects.


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Ibiza is one of five islands belonging to the Balearic archipelago, located in the western Mediterranean. Its area is 5014 km² and is inhabited by about 130 thousand people. Ibiza (Eivissa) is the largest city and the capital of the island. The island has a mild Mediterranean climate, so the tourist season starts here in May and lasts until the first half of October. In summer, the temperature reaches 30 ° C, while in winter it drops to 7 ° C.

The island's landscape is very diverse, wonderful, lush greenery attracts attention from the first moments of stay in Ibiza. There are many coves hidden on the coast with small sandy beaches. The longest beaches with a fine sand are in the south-east of the island, so around Ibiza Town. This is where one of the most popular bathing beaches is located - Playa d'en Bossa, which is famous for its excellent conditions for practicing water sports such as water skiing, diving and windsurfing. The western and northwestern part is dominated by the mentioned small bays.

Ibiza is known primarily for its rich nightlife offer, world-famous discos and nightclubs attract tourists from around the world. The most popular resort on the island is Eivissa (Ibiza), during the day we have the opportunity to relax on wonderful beaches such as Ses Salines or the mentioned Playa d'en Bossa, while in the evenings the city turns into one big party. Bars, clubs and discos are open around the clock. Accommodation is also well developed in the capital, which mainly focuses on beaches. While on vacation in the capital of Ibiza, it is worth seeing the Upper City, i.e. fortifications towering over Eivissa, as well as the church of Santo Domingo.

Another often chosen holiday destination in Ibiza is the port city of San Antonio de Portmany, which attracts vacationers with a wonderful beach and climate bars located along it. You can spend evenings watching the multimedia fountain show or go to the beach and admire the picturesque sunset. Tourist infrastructure is also at a high level here, the city offers both luxury hotels and apartments of various standards and prices, so that each vacationer can choose the right place to spend his dream vacation.

We will get to know the other face of Ibiza by going on a trip to small villages such as Santa Agnes or Santa Gertrudis. Characteristic for them is traditional architecture, low-rise buildings and above all a calmer lifestyle than in larger towns on the island.

Holidays in Ibiza are often combined with a trip to Majorca, which gives you the opportunity to explore the two most important islands of the Balearic Archipelago.


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Costa Blanca, or the White Coast is a Spanish tourist region, which is located in the middle section of the Mediterranean coast. It covers the Valencia region and the most popular resorts in the region are: Alicante, Benidorm as well as Denia and Moraira. The most beautiful weather on the central coast of Spain is from May to the end of September, when the temperature often exceeds 30 ° C, so the main tourist season lasts in these months. The terrain here is mountainous, it is formed by the Sierra Aitana mountains, which contrast beautifully with the intensely green lowlands covered with fir forests.

One of the largest tourist resorts of Costa Blanca is Alicante, the city is located in the south-eastern part of Spain and is also one of the largest Spanish ports in the Mediterranean Sea, which offers a wonderful panorama of the entire city. Especially often Alicante is chosen by tourists from Germany, France as well as the residents of Spain themselves. While on holiday, it is worth seeing the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the historic town hall and above all the fortress of Castillo de Santa Barbara built on a high rock above the old city in the 9th century. There are very nice beaches here, incl. near San Juan de Alicante and also located near the city center of Playa del Postiguet. In Alicante, the tourist base is very well developed, a large number of hotels differing in standard and price,

Benidorm is another very popular tourist resort on the Costa Blanca, which is also the entertainment capital of the region. The city has a family theme park as well as a large number of restaurants, nightclubs and pubs. In addition, Benidorm has two wonderful sandy beaches: Playa de la Levante, which has been recognized as one of the ten best beaches in the world, and Playa de Poniente.


Near Benidorm is the city of Altea, which has a seaside boulevard running along a pebble beach. It is a charming town, in which small fishing huts attract attention, situated on picturesque hills as well as steep streets and a phenomenal church with a blue dome.

The town of Calpe is famous for the limestone insel of Penon de Ifach, which is 332 m high. The rock gives the impression that it is coming directly from the bottom of the sea. It is possible to climb to the top, but it requires climbing equipment and high skill. This place is a natural reserve of the Parque natural del Peñón de Ifach.


Who among us does not dream about breaking out for a moment into a warm region of the world, while with us it is not enough that the sun shines only for a few hours during the day, but outside the window we can only see falling snow and low temperatures on the thermometer ? Today I briefly present the sunny Zanzibar, where we will definitely relax from the winter weather that is accompanying us now.


Zanzibar is the famous island of Tanzania. The island is located on the Indian Ocean off the eastern coasts of Africa. Excellent beaches with white sand and warm turquoise water will meet the expectations of even the most demanding vacationers. Everyone who plans to spend their dream vacation in this exotic place will find something for themselves, both enthusiasts of sunbathing and people interested in the rich history and culture of this paradise island. The whole island has high temperatures virtually all year round, thanks to which the tourist season practically does not end. The peak of the tourist season falls from June to September, while the warmest and least crowded on the island is between December and March. The lower season lasts from April to June, when the island receives the most rainfall during the year.

The most popular resorts on the island are located on the north coast of Nungwi and located on the east side of Kiwengwa. Nungwi is a small fishing village, which is known primarily for the production of traditional "Dau" boats. Thanks to the great location it is possible to enjoy both sunrise and sunset. Nungwi offers us not only carefree relaxation on sandy beaches, the town also lives in the evenings, local bars and restaurants in the open air, as well as the fragrant market are places where you can relax and experience real life in Zanzibar.

Kiwengwa is another resort worth spending a vacation in Zanzibar. The sand on the beach like white powder, clear water and beaches full of banana trees and coconut palms will make everyone feel like in paradise. People passionate about diving will be fascinated by the local coral reef. The conditions here for diving and snorkeling are one of the best in the world.

Spending your vacation here is worth taking the opportunity to go on a trip to the Jozani Forest National Park. It is the largest forest area on the island, which is a haven for many species of exotic birds and butterflies. Tourists visiting this place, however, are primarily counting on an encounter with endangered endangered gerez redhead monkeys with characteristic red hair on their heads.

One should not forget that Zanzibar is also called "Island of Tastes". It is here that almost all the world's spices are grown, from cumin, mustard or cinnamon, to vanilla and turmeric. Trips to plantations of spices cultivated here enjoy great interest among vacationers, during which we can explore our knowledge in this field and learn about their use in cooking or medicine. Another attraction worth seeing is the trip to the village of Kizimkazi at the southern tip of the island, it is also known as the dolphin bay. During the trip we will sail to the open ocean to dive and play together with these unusual mammals. In this town you can also visit the oldest on the island XII - the eternal mosque.


Outside the window, the weather is getting worse, the first snowflakes have already appeared, and we are changing to winter time. Let's not fall, however, and shorter days. Today I invite you to sunny Dominican Republic, where high temperatures are favorable for sunbathing throughout the year.

The Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean Islands, it is located on the island of Hispaniola, on which it borders Haiti. The capital city of Santo Domingo, was founded in 1496 and is the oldest permanent European settlement on both American continents. It is worth going to the Dominican Republic in winter or autumn. You can then enjoy the Caribbean sun, which we miss so much at this time of year in our country. It is also a bit cooler in this period in the Dominican Republic, although maybe it would be better to write a little less hot. However, there is no season that can be strongly discouraged, the natural conditions on the island allow the tourist season to last here basically all year round.

People deciding to go to this tropical island often choose to rest in Cabarete. It is a 6-kilometer strip of the Dominican Republic coast, located on the northern tip of the island. There is a beautiful sandy beach, which is surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and attracts lovers of bathing throughout the year. We also know that Cabarete is also a great place for windsurfing enthusiasts.

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Another interesting place to rest on the island is Punta Cana, which is the region where we will feel the real taste of the Caribbean. It is here that there are numerous coconut groves as well as stunning beaches of several kilometers that gently and gradually descend into the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The coast of Punta Cana is also a place with a beautiful coral reef, making this area an ideal place for divers. It is a great place to spend a peaceful and family holiday.

Puerto Plata - the "silver city" is also a very popular and frequently visited resort of the Dominican Republic. It is the capital of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, with an unusual Museum of amber, rich in collections of blue varieties of these ornaments. Lots of cafes are located along the seaside boulevard at the end of which stands Fort St. Philip. Puerto Plata is located near the cities of Santiago and Cabrera, making a great starting point to explore these cities. Buildings in the Victorian style, beautiful and lush tropical, forests and picturesque hills create a unique landscape.


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Today's entry is taking you to Bulgaria, and more specifically to the most popular resort of the Bulgarian coast, i.e. Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach is the largest and most popular Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea coast, located about 35 north of Burgas and almost 100 km south of Varna. Wonderful sandy beaches, picturesque bays, rich nightlife and almost constant beautiful weather from June to September make Sunny Beach every year become the tourist capital of Bulgaria. The most popular resorts in this region are: Sunny Beach, Nesebar, Sozopol, Saint. Vlas, Obzor or Primorsko.

