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Sucker Punch Soundtrack Review

Posted on the 08 August 2011 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
I did a review of Sucker Punch a couple of a weeks ago, a few days after watching it at the cinema and one of the key things I liked about the films was the soundtrack. So I thought I would review the soundtrack too. I can't remember all of the songs so I'll just review those that I'm familiar with and those I like the most for the time being.
Sweet Dreams
This song helped to set the scene for the opening of the film and is the first of three songs performed by Emily Browning. The song works well enough as every time I hear it I imagine the scene that accompanies it; which includes a pervy stepfather, a gun and of course Baby Doll, doing all she can to to stop him from harming her little sister.
Where Is My Mind?
Another song that I can instantly connect to a scene from the film; Baby Doll is about to undergo a lobotomy procedure. Now there's an image that's hard to forget.
This song further emphasized Baby Doll's woeful situation. I can't remember the scene entirely but I'm pretty sure the song featured near the beginning of the brothel scene. Anyway, I thought it was a decent cover and it suited the dark tone of the film perfectly.
I Want It All
A suitably thumping track for a big fight scene and one that is instantly recognizable to many of us. This is a mash of the classic Queen song with heavy hip hop beat and additional material by Armageddon.
Overall Opinion
I thought that each song complimented the film quite well by adding to the emotional content of each particular scene. Emily Browning lent her quite capable vocal talent to some of the songs which helped to evoke a sense of emotion between the audience and the experiences of her character. Some of the songs weren't really my cup of tea, for instance the Brian Ferry cover which was a let down compared to some of the songs that where featured earlier in the film.

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