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Subluxation Poetry

By Fsrcoin

dislodgedI am pleased to report that my beloved wife, Therese L. Broderick, is the author of Dislodged: Poems for My Mother’s Weeks of Subluxation.* It is a lovely production, enlivened by charming botanical art. And while it is a small book, issued by a small press, unlike most such it is not self-published or subsidized! So I am very proud of her achievement.

Now, Therese and I have had some intensive debates over issues of poetics; and the chief point of difference between us is that she knows what she is talking about whereas I do not. Nevertheless, I am sure her work is very good.


Indeed, there is one poem in the book which I consider to be of the highest merit, the one about sock removal. I can state without hesitation that this is the finest sock removal poem I’ve ever read. By a considerable margin. This one poem is worth the price of the book (though the book is literally priceless).

For more information, please see Therese’s blog, Poet Apace.

* Subluxation refers to dislodged vertebrae; the poems concern Therese’s interactions with her mother during the latter’s recuperation from this injury.

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