The city of Sunny Beach is located on a picturesque bay, which is protected from the north by a mountain range. The village is famous for its wide, sandy, sun-drenched and very clean beaches, and the warm blue sea and evening entertainment. Lovers of nightlife and fun until dawn will find numerous pubs, discos, night clubs and casinos, hence the city is also called Las Vegas of Eastern Europe. The hotel and gastronomic base is very well developed here, there are many hotels of a high standard in the city, and among the colorful gardens there are atmospheric restaurants and outdoor cafes. Water enthusiasts have great opportunities for windsurfing, diving or having fun in the well-equipped Action aquapark. The village is well connected with neighboring towns such as St.

Another popular resort in the region is Nessebar. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the first traces of settlement are dated around the 6th century BC. The charming city is located on a rocky peninsula in the vicinity of seaside resorts such as Sunny Beach, Burgas and Pomorie. Today's Nesebar is a combination of ancient cultural monuments with a modern tourist base. In the new part we have numerous hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and cafes, from which there is a sensational view of the ancient part of the city. To this day, many historic Byzantine churches have been preserved, and the narrow, winding streets create an amazing atmosphere during walks around the old part of the city.

Another place willingly visited by holidaymakers is located 30 km from Burgas - Sozopol. This extremely romantic town offers cozy sandy beaches, cozy cafes, discos and restaurants. The beaches are well developed here, but there is no such crowds as in other resorts, so you can easily use the available beach equipment. The blue of the sea encourages bathing, and the surrounding bays have great diving spots, which can be helped by instructors of the local diving school. Sozopol is referred to as the cultural capital of the Bulgarian coast. Every summer there are many concerts, performances and exhibitions, one of the most interesting events is the famous cultural festival Apollonia, named after the historic district of the city.


There are at least a few ways to spend your free time on vacation. Most often we choose blissful laziness in combination with bathing alternately in the turquoise sea and hot sun, interrupted by short sightseeing trips. Some people decide the opposite, they want to visit a lot, get to know as many interesting places as possible at the expense of short sunbathing. There are those who can not imagine a vacation without a comfortable organized flight or bus journey, and those who only prefer their own commute.

And what if you combine these elements, but try something different and unforgettable vacation spend sailing with the attractions of the yacht lifestyle, under the care of an experienced crew? It is possible. I suggest you go on such an adventure with the Grecos office, which offers a cruise on the charming coves and deserted beaches of the Ionian islands in the best leisure style. Do not worry that you do not have a yacht sailor's patent, or that you have not yet had the opportunity to sail a yacht. You just have to have fun, relax, admire the most beautiful Greek corners while experiencing the taste of a real sea adventure.

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During the cruise you will live on a comfortable yacht. "There are four double cabins designed for you and one cabin with a separate entrance for the crew. Each of them has its own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. The common area has a pleasant mess with sofa, table, coffee maker, refrigerators, gas cooker with oven and electric cooker. Every day between 8:00 and 9:00 am the crew prepares and serves breakfast. Throughout the cruise you are under the care of a professional Polish-speaking skipper (who has international qualifications to operate sea sailing yachts) and a steward. Cruises are conducted by experienced sailors. At the very beginning of the trip, training on the most important maneuvers and activities on the yacht takes place,

The cruise plan is as follows:

"The cruise begins in Zakynthos. (...) After arrival, accommodation and the first night spent on board, the yacht sets off towards Kefalonia, on the way stopping to explore the fabulous Blue Caves. Overnight in the port of Sami is a guarantee of beautiful views - the city's surroundings are famous for numerous caves! The plan also includes time to visit the picturesque port town of Fiscardo, called "Ionic Saint Tropez" and of course ... sea baths! After Cephalonia, it will be the turn of Lefkada, another green island, interestingly - still undiscovered by mass tourism. Overnight stay is planned in Sivota, which in addition to great views will provide some night entertainment. In local taverns, delicious local fish and seafood dishes are served. So get ready for a real feast! The next day is a journey to the homeland of Odysseus - Ithaca - known to all devotees of Greek mythology (this is where the Source of Aretuza, the Grotto of Nymph and the foundations of ancient Alalkomenaj are). The day will end in the picturesque fishing village of Frikes, whose hospitable harbor will certainly appeal to all sailors. From Ithaca, the yacht will confidently set off for Kefalonia, this time to the city of Poros on the southeast coast. After a night at the port, time will come for a cruise to Zakynthos. Like the icing on the cake on the route will appear the famous Wreck Bay, one of the most recognizable places of island Greece. (...) This cruise will make everyone a fan of sea waves, long chats on deck and wonderful aging on the bow of the yacht! " The day will end in the picturesque fishing village of Frikes, whose hospitable port will certainly appeal to all sailors. From Ithaca, the yacht will confidently set off for Kefalonia, this time to the city of Poros on the southeast coast. After a night at the port, time will come for a cruise to Zakynthos. Like the icing on the cake, the famous Wreck Bay will appear on the route, one of the most recognizable places of island Greece. (...) This cruise will make a lover of sea waves, long chats on deck and wonderful aging on the bow of the yacht! " The day will end in the picturesque fishing village of Frikes, whose hospitable port will certainly appeal to all sailors. From Ithaca, the yacht will confidently set off for Kefalonia, this time to the city of Poros on the southeast coast. After a night at the port, time will come for a cruise to Zakynthos. Like the icing on the cake, the famous Wreck Bay will appear on the route, one of the most recognizable places of island Greece. (...) This cruise will make a lover of sea waves, long chats on deck and wonderful aging on the bow of the yacht! " Like the icing on the cake, the famous Wreck Bay will appear on the route, one of the most recognizable places of island Greece. (...) This cruise will make a lover of sea waves, long chats on deck and wonderful aging on the bow of the yacht! " Like the icing on the cake, the famous Wreck Bay will appear on the route, one of the most recognizable places of island Greece. (...) This cruise will make a lover of sea waves, long chats on deck and wonderful aging on the bow of the yacht! "

And do not worry about bad weather, wind, rain, the cruise is planned along the western coast of the Greek continent, because the sea is usually calm here, in addition, the routes between the individual islands are quite short, which makes navigation easier.

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At the beginning of a sailing adventure, these are the perfect conditions.


After a visit to Sunny Beach, today I invite you to get acquainted with the second Bulgarian flagship resort which is Golden Sands. I invite you!

The region in which Golden Sands are located lies in the northeast of Bulgaria off the Black Sea coast. The city is the second largest resort of the Bulgarian section of the Black Sea, and is located about 20 km north of Varna. The most beautiful weather with high temperatures often exceeding 30 ° C occurs from the end of May until mid-September, so the main tourist season lasts at this time. The most popular holiday destinations in this region are the cities of Golden Sands, Varna, Kranevo, and St. Constantine and Balchik.

Wide, sandy beaches and tiny bays with magnificent views, a wealth of monuments and traditional Bulgarian vineyards are the main attractions of the Golden Sands region. The accommodation base is perfectly developed, the hotels are diverse in terms of standard and price, so that each of the tourists resting here can choose the right accommodation for an unforgettable vacation. Holidaymakers in Golden Sands will find both places of peaceful rest on the amazing Black Sea, but lovers of good fun and entertainment will also be satisfied, because the coast is full of restaurants, pubs and discos.

The largest and most visited city in the region are Golden Sands, the resort has a lot of elegant hotels of a high standard. In Golden Sands we have a beautiful beach, surrounded by picturesque forests, over 3 km long, which has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award as it is one of the cleanest in Europe. Water scooters await lovers of water sports, as well as great conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other water sports. Nearby there is also a large Aquapolis water park and balneological complexes that offer swimming in thermal pools. During the season, numerous cultural events are organized, among others Folk Music Festival, jazz concerts or beer festival. Golden Sands is also a paradise for lovers of night life, a large number of discos and pubs guarantee fun until dawn. The city is also a great starting point to visit Varna, the resort of Saint. Constantine, or the charming town of Kranevo. Holidays in Golden Sands are therefore a great choice for families with children as well as outings with friends or romantic trips for two.

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Another eagerly visited town in the region is St. Constantine, which is located about 10 km north of Varna. It is a bit smaller and calmer resort than the neighboring Golden Sands. Here, holiday-makers will be captivated by the clean, covered with light, fine-grained sand beach, as well as a wide range of water sports. You can also indulge in water madness in many pools, including thermal ones, because Saint. Constantine is a spa town. Despite the calmer nature, the city has a great hotel base as well as numerous restaurants, bars and discos.

Being on vacation in Golden Sands is worth going to Varna, which is the sea capital of Bulgaria and also the largest city on the coast. Worth seeing are the port, the archaeological museum with an impressive collection of gold ornaments, as well as the remains of Roman buildings, the foundations of ancient basilicas and Byzantine fortifications. Another place worth visiting in the region is the unique, carved in medieval rock Aladzha Monastery, which captivates with colorful wall paintings depicting the lives of monks as well as the whiteness of the rocks, which contrasts with the lush greenery of the vegetation.


Costa Dorada is called the Gold Coast, is a tourist region in northeastern Spain, stretching along the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona in the east to Tarragona in the west. The mountain range that surrounds the Golden Coast effectively protects the region from gusty winds and causes that air temperatures from May to October often exceed 30 ° C.

Costa Dorada is a great place for a family vacation, you can actively spend time doing water sports, but also relax on the wonderful beaches, warmed by the Spanish sun. Characteristic for this Gold Coast are small, charming and calmer beaches than on the Costa Brava, however, in larger resorts, however, you can experience the nightlife and fun until dawn.

