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Suggestions for a Cultural Holiday in Europe

By Poundtravel

cultural holidays in europe

With the arrival of the summer, we begin counting the remaining days until the holidays. Coastal, mountain, or delta holidays are very popular during this period. However, if you are tired of the barbecues and the beach, you might prefer a culinary leave. During this time you can take advantage of city breaks at very advantageous prices to see the big cities of Europe. Dubrovnik, one of the most visited cities in Croatia, is well-liked by tourists due to its medieval architecture and proximity to the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea. City walls of the city are some of the most famous tourist attractions. Built in the 10th century and modified in the 13th and 14th centuries, the 6-meter high walls have protected the city against invaders for generations. The Dubrovnik Cathedral is a place to be visited by culture lovers. It is distinguished by Baroque architecture. It also hosts some of the most important Christian artifacts. For example, here can be seen a piece of the cross on which Jesus would have been crucified. Spectacular Stradun of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Here, both locals and tourists gather together. The many small cafes are an excellent place to rest your feet after a day spent visiting the city. If you’ve exhausted everything Dubrovnik has to offer, explore the many nearby islands, or visit the Trstento village arboretum, just 20 minutes by car. So a holiday in Croatia allows you to enjoy the cultural and natural wealth of the country at the same time.

cultural holidays in europe
Another European destination rich in history and culture is Berlin. Unlike other historical towns, the capital of Germany does not have a historic center where all the important tourist attractions are found, but they are spread throughout the city. This means that you will need more time to be able to visit everything you propose. On the other hand, traveling from one destination to another, you will end up exploring the entire city and seeing attractions that were not part of your original plan. One of the most famous historical attractions in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, where all the events since the fall of the Berlin Wall of 1989 have taken place. Remains of the Berlin Wall can also be visited. Other major tourist attractions include the Reichstag, the German Parliament headquarters, the Alexanderplatz square, the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Holocaust Memorial. Of course, these destinations add European cities already known for their history and culture. Among them we can remember Paris, Athens, Madrid, London, etc. However, we have chosen to focus on places that do not immediately come to your mind when you think about European culture. Of course, many of the listed destinations take a long time to be fully explored, and a prolonged stay in these cities can be very expensive for an ordinary tourist. However, there are ways to enjoy everything that has a destination for months. This is especially true if you are passionate about photography. There are companies like PhotoHotel , which offers the opportunity to work as a photographer for hotels in certain tourist destinations. So you can earn your living and you have enough time to visit the city where you work.

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