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Success Lessons to Learn from Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on the 01 May 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires ever, and the insane success of Facebook has propelled him to the spotlight, even if he doesn’t want to be there. Everyone wonders how this young college kid was able to revolutionize the way the entire world connects with each other, and they wonder what he has that’s so damn special. If you hope to achieve even a tiny fraction of the success Mark Zuckerberg has, here are a few important lessons for success that can be learned from him.

Mark Zuckerberg

Don’t Just Think Big – Think Really Big

When Mark Zuckerberg began creating Facebook, it started as a way for college students to connect with each other. That idea alone was good enough for Zuckerberg to achieve big success, but wasn’t satisfied with what he thought was a limited scope. Zuckerberg thought Facebook had the potential to connect everyone, everywhere and that it could be a billion dollar company. He was right. But who knows where Facebook would be today if he had thought it was just a small business?

Stay True to Your Roots

Mark Zuckerberg has a huge interest in computer programming, and he thoroughly enjoys writing code. Zuckerberg wrote original Facebook code, but as the company grew, he could have easily gotten others to do the job and focused on the business side of things. While Zuckerberg did run the business, he also stayed true to his roots and continued to write code. Doing this helps him stay in touch with the foundation of Facebook, and he continues to do what he loves regardless.

Don’t Become Disillusioned by Money

One of the notorious characteristics of Mark Zuckerberg is his humbleness. Another is his frugality. Even though Zuckerberg is worth billions of dollars, he still drives an average car and only recently moved out of his apartment into a modest house. The money doesn’t faze him, and because of this he’s been able to run his business authentically and with integrity. The money hasn’t changed the person he is or the way he runs his company, and that’s a strong foundation to have for any business.

Follow Through with Your Dreams

The reason Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook was that he wanted to connect people with each other in a revolutionary way. He thought that Facebook would bring people together, and it has. This has always been his main goal with the company, and he has consistently seen his vision through. When Yahoo offered to buy Facebook for $1 billion in 2006, Zuckerberg refused because he had a passion for Facebook that he didn’t want to give up.
Be Confident in Yourself

Even though Mark Zuckerberg seems to be quiet and humble, he’s also extremely self-confident. He has always had strong faith in himself and in his vision. He didn’t let naysayers along the way deter him or bring him down. He is able to persevere through criticism and any obstacles or setbacks because he continues to believe in himself no matter what anyone else says about Facebook.

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