Tourists vacationing on the Costa Dorada often stop in Sitges, it is a town about 40 km west of Barcelona. The old town, full of nooks and crannies, is full of restaurants, fashionable boutiques, discos and cafes. The town has a wonderful, 4 km long sandy beach along which a promenade inviting to romantic walks runs. Sitges is one of the most-chosen resorts on the Costa Dorada by the Spaniards themselves, but many tourists come here from England, the Netherlands and France, the region captivates them so that some of them buy houses here and settle permanently.

Cambrils is a small coastal town located about 25 km west of Tarragona. The city's attraction is the wide, 9 km long sandy beach that will please all enthusiasts of carefree relaxation on sunbeds and water sports enthusiasts. There is a long promenade along the beach, leading to Salou. It is worth seeing the port and the picturesque old town with the historic clock tower in the city. Cambrils is an entertainment resort, which is not lacking in typical Spanish fish restaurants, cafes, shops and bars, and in the vicinity of the port there is a market where fish auctions take place.

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After reaching the island, it's worth to include:
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Salou is a great place for those planning a family holiday. It is famous for a large variety of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. The city has wonderful sandy beaches and a long promenade with lots of cafes and shops. Tourists can relax among others on the main city beach - Platja de Llevant, over a kilometer long. In addition to excellent conditions for water sports, vacationers have at their disposal among others. boat rental, Aquapark or go-kart track. Salou's attraction are also great shows of multimedia fountains located just off the promenade.

While on vacation on the Costa Dorada, it is worth visiting the famous capital of Catalonia - Barcelona, ​​but also slightly smaller centers, such as the university Tarragona or the monumental Benedictine monastery in Montserrat. In the Salou area, the Universal's Port Aventura theme park is a major tourist attraction for families with children, and the Ebro Delta National Park is an important point on the Costa Dorada map for nature lovers.


A few autumn-winter months are ahead of us. People who can not yet part with the summer and beautiful sunny weather can decide to extend the summer by trips to warmer places. Today I invite you to the island of Fuerteventura, where the sun at this time of year shines high and allows you to enjoy all the attractions that the holiday months serve us.

Fuerteventura is a Spanish island, located in the eastern part of the Canary Islands archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. As with Tenerife, the island's climate is favorable to the tourist season throughout the year.

Fuerteventura's landscape is created primarily by volcanic massifs as well as long, sandy beaches, which are the island's main attraction, attracting tourists from around the world. Fuerteventura has the driest climate of all the islands of the archipelago. High temperatures and strong Saharan winds dominate here, which move sand from the desert. Due to these conditions, the vegetation on the island is poor, the landscapes are mainly rocky. In the hinterland there are pastures for goats, their milk is used to produce Majorero cheese, known throughout the region. Potable water is obtained from desalination of sea water and is supplied on ships from mainland Spain.

Fuerteventura is a windy island, the wind blows here almost all the time, but this is not a disadvantage, it allows you to find some respite on hot days and relieves the discomfort of being in full sun. Wind is also an ally for fans of windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing, who have great conditions on the island to realize their passion.

The island impresses with its landscapes, it is worth renting a car and taking a trip on a mountain road connecting the city of Antigua with the coastal settlement of La Pared, during the trip we can stop at one of the many viewpoints.

There are not many monuments in the form of historical buildings in Fuerteventura, but we can visit many unusual objects that are tourist attractions. In the coastal town of Ajuy there are old mining excavations worth visiting. Another town worth visiting is the town of Bentacuria, which is the temple of Iglesia de Santa Maria from the seventeenth century, as well as the renovated bourgeois manor Casa Santa Maria, currently serving as a local restaurant. A big attraction is also the open-air museum in the city of Tefia, where we can see how recently the native inhabitants of the island lived.

In the southern part of Fuerteventura is located one of the most popular resorts on the island - Costa Calma. The town is intimate, hotels are located just above the shoreline and almost from each of them there is a direct descent to the beach. The most famous beach on the island - Sotavento makes a huge impression. It is wide, sandy and very long, we can also admire spectacular lagoons. There is also excellent facilities for lovers of windsurfing and other water sports.

Another village often chosen by holidaymakers is located in the south of the island of Jandia. It is a typical tourist resort with many shops, arcades, restaurants and luxury hotels. Near Jandia lies the city of Moro Jable, also here we have a rich offer of restaurants and hotels, the town captivates with narrow, steep streets.

The north coast is primarily a town of Corralejo, famous for its beautiful, wide, sandy beaches. The golden sand on the beaches themselves seems endless - it breaks inland to the horizon, creating high dunes, vividly resembling those of the Sahara. The ocean right on the shore shimmers with beautiful shades of blue and turquoise, and the contours of the small island of Lobos add a picturesque view.

I also recommend visiting:


Although it was only a few days ago that we said goodbye to the calendar summer and the autumn sun is still showing through the window shyly reminding us of summer days, it's time to think about winter, white madness.

The most important ski resorts in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France are slowly opening their routes. So we take our calendars in hand and start planning this year's skiing trips.

Hintertux (open all year round) and Mölltal glaciers are already operating in Austria.

On the Rettenbach Glacier in Sölden, individual lifts have been operating for several days. Pitztal and Stubai opened the season 16/09.

Trip around the island

At the end of September the winter season in Dachstein and Kitzsteinhorn in Kaprun was opened.

Outside the glaciers as one of the first regions, openly announced Kitzbuhel but everything will depend of course on weather conditions. The original plan assumes the date 14.10 as the one that will open the season in this region.

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In Italy (except Passo Stelvio) the first season was opened by the Schnalstal glacier (Val Senales), or Maso Corto. The cable cars were launched there already on September 15 - the place where Necekrmann planned its opening of the winter seasons this year. It is already 10th SKI OPENING organized by this tour operator, to which of course we cordially invite you. Packages for this event are available in our office. The special guest will be Adam Małysz.

Pretty early this year because October 14 is planning to open Cervinia - Breuil.

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At the end of November, fans of white madness are invited by the resorts of Livigno, Kronplatz, Cortina, Courmayeur, Tonale and Madonna di Campiglio.

Alta Badia, Bormio and Val Gardena plan to start the winter season in the 2nd week of December, together with Saint. Claus.

Some ski resorts in Switzerland intend to open the season as early as October. The earliest Saas-Fee and Zermatt stations open early are Engelberg (7/10) and Diavolezza Pontresina (21/10). The opening is planned for October 28 in Laax, SkiArena Andermatt and the Gstaad Glacier.

From other large centers, the next in order are: Samnaun 24.11, Grindelwald - Wengen 11.11, Davos-Klosters 17.11, Engadin St. Moritz 18/11, Samnaun 22/11, Verbier 25/11. and Adelboden December 2.

In France outside Tignes, where the gates to the lifts will open on 30.09, the season will not start until November. Val Thorens wants to start the season a week earlier than the year before, namely 18.11, W 25.11. they start, among others Chamonix, Orelle, Les Angles und Val d'Isére. A lot of openings are planned for the weekend of 2.12. - then the lifts will start, incl. in Isola 2000 and Alpe d´Huez. The next big centers will start on the following dates: Serre Chevalier (7.12), Méribel (9.12), Avoriaz (9.12) and Courchevel (9.12).

Of course, the resorts do not guarantee that the lifts will be launched on time - it all depends on the weather conditions.

Polish, Slovak and Czech ski resorts are planning to open the season mainly in mid-December. We will keep you updated on the situation on our slopes.

In our office you will find a wide range of ski trips to all corners of Europe. The offer includes both objects with own transport, bus transport as well as with an airplane connection. An interesting fact is the ski offer in the Spanish Betyckie Mountains and a novelty this year - Georgian Kartlia, offered in a package with a flight from Warsaw.

Among the facilities we propose you will find both apartments and family-run guesthouses. There are also luxury hotels in the all-inclusive version, with a professional spa and top-class service. And all this just off the slope.

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We cordially invite you to our office - winter is coming soon - the slopes are waiting for skiers !!!



The late-autumn period is ideal to find and book vacation during the holiday season. The vast majority of tour operators have already presented their offers, and due to the fact that there are several months to summer, the offer is still infinite and prices are the lowest throughout the year. So if you have the opportunity to plan your vacation a few months in advance, we encourage you to do it right now. Today I invite you to Cyprus, I think that for many of you it will be an interesting destination to spend your vacation in 2018.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The island is located in the eastern part of this basin, on the border between Europe, Asia and Africa. The mild, Mediterranean climate means that the tourist season can last here even a whole year. However, the most beautiful weather with high temperatures, often exceeding 30 ° C, can be counted from the end of April to mid-October, which means that the main tourist season in Cyprus falls during this period. Although it is a small country, every year it enjoys extraordinary popularity among tourists looking for the perfect place for a holiday. A large part of the island is occupied by mountains, and due to the terrain it is possible to distinguish 4 regions in Cyprus: Kyrenia Hills, Troodos Mountains, Central Plain and coastal lowland belt.

The island is a paradise for enthusiasts of windsurfing, sailing and other water sports. Actually, all year round in beautiful, sunny weather, lovers of water madness have the opportunity to realize their passion. Especially many schools and rentals of yachts, windsurf boards or water skis can be found in Limassol in the south of the island.

Cyprus is also tempting with beautiful beaches - nearly 40 of them can boast of a blue flag certificate, proving their cleanliness above all. But the beaches are not everything, the wealth of unique monuments: such as Byzantine churches, crusader strongholds or mosques create a breathtaking view, and the charming mountain villages, famous for vineyards and unbridled cliffs, only add beauty to the scenery here.

The pleasantly warm waters of the Mediterranean are also a great attraction for divers. Many popular schools and diving centers are located throughout the island. And the depths of the sea hide the richness of underwater life like sea anemones, sea urchins and phenomenal fish, but also Zenobia ferry wreck and underwater caves and caves. The most attractive diving spots can be found around Ayia Napa, Paphos and Protaras.


Madeira is a volcanic, green island belonging to the Portuguese archipelago of Macaronesia. It attracts tourists with its beautiful landscape. It is famous for its extremely lush vegetation, exotic flowers, wonderful wine, picturesque waterfalls and spectacular, steep cliffs. It has a mild, subtropical climate, with a spring-summer period throughout the year. The average annual temperature during the day is about 23 degrees, and at night about 16.5 degrees. It is due to the geographical location that the weather is so special here that almost all year round there are conditions that allow you to relax comfortably. It is true that the winter months are characterized by slightly lower temperatures and showers, but compared to other regions of Europe in this period is a very pleasant place to relax with sightseeing.


You can reach Madeira by plane. Polish charters fly directly and land at Funchal airport. The flight time is about 5.5 hours. Polish citizens have regulations for the Schengen area, so we can only fly with an ID card. The island's currency is the euro. There is no trouble using credit cards or accessing ATMs.

Madeira covers a small area, is 57 km long and about 22 km wide. That is why many tourists after the arrival decide to rent a car, according to their plan to explore the island and reach many charming places. You can also use public transport, which works fine here, but the tour plan will then be subordinated to timetables.

Undoubtedly, it is worth visiting the largest city of Madeira and also its capital - Funchal. It is the most noisy and crowded city of the island. Impressive fortresses, a modern roller coaster, the oldest district of Zona Velha, the tropical garden Jardim Tropical Monte Palace and delicious fruit and vegetables straight from the popular Mercado dos Lavradores market - these are just a few of the biggest attractions that Funchal offers.

Lovers of cultural monuments should visit the charming town of Camer de Lobos with the chapel of Nossa Senhera do Calhau and the monastery of Sao Bernardino from the 15th century.


One of the most wonderful parts of the island is the small fishing village of Porto Moniz, where natural pools are located among the volcanic slopes. This is the most beautiful bathing complex in Madeira, awarded with the blue flag. Natural pools hollowed out by lava are filled with crystal clear ocean waves, creating an unusual swimming pool.

There are not many beaches on the island. Most prepared for tourists are gravel, rocky or concrete, with access via a steep path or downhill by a cable car. The descent to the water is usually steep, often after ladders hanging from the cliffs. There are also several sandy beaches artificially created from sand brought from the Sahara.

For sports people, Madeira offers trekking on levadas - unique irrigation canals, golf courses, bike tours, paragliding, diving or cliff climbing.

The island has undoubtedly many attractions, it is worth seeing or experiencing them. One of the most famous and traditional is the downhill ride from Monte to Funchal on a wicker sleigh ...

Enthusiasts of nature and beautiful landscapes, wine gourmets and adventure enthusiasts - Madeira is waiting for you.


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Poles more and more often decide to travel by car abroad, whether on vacation or as part of short weekend getaways. Croatia is the clear leader among the places we visit in the summer. Today I invite you to a short trip to this country.

Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country. The short distance (at least from the southern ends of Poland), almost certain weather in the summer, reasonable prices and breathtaking views make every year thousands of our countrymen decide to spend their holidays in this country. The tourist season with the highest temperatures lasts from mid-May to the beginning of October. The small Adriatic Sea, which surrounds the western ends of Croatia, heats up quite quickly to 20-24 ° C during the summer.

This country is rich in many amazing landscapes. We have here, after all, the sunny coast and blue Adriatic Sea but also the high Dinaric mountains and monumental canyons of Paklenica Park. The local natural wonders are impressive, after all many of them are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Of course, the region most frequently chosen by tourists is the coast. His varied character only confirms that this is the right choice. It abounds in many captivating places that cannot be visited on one occasion. However, Croatia is not only natural resources. The influence of different cultures also left its mark on the architecture of the region. Being in this country it is worth seeing numerous sacred and secular buildings from Roman times, as well as monuments on which Italian, German or Slavic influences can be seen. The most important cities with a lot of valuable monuments can certainly include Dubrovnik, Split, Pula, Hvar or Zadar.

Most beaches of Croatia are associated only with the rocky coast and this is true ... but not entirely. There are also sandy beaches in this country. In fact, there may not be many of them, but you can certainly find them on some islands, including on the island of Brac, Rab or Lopud. It may not be as fine sand as on the Baltic Sea or the Black Sea, but lovers of sunbathing on such surfaces do not have to give up the topic of relaxation in Croatia.

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We would like to remind you that a trip to Croatia is usually associated with the obligation to purchase various types of vignettes that allow you to travel the roads of a particular country.



In the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Bay of Naples in the archipelago of the Phlegrean Islands there is a small, though in this archipelago the largest Italian volcanic island - ISCHIA. Its area is less than 64 square kilometers. The island has a unique Mediterranean climate, it is very green, full of pine forests, vineyards, citrus and chestnut groves, steep paths, rocks and white houses. There are also beautiful sandy beaches. Ischia is visited by tourists from all over the world for another very important reason - the famous thermal waters and spas.

The island is located about 40 kilometers from Naples. How do you get there? From Poland we fly by plane to Naples for about 2 hours. From the airport we drive to the port - travel packages in packages have organized a bus transfer. The next stage is a journey by ferry or hydrofoil, which lasts about 70-90 minutes.

Ischia has been known for its rich natural resources since ancient times: mineral waters and hot springs. There are over 100 here! Well-known holiday resorts such as Santo Angelo, Forio, Lacco Ameno allow not only to enjoy the charms of the sun and sea, but also offer a large selection of preventive and curative treatments. Most local hotels have at least one hot water pool at 30-35 degrees Celsius, and spa parks are open from April to October. The most famous natural SPA in Italy is the town of Ischia Porto, where hot springs can be used in the volcano crater. One of the main attractions of the island are also hot springs in the bay of Sorgeto.


On Ischia there are three already closed volcanoes: Epomeo, Trabotti and Monte Viezzi, they are not high, they do not reach even 800 meters above sea level, but they are a great attraction for visitors.

People who prefer a lazier holiday can spend time on the beautiful Citara beach or a dozen other equally captivating, because all the beaches of the island are surrounded by beautiful rocks formed from volcanic tuff.

Lovers of monuments and architecture should take a stroll through the narrow streets of Ischia on the hilly surface of the island. You cannot miss the beautiful botanical garden of Giardini la Mortella, the Guevara tower, the garden of Villa Ravino, or the Madonna del Soccorso church built in the Mediterranean style, from which you can admire the unique sunsets.

An obligatory point on the map of every tourist should be Aragonese Castle, which is connected to the island by a long bridge. It was built on volcanic rock in the 5th century BC and is undeniably the most impressive monument of Ischia.

Since the island cares for all visitors, there is also something for gourmets. Local specialties and wonderful local wines are offered to tourists and residents at various festivals. Ischian rabbit, mozzarella di bufala and chocolate-almond cake ...

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Holiday season only in half a year, holidays too. The organizers, however, outdo each other in proposals for people who can afford a few days off in the so-called in the meantime, as well as for those who, due to their professional duties, are unable to save a longer time for vacation.

A popular alternative for people who cannot afford a weekly or longer holiday are the so-called City Break. It is a weekend or mid-week trip to 3-4 days to the most popular and interesting cities in Europe.

    RomanticismSantorini is considered the most romantic place in Greece. There are few places in the world with such crystal clear water and an active volcano in the middle of the island. Nowhere is the sun going down as beautifully as on Santorini. A romantic kiss in the rays of the setting sun, with a view of the famous Caldera is the dream of everyone who has seen at least one picture of Santorini.

City Break is the perfect solution for active sightseeing - a great break during the week full of duties. Tour programs are designed to ensure maximum use of time during your stay, the most effective access to the place and accommodation in close proximity to all important points in the tour plan. The customer does not have to worry about formalities - the organizer handles them all. On the spot, we get the care of a guide who will guide us through the program and the customer only has to enjoy the charms of the city in which he finds himself.

    Charming towns and white houses with blue roofsFira is the picturesque capital of the island built high on the edge of the caldera. It looks like a wonderful picture painted by the artist.

The short-term trip allows you to relax and get to know the culture, cuisine and nightlife of the city. It is also a proposal to spend a few romantic moments together, away from the hustle and bustle of hotels with animations and water parks, which are the most popular at the peak of the holiday season.

Often, City Breaks are organized based on flights by low cost airlines or in the case of closer cities, bus transport which allows for flexible matching of dates and departure ports.

    A culinary feast Santorini is a culinary paradise! Traditional Greek cuisine takes on a local character here. The taste buds get to know the taste of real cherry tomatoes, Santorinian capers or special fresh cheese that can be found on Santorini. The island is also famous for its unique wines made from grapes grown in volcanic soil. Assyrtiko, Athyri, Aidani, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are just some of the characteristic varieties that can be tasted in the island's famous vineyards (some of them also act as museums) or in restaurants.

Of course, City Break's offer is active throughout the summer season, however, the most popular is in April-June and September-November. These are the best dates to visit - without the summer heat, crowds of tourists, while still providing decent weather and easier access to most of the city's tourist attractions.

Among the most popular European cities proposed by Polish organizers, City Break's offer includes Paris, Barcelona, ​​Vienna, London, Athens, Amsterdam, Madrid and Lisbon.

The bus offer includes Prague, Budapest, Riga but also Venice or Rome.

So if you have a free weekend ahead of you - we invite you to our office. We will choose for you an interesting alternative to spend time - enough to sit by the TV and dreams about what you would like to see. Now is the time when dreams of seeing Europe are within reach.


The island favors tourists from around the world because of its climate. The tourist season is very long and lasts from April to November.

Those seeking fun will certainly be delighted with clubs and numerous events, but this is not all that Mallorca offers us. Fantastic climate, monuments and unique nature makes it definitely worth going there for your dream vacation.

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Palma de Mallorca - the capital of the island, which is famous for many historical monuments and a beautiful park.

Alcudia - a town in the north of the island, surrounded by medieval walls. In Alcudia we will stroll through the narrow streets and visit numerous monuments.

El Arenal - a very popular resort on the island. It offers plenty of attractions for people of all ages.

Valldemossa - a place full of charming red brick buildings. The town is associated with Fryderyk Chopin.

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Es Trenc Beach - is a beach made of white sand. It stretches up to 4 kilometers!

Majorca is a typical Mediterranean cuisine. In the restaurants you will find fish or seafood on the menu. Regional dishes include Sopes Mallorquines - vegetable soup or sobrassada - dried sausage with ground paprika and spices. Majorca is best known for El Frito Mallorquin, fried potatoes with the addition of lamb offal with the addition of vegetables and spices.

Buses run around the island and this is the cheapest transport option available on site. The cost of travel within one city is about 1.2 euros. I recommend renting a car, it costs from around 35 euros (e.g. Fiat Panda) per night plus the cost of fuel.

Majorca is also a place of entertainment for children. Below are a few places that are worth visiting.

Water parks - Aqualand in El Arenal and Western Water Park in Palma Nova are a great option to spend many hours. Fun for the whole family!

Marineland Dolphinarium in Portals Nous - we will see dolphin and seal shows here. There are also numerous aquariums there.

In most resorts it is possible to practice water sports.

People who love nightlife will love Majorca. Every year, the Island attracts crowds of tourists hoping for fun. The club's heart of the island is Palma de Mallorca, where we will no doubt leave the club in the morning! In Magaluf or Alcudia we also taste nightlife. Popular clubs and bars in Majorca include Sanddancers, Bcm Planet Dance, The Prince William Pub, Lemon Lounge Bar, Tito's.

For larger purchases I recommend Palma de Mallorca. You will find here many shopping malls and smaller boutiques. There is also a market in the city with fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. You can possibly use supermarkets such as Lidl and Carrefour or local supermarkets Eroski, Spar.

La Seu Cathedral - an amazing 13th-century Gothic cathedral in Palma de Mallorca. Its interior is breathtaking. It probably has the largest rosette in the world!

Bellver Castle - a 14th-century Gothic castle, served as a royal residence.

Chopin Museum - in Valldemossa we can visit a museum dedicated to the artist. It was created to commemorate his visit to Majorca and to compose many songs here.

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A nice attraction is also the Show Son Amar

Son Amar is a fantastic review, which is an opportunity to meet with artists of the world format, as well as an evening leaving an unforgettable experience. The program includes fiery flamenco and modern dance elements performed by artists from the most famous ballet school in Spain (arranged by Carmen Mota), incredible shows of sky dancers and a unique comedy show. The whole is graced by spectacular laser effects and unique stage design.

An unforgettable trip to discover the most beautiful places in Majorca. The winding and narrow serpentine of the Sierra de Tramontana mountains will take you to the idyllic town of Sa Calobra, not without reason called Gate of Paradise and famous for the canyon Torrent de Pareis. From this place, a boat cruise will start along the picturesque cliff coast to Puerto de Soller. The amazing journey from Soller to Palma by historic train (some cars are over 80 years old) will be a wonderful opportunity to admire the beautiful surrounding landscapes: picturesque mountains, olive groves and citrus plantations.

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The Turkish Riviera is a popular tourist region in southern Turkey on the shores of the Mediterranean. Sun-drenched long, golden beaches, luxury hotels, breathtaking monuments from the Greek, Roman or Ottoman times are just some of the attractions of this extraordinary region. On the entire coast of Turkey, you can expect beautiful, sunny weather from the beginning of May until mid-October, during this time temperatures often exceed 30 ° C. Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Side and Kemer are the most popular tourist destinations here.

The capital of the region is Antalya, the largest city on the Mediterranean coast is inhabited by about a million inhabitants, and during the tourist season the population almost doubles. The resort is surrounded by the Taurus mountains, which in many places descend into the sea almost vertically. About 15 kilometers from the city center there is an international airport. The city attracts with a wealth of monuments and a huge number of new, luxury hotels, which in recent years have dominated the eastern part of the resort. The largest number of them is in the Lara district, famous for its beautiful sandy beach. There are also many new restaurants, taverns and shopping centers. Sun-drenched beaches also tempt water sports enthusiasts. There are perfect conditions for windsurfing here, and there is a wide range of sports equipment in local rentals and nurseries. Active tourists will definitely go on a trip to the old city. Particularly noteworthy here is Yivli Minare, i.e. the Fluted Minaret, Hidirlik Tower and above all the famous triumphal arch - Hadrian's Gate. During walks through the narrow, winding streets, we will feel the wonderful atmosphere of this ancient city. Nature lovers will be captivated by the picturesque Kurşunlu and Duden waterfalls, they will also enjoy a visit to the Antalya Aquarium, which is a huge oceanarium where you can admire the beauty of the underwater world. Hidirlik Tower and above all the famous triumphal arch - Hadrian's Gate. During walks through the narrow, winding streets, we will feel the wonderful atmosphere of this ancient city. Nature lovers will be captivated by the picturesque Kurşunlu and Duden waterfalls, they will also enjoy a visit to the Antalya Aquarium, which is a huge oceanarium where you can admire the beauty of the underwater world. Hidirlik Tower and above all the famous triumphal arch - Hadrian's Gate. During walks through the narrow, winding streets, we will feel the wonderful atmosphere of this ancient city. Nature lovers will be captivated by the picturesque Kurşunlu and Duden waterfalls, they will also enjoy a visit to the Antalya Aquarium, which is a huge oceanarium where you can admire the beauty of the underwater world.

Alanya is another popular resort in the region. During a long, rich and turbulent history, the city changed its rulers and name many times. Today, Alanya is one of the most popular tourist resorts of the Turkish Riviera, it is known primarily for its beautiful sandy beaches, including the most famous - Cleopatra's Beach. Tourists are also impressed by the rich hotel base, which offers facilities of a very high standard, and at a reasonable price. The village has many bars, pubs and clubs, and the city center is one big marketplace where you will find shops offering literally everything: local delicacies, clothes, souvenirs, jewelry and much more. Alanya is a great place for water sports, or a great base for exploring the nearby sea caves during cruises organized here. Being in this place is definitely worth a trip to the nearby dolphinarium and take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a jeep safari.

Belek is another village on the Turkish Riviera, though with slightly different characteristics. The small resort is inhabited by less than 7,000 people located about 30 km east of Antalya. The climate favorable to water sports will surely please enthusiasts of this type of activity. There are many schools and sports equipment rentals on the beaches to try windsurfing, parasailing or sailing. The gentle descent to the sea and sandy beaches also create perfect conditions for carefree relaxation and sunbathing for families with children. Many Belek hotels are located in very large areas, with beautiful gardens and great infrastructure. Numerous pools, bars, restaurants with great food, extensive animations, the possibility of practicing a wide range of water sports are just some of the attractions that await us. All this makes tourists feel pampered here in every respect.


Kefalonia belongs to the Ionian Islands archipelago. From year to year, it arouses more and more interest among tourists, although tourism here is not as massive as in Corfu or Zakynthos.

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The island has a lot to offer, which is why it is an ideal place for a family and rather active holiday. It tempts with its wonderful bay beaches, beautiful blue sea, tasty Greek cuisine, delicious locally produced red and white wine and unique landscapes.

Cephalonia has a rich history. Over the centuries it was ruled by Greeks, Romans, Normans, Turks and Venetians. It has belonged to Greece for 150 years. It is visited by tourists who are looking for a real Greek atmosphere, peace, beautiful landscapes and many possibilities for trips.

The island's capital is Argostoli - a nice city located in a picturesque bay, which is also a port and a lively resort. You can visit numerous museums here, take a walk along the wide pedestrian streets, dine on Platia Vallianou or sunbathe interchangeably at Makris Gialos, Platis Gialos or Aviathos.

The island's biggest attraction, which cannot be missed, is the Melisani Cave. Visitors sail in boats on azure and aquamarine waters admiring the salt lake and the unusual play of light that flows through the cavern vaults.

The most interesting cave is Drogareti Cave. Due to the excellent acoustics, it is used as a concert hall, and the additional setting is created by delightful stalactites and stalagmites.

Myrtos has been hailed as the most beautiful beach on the island. This beach is under protection, there are no hotels or restaurants nearby. You can get here only by the serpentine road, because it is surrounded by high rock walls. The place is phenomenal, it's worth going here. Xi beach is completely different, with the characteristic red color of the sand.

Skala and Lassi are the most popular tourist destinations. Skala, the southernmost place of Kefalonia is a resort offering a sandy and pebbly beach about 4 km long, whose borders are marked by pine trees. There are typical Greek taverns and bars, you can visit the remains of the old city or the ruins of a Roman villa nearby, you can buy souvenir ceramics. Lassi is a resort located only about 2 km from Argostoli. On two main beaches: Makris Yialos and Platis Yialos and several sandy bays, you can take advantage of excellent conditions for water sports, especially diving,

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The most beautiful village on the island is the village of Fiscardo. This is one of the few towns where we can admire the 17th-century Venetian houses, and the famous port attracts many rich tourists and celebrities.

During your stay in Cephalonia, it is also worth going to the neighboring Ithaca. You can get there by ferry from the Kefalonian city of Sámi or Fiskárdo, located in the north of the island. Itaka is a small island with a mountainous landscape intersected by picturesque gorges, there are no beaches on it, so hiking and contact with nature remain.

So who wants to spend an active holiday surrounded by beautiful nature, with picturesque bays and charming beaches, where life runs leisurely and stress-free, should choose Cephalonia, a great proposition for a unique Greek holiday.


If you don't already have an idea for a vacation, I invite you today for a short trip around the Ionian Islands. It is an archipelago in the Ionian Sea stretched along the west coast of Greece and partly Albania.

The archipelago includes the more known Corfu, Zakynthos and the less known Kefalonia, Itaka, Lefkada, Kitira and Paxos. The archipelago is also made up of tiny islands off the western coast of Greece, including Kalamos, Kastos, Skorpios, Antipaksos, Meganisi, Pandikonisi and those located on the southeast coast of Peloponnese like Andikithira and Elafonisos.

This summer, the organizers in Poland offer charter flights as every year, for several years already in Zakynthos and Corfu. In addition, we can charter from Cephalonia and Lefkada from Poland. The island of Itaka can be visited during a cruise on the Ionian Sea proposed by several tour operators.

Below are the characteristics of these less known islands from the Ionian archipelago. Maybe one of them will become your dream place for your next vacation.

The charming beauty of ancient Greece enchanted on this small island makes it an ideal place for a relaxing vacation away from the bustle of mass tourism.

It is located in close proximity to Cephalonia. You can get there by ferry from the Kefalonian city of Fiskárdo, located in the north of the island. This small island, occupying only 96 km², breathes peace and quiet. The landscape is mountainous, crisscrossed by picturesque gorges. The islanders deal with agriculture, olive and vine growing, and pastoralism.

The legendary island of Odysseus, which has been an important literary symbol for centuries, is paradoxically an undiscovered corner of Greece.

Itaka is secluded beaches, picturesque coves surrounded by mountains colored from lush vegetation and crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. The non-commercial climate of the island is also created by its inhabitants - friendly and talkative, they live without rush. Few tourists can experience their openness. It is not uncommon for them to invite strangers to coffee in their gardens.

What also attracts tourists are certainly places related to the story of Odysseus, the legendary king of Ithaca, ruling here in the 12th century BC, described by Homer.

One of these places is the Aretuzy Source, located in the south-eastern part of the island, near the capital Vathí. From the city you can go there on foot. According to Homer, a flock of pigs came to the Source of Aretuza for the faithful servant of Odysseus - Eumajos, before he found his master. The Grotto of Eumajos is also nearby.

The capital of the island of Vathí, which was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1953, is also worth a visit. You can take a walk around the city or visit one of the local museums. Nearby are two beaches: Déksa and Loútsa, a little further in Skínos and Sarakíniko.

The undiscovered beauty of Itaka is a great choice for those who want to relax away from large holiday resorts. If you are looking for a small intimate hotel with a typical Greek atmosphere, you want to taste real Greek cuisine away from the commercial offer - Itaka will be the perfect place.

A beautiful island in the Ionian Sea, in the west of Greece, connected to the mainland by a long causeway and a bridge. Its main city is Lefkada, in the north, approx. 20 km from Aktion airport (PVK). The island is only 35 by 15 km, mountainous areas predominate here, and the highest point of Stavrota (1158 m above sea level) lies almost in the middle of it. On the east coast there are small holiday resorts: Ligia, Nikiana, Perigiali and Nidri - the largest resort on the island, with a view of Scorpios, once owned by Aristotle Onassis.

At first glance, Lefkada is not particularly attractive. The whiteness of the rocks (lefkós means white) brutally reveals road works and quarry work, while the highest hills are completely bare. Due to swamps and artificial reservoirs on the east coast, mosquitoes become quite a problem in the summer. On the other hand, the island is fertile and green, with cypresses, olive trees and vines growing here. Life in mountain settlements has hardly changed, older women still wear traditional clothes: two skirts (one ruffled at the back), dark headscarves and stiff corsets. The finest beaches on the Ionian Islands are hidden on the west coast .

In the very south and at the same time the farthest tip of the island of Cape Dukato, where the slope slowly disappears in the waves of water, leading to the legendary Kingdom of Snakes, stood the temple of Apollo. From here, the ancient poet Sappho jumped into the sea abyss.

Ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature and authentic character: Lefkada has everything for a dream Greek holiday.

Kefalonia is a beautiful and little-known Greek island - the largest in the Ionian Islands. It is called the "best kept Greek secret" because it firmly resists mass tourism.

Several hotels, souvenir shops, empty and at the same time the most beautiful European beaches and real Greek life. Here the Greeks do not pretend to be flesh and blood because they have no one to whom.

Kefalonia has a rich history and therefore you can find the remains of different cultures here. This sunny island of ancient Greeks and Romans was ruled by Normans, Turks, and Venetians - everyone left their indelible mark here, unfortunately almost all buildings were destroyed during the earthquake in 1953, and yet masterpieces of Venetian architecture brought a breath of elegance to this harsh, mountain landscape.

The island has a lot to offer, first of all wonderful beaches, beautiful bays with blue sea, traditional villages, tasty food, unique landscapes and many possibilities for trips. It is also famous for viticulture and delicious white and red wine produced here. Perfect for a family holiday.

There is nothing else but to choose the direction, book a vacation and stay on one of the islands of the Ionian Archipelago and set off after a dream vacation.


They have the graceful name Caretta Caretta. They know how hot, fine and delicate the sand is off the shores of only one of the European islands. This is where the eggs come and lay, and at the same time provide an unforgettable experience to tourists visiting the island. The National Marine Park was created for them. They have almost become the symbol of this small, magical, Greek island in the Ionian Sea - ZAKYNTHOS.

The island captivates with beautiful nature, climate, traditional villages and the emerald color of the sea.

Anyone looking for typical Greek architecture in Zakynthos will not find it. The island is a seismically active area, and although the last earthquake took place there 64 years ago, nothing has been restored, only old traces of the old buildings remain, most visible in OLIMPIA. For several centuries, the island belonged to Venice, so the streets of the cities are also more Italian than Greek.

On the other hand, unearthly views are remembered for a long time, and the beaches, especially the wild ones that we will find ourselves are beautiful. Scattered throughout the island, they offer a variety of attractions.

You will take fairy-tale photos in PORTO LIMNIONAS. Water sports fans will not be bored on BANANA BEACH. Those who, in addition to the sun, would like to take extra pleasure in the form of green clay masks, should visit PORTO AZZURO. Youth and vitality will allow you to keep bathing at the XIGIA beach - there the water thanks to sulfur deposits has care properties. In turn, in LAGANAS, the most entertaining town with the most popular beach on the island, you will have fun all night long.

You can not miss the most famous attraction of Zakynthos - the picturesque Wreck Bay. This bay with the NAVAGIO beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. It is small, covered with thick, almost white sand, sandwiched between climbing high jagged mountains, with a cloudless sky and an amazing, turquoise water color. In the middle of the beach lies a crumbling shipwreck. Whether it was set up deliberately there, or were it actually thrown out by sea waves when it sank long ago smuggling cigarettes - this is not known. The fact is that every day smaller or larger ships enter the bay with hundreds of tourists from around the world, because everyone who visits the island wants to take a souvenir photo here.

So if you do not yet have such a photo in your holiday album, you are looking for rest surrounded by beautiful nature, you dream to rush ahead on a scooter forgetting the pace of everyday life and with your own eyes you want to see that the Earth really is round.


One of the many archipelagos of Greece are situated in the Aegean Sea of Sporades .

They are divided into Southern Sporades, which are mostly part of the Dodecanese , of which Rodo s most famous island, and the less known and not yet urbanized - Northern Sporades.

The Northern Sporades includes hundreds of tiny islands. Only 9 of them are inhabited. The four largest are Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiros. Northern Sporades are truly paradise corners, not yet marked by mass tourism. It is worth visiting them before the tourist traffic begins. What distinguishes them from other Greek islands is the wild, lush vegetation and juicy pine forests covering a large part of the islands.

You can visit two of these islands this summer season - thanks to hotel contracts and a charter connection.

The tiny island of Skiathos abounds in pine forests, full of archaeological ruins and, most importantly, wonderful beaches. Skiathos has only 48 km2. In such a small space, green pine forests and a multitude of beaches dominate - there are over 60 of them on the island!

With such a large number of beaches in Skiathos, even the most demanding beachgoers will find the right corner for themselves. Most of the sandy beaches are largely accessible directly from the mainland, but the island also provides secluded coves where you can enjoy relaxation in peace and can only be reached by water taxi. Feel free on the nudist beach of Banana Beach or sunbathe in a more conventional way on Koukounaries - a beach dotted with noisy cafes.

Also, water sports enthusiasts will find on the island a well-equipped base for sailing and windsurfing, and the amazing views of Lalaria beach and the nearby two caves complement the charm of this amazing island.

Explore the area by renting a rented catamaran, arrange hiking to the impressive medieval ruins of the city of Kastro, or wind down in one of the many monasteries on the island of Skiathos.

Skopelos is the greenest island in the Aegean Sea. It is the second island in the Northern Sporades chain and lies between Skiathos and Alonnisos.

Although less frequently visited than other places in this part of Europe, it is undoubtedly worth knowing about it, due to centuries of history and monuments, and also because of the beauty of nature popularized with the film Mamma Mia!

The island is mountainous and consists of two massifs of uneven height. Numerous ravines and gorges turn into small streams during the rainy season. The greater part of the island is covered by pine forests and olive trees.

Skopelos beaches are rather intimate, but very picturesque and very romantic . One of them, Velanio, is intended for naturists, the others are only partially developed, which adds to their charm.


Did you know that Cousteau was looking for lost Atlantis right here? On Santorini ...

A crescent-shaped island - Santorini (or Thira) is a precious gem in the Aegean Sea. In fact, it is a group of islands that includes Thira, Thirassia, Aspronis, Palea and Nea Kameni in the southern part of the Cyclades.

The whole island complex of Santorini is still an active volcano (just like Méthana, Milos and Nísiros) and is probably the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea? The islands that make up Santorini are the result of intense volcanic activity.

The last major explosion occurred 3,600 years ago (during the Minoan era), when the igneous material (mainly ash, pumice and lava stones) covered three islands (Thira, Thirassia and Asproníssi). The explosion destroyed a thriving local prehistoric civilization, whose evidence was found during excavations in Akrotiri.

Kolúmbo undersea volcano eruption, located 6.5 km. NE Santorini, on September 27, 1650, was the largest recorded in the eastern Mediterranean over the last millennium! The latest volcanic activity on the island occurred in 1950.

What is Santorini associated with?

From year to year, Santorini becomes a wedding mecca. Tourists from around the world come to the island to say sacramental yes.

Fira, along with Oia, Imerovigli and FIROSTEFANI, located high on the cliff, form the so-called "Caldera brow" - the balcony of Santorini, which offers amazing views of the volcano.

There are also several smaller towns, including Akrotiri and Messa Vouno, known among others from archaeological sites, Pyrgos, Karterádes, Emporio, Ammoudi, Finikia, PERISSA, PERIVOLOS, Megalohori, Kamari, Messaria and Monólitho surrounded by extensive vineyards. The whitewashed walls of the buildings on the cliffs create an amazing view rising above the Aegean Sea.

And for dessert, seafood - always fresh, prepared professionally with the greatest attention to every detail of the culinary art.

* Volcanic beaches

During your stay in Santorini, go to the coastal towns of the island and enjoy the dark blue waters, beaches with white, red or black sand. There are also places on the island where we can find spectacular volcanic rock formations and impressive moon landscapes.

The above 4 points are characteristic and the most true. However, after a week-long stay on this island, when someone asks me what Santorini reminds me of, I answer without thinking - with calmness.

Despite the crowd of tourists (which we will not avoid in the summer) and the countless points to see - the atmosphere of this place is magical. Hospitality of residents, smile, warmth - all this makes us feel calmer. We switch to chillout mode and we absorb every moment of skin with this amazing atmosphere.

And the afternoon frappe drank somewhere in Fira, in a cafe high on the cliff, with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea makes us want to remember this moment forever.


We choose different places for our holiday, usually most of us try not to be the same place, but something completely new, something different, where we have not been yet, which we have not yet experienced. However, from time to time we return to the country with which we associate pleasant holiday memories. Croatia is undoubtedly such a country. Every year, many tourists and vacationers spend their holidays there, because the range of holiday attractions is very large here. There are wonderful bathing beaches, wild beaches, Mediterranean vegetation, ancient monuments and beautiful National Parks, which I strongly encourage you to visit.

... Imagine walking on wooden footbridges among 16 cascaded lakes connected by waterfalls. Surrounded by green trees, listening to the birds singing and the sound of streams flowing from the least expected rocks or mysterious green corners, you approach a 20-meter waterfall. Such an amazing place is one of the most magical places in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes. If your destination is not central Croatia, you should plan your trip in such a way as to stop there for one day and see these amazing lakes glistening with all shades of turquoise.

At the entrance to the Park there are boards with route maps. There are several sightseeing options, depending on the time we can spend, the kilometers we want to go or the page from which we enter. The shortest variant A takes about 2-3 hours, the medium variant C from 4 to 6 hours, and the longest variant K from 6 to 8 hours. Each of these variants offers different sightseeing options. Part of the route can be traveled on foot, some by boat and some by train. All means of transport are included in the ticket price. The tickets should be kept until the end of the tour, the lake plan and the most important points of the Park are marked on the tickets, in addition, the staff check them at the boarding of the boat or on the train.

The weather varies, so we should be prepared for a variable aura. It's good to have a sweatshirt or sweater and a hat and an umbrella with you. However, the place, regardless of the weather, is captivating. It is a pity that in the summer season so many tourists visit them and you can not count on a walk in nature alone.

Vacationers around Zadar or Split should go on a day trip to another Croatian National Park - the Krka River Park. It is also a fairly extensive area with a series of waterfalls. Unlike the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Krka, a bathing area for tourists near the largest waterfall has been designated. Most hikers start by visiting Skradinski buk. It is a huge natural pool with high waterfalls at one end and cascades on the other. From there, the road leads through the forest to the river and flows through the waterfalls. In the central part of the park there is Lake Visovac and the Franciscan monastery. In the southern part of the park there are water mills from the 19th century. There are ships in the park. The ticket covers all park entrances and is valid throughout the day. You can relax very well here surrounded by greenery and water. It's a great way to cool off during the hot Croatian summer days.

It is also worth taking the opportunity to look into the nearby town of Sibenik. Of course, the most beautiful is the old town spread along the shore, and the showcase of Šibenik and one of the most magnificent sacred buildings in Croatia is the cathedral of St. Jacob.


Ios is an island belonging to the Cyclades archipelago. According to locals, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades. Do you know that the name Ios MEANS "FLOWER"?

According to ancient beliefs, Ios was the homeland of Homer's mother and the final resting place of this great epic poet.

Ios is especially known for its wonderful beaches, the picturesque town of Chora and intense nightlife, which mainly attracts crowds of young tourists. Beach parties start in the early afternoon and continue until the early hours of the morning. The main place of events is the town of Mylopotas, lying on a beautiful bay - which makes it a popular place for teenagers and youth.

However, Ios is not just for partying and loud music.

Everyone will find something for themselves. Great places to relax away from large crowds and noise. The island's coastline is beautiful with sandy beaches and emerald water. These are romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets of Chora, one of the most picturesque villages in the Cyclades. White houses with blue roofs bring to mind a miniature of Santorini. At the highest point of the sick, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, and in the evening enjoy the spectacular sunset, in my opinion more picturesque than in Santorini, which is famous for the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Although Ios is known mainly as a destination destination for young people, the island has many places with traditional style where families with children will also find a place for a relaxing holiday.

In the morning you can go to the beach, relax with a glass of frozen frappe - when we get hungry lunch you can eat in one of the local taverns. A large selection of seafood, including shrimps in a red sauce or grilled octopus are just one of many suggestions.

If lying on the beach seems to be a boring activity, you can take advantage of the water sports offer of local agencies or go by boat for a diving trip.

When the sun goes down, I invite you for a walk to Chora. In the evenings in Mylopotas there are concerts of world famous DJs with lights, foam dances and a pool party.

In the summer season, hotel reservations are practically impossible - most of them are sold a year ahead. So if you plan a vacation or part of it on Ios, think about it much earlier.

It should be remembered that the hotel offer on this island are bed & breakfest hotels, lovers of the all inclusive formula will unfortunately not find a place for themselves here. Most hotels, especially in Mylopotas, have a front area open to everyone. Bar, swimming pool, restaurant - everyone can use it regardless of whether he is a guest of this hotel or the neighboring one.

Far Out Beach is the most popular hotel in Mylopotas, with a huge pool area where pool-parties take place. If you think of a slightly quieter hotel, I invite you to Dionysos. People who care about a fantastic view and appreciate a good spa - I invite you to Ios Palace, located on the cliff at the end of Mylopotas Bay.

How do you get to Ios?

This year, one of the Polish organizers is offering a "flight with a hotel" package departing from Warsaw or Katowice to Santorini from there by ferry to Ios. You can also get to Ios on your own from virtually every island of the Cyclades archipelago, and from the port of Piraeus.


Hello, today I am taking you to the sunny Halkidiki peninsula in Greece. Every year, this "three-fingered" region of Greece is very popular among people who choose to rest in the Peloponnese. If you are still hesitating, be sure to read the description below.

The Chalkidiki peninsula is located on the northern coast of Greece near the city of Thessaloniki and its area is close to 3000 km². This region includes three smaller peninsulas, the so-called fingers: Kassandra, who has a rich and varied hotel and catering base, slightly calmer Sithonia with fantastic vegetation, and mysterious Athos inhabited only by monks. The tourist season on the peninsula lasts from the beginning of May to mid-September.

Chalkidiki is one of the most visited regions in Greece, above all the Kassandra peninsula is well-developed for the large numbers of tourists coming here. We find here a rich selection of family hotels with interesting animation programs. Kassandra is also a huge selection of restaurants, cafes and discos. Of course, wonderful sandy beaches are also associated with this finger, considered to be the most beautiful in Greece, as well as picturesque bays. Every year, thousands of tourists choose this place to spend an unforgettable vacation.

For those looking for a somewhat quieter place, Chalkidiki peninsula offers the second of their "fingers" - Sithonia. It captivates with its wonderful vegetation, lush greenery, citrus groves, charming villages, local vineyards and equally wonderful beaches.

The third "finger" of the peninsula to Athos, with its Holy Mountain. It is an autonomous part of Greece, inhabited only by monks, admission to it is very difficult for men and for women excluded. Therefore, the beauty of this peninsula can only be admired during a cruise ship.

Being in this region is also worth a trip to Thessaloniki - the second largest city in Greece. This Byzantine and multicultural city attracts tourists with a wealth of monuments, including The White Tower, which has become the symbol of the city, as well as the picturesque old town, promenade or market smelling of herbs and olives. We recommend crowning the city tour with a visit to one of the many restaurants where delicious seafood or deliciously prepared, freshly caught fish are served.


Albania is another holiday proposition to consider. It is a country with a Mediterranean climate, the inhabitants are hospitable, untouched nature, warm sea and beautiful, long and wide beaches. The sun shines here over 290 days a year, and summer temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees. Albania also has a very important advantage - attractive prices on site.

Until recently it was a mysterious and inaccessible country. Today is experiencing a tourist boom. No wonder Albania has changed a lot in recent years. Hotels have been built or renovated, tourist infrastructure is thriving, which is why people interested in the world willingly come here.

As Polish citizens, we do not need visas, we can travel to Albania on the basis of valid ID cards. Such travel document should be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the planned date of return.

The time zone is identical to that in Poland. Albanian is the prevailing language, we'll communicate in Italian or English in large cities, and Greek in the south.

The current currency in Albania is LEK. You can use credit cards and use ATMs. You can exchange currency such as dollars, euros or pounds in exchange offices. But you can also pay in these currencies in most places and stores. However, you must remember that the course is set individually and will not necessarily be favorable.

Albanian cuisine is a mix of Greek, Balkan and Turkish cuisine. It is rich in Mediterranean ingredients, where in addition to very tasty tomatoes in this country olives and olive oil are characteristic. The local mutton and fish from Albanian rivers, seas and lakes are excellent. One of the most popular dishes is qofte, fried, round chops, sometimes baked with feta cheese. Desserts are rare, in some restaurants you can order traditional Balkan baklava , which is a sweet cake made of puff pastry, nuts or almonds baked with thick syrup. It is also worth trying rice pudding from sheep's milk - oriz me tamel , with the addition of raisins, sugar and several other sweets.

The most famous resort of Albania is Saranda with a seaside palm promenade, lots of shops, bars and pubs. Along the promenade there are pebble beaches, from which you can admire the Greek island of Corfu, or you can take a catamaren trip to Corfu.

Another charming place is Ksamil located on a beautiful bay, with wonderful, almost Caribbean beaches, with small coves and picturesque islets.

One of the oldest Albanian cities is Durres, a holiday resort also known for the country's largest port and Roman monuments. The beaches are equally wide here, they stretch for kilometers, and souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes located along them invite you cordially.


Sardinia is often referred to as a small paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. The coast and white beaches of the island symbolize this. I was recently in person and I highly recommend. And what is worth seeing?

The Giara di Gesturi plateau, located in the south of Sardinia, which is home to the rare wild horses known as "Cavallini della Giara" in Italy and Europe. Here a park was created, consisting of cork oaks and Mediterranean scrub. This area is of great importance because there are numerous archaeological sites such as the famous Barumini nuraghe. Nuraghi are defensive towers that exist throughout the island. They are characterized by the typical shape of a truncated cone and were built of large, dry stones.

The archipelago of La Maddalena, consisting of seven main islands, is another site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Sardinia. The water is clear and every year attracts many snorkelling enthusiasts looking for a pristine seabed in the Mediterranean. You can organize full or half-day boat trips. These trips usually include a visit to the islands of Sparga and Budelli with the famous pink beach, Santa Maria beach and the island of Caprera, and finally the island of La Maddalena. Alternatively, you can rent a car on the island of La Maddalena and discover local beaches on your own.

Another attraction is the beautiful sandy Chia beach - 6 km of coastline, popular for its clean water and white sand. In the area of ​​Chia you can see the tower of the same name and visit the archaeological site of Nora. The Chia area extends to Capo Spartivento, the other southernmost tip of the island, where the magnificent Capo Spartivento lighthouse still operates.

The Gulf of Orosei in the central part of the east coast of Sardinia is one of the most beautiful parts of Sardinia. It is famous for Grotta del Bue Marino, whose stalactites and stalagmites are reflected in the water, offering visitors an unusual play of light. The bay includes places famous for gastronomy, artisan and archaeological products, such as Tiscali and Serra Orrios, the Supramonte mountain area, the forests of Suttaterra and Ghivine on the slopes of Supramonte descending into the sea; the Cedrino River, Gola di Su Gorroppu in the heart of Supramonte (the largest canyon of the island and one of the deepest in Europe) and finally the unique coastal landscape (with the bays of Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritzè, Cala Biriola, Cala Fuili, Cala Luna).

Alghero is a city located on the northwest coast of Sardinia and still has traces of the Catalan past, which can also be found in the local dialect. The city has an impressive historical Gothic center, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Palazzo Guillot and the church of San Francesco.

Bosa is located on the northwest coast of Sardinia and is characterized by the romantic charm of the city on the river. This place has many traditions that have survived to this day. The old town with its colorful houses, which are located on the hill dominated by the Malaspina castle, is impressive. The castle can be seen from the historic old bridge in Bosa. It is one of the 30 most beautiful bridges in Italy.

Grotte di Nettuno or the most important grotto of Sardinia is located in Alghero and is dedicated to the god Neptune. It stretches for about 6 km and can be reached by boat or 600-degree staircase with breathtaking views of the coast and the sea.

Mamoiada and Orgosolo are two traditional villages in the heart of Sardinia, in Barbagia (province of Nuoro). Orgosolo is known for about 150 wall paintings, and Mamoiada is known for typical carnival masks.


Fashion for a healthy lifestyle has taken over our reality for good. Media, social networks, billboards - from all sides they invite you to diet, personal training, group exercises or various types of competitions. Marathons, half marathons, Butcher's Run, Runmageddon of all kinds - their popularity is so high that it would seem that all of Poland runs, everyone trains, exercises and is on a permanent diet J

For people who train regularly, more or less intensively during the year, vacation time absolutely does not mean rest from training. Diet is also important at this time, so that the all inclusive week does not lose track of hours in the gym and hectoliters of sweat poured out.

Tourist organizers have met these needs. The growing awareness of healthy lifestyles among Poles raises their requirements for the form of recreation.

In the upcoming holiday season we have several options to choose from when it comes to holidays in the style of FIT.

GRECOS approached the topic globally and professionally, signing an agreement with Ewa Chodakowska and her team creating the package product GRECOS ACTIVE for the second year in a row.

The Grecos Active package allows you to enrich holiday relaxation with sports activities and care for your form. It's the perfect gift for everyone. You can combine family vacations and balanced physical activity. Adults train, and children play at the Dolphin Club. Packages are available in 35 hotels selected from the organizer's offer.

During the 7-day stay you can take advantage of 5 trainings . They take place at the hotel and are run according to Ewa Chodakowska's proprietary method by her trainers.

In the hotel, package owners are waiting for a brochure with tips on how to effectively use all inclusive, how to keep fit and healthy on and after the holidays. The whole prepared in cooperation with dieticians and trainers Ewa Chodakowska.

Each package owner receives a functional gadget that will be useful during training and after returning home from vacation.

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