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Suarez Sorry; Apology Too Late?

By Bella_blogger @Bella_Blogger
So Suarez has issued an apology for not shaking Evra's hand in yesterday's match.
However is it all too little too late? I think so. The apology seems routinely made with no sincerity behind it whatsoever. He should be apologising to his team, but most importantly United's Evra who he has continually abused throughout this racism debacle. The fact that he hasn't personally apologised to him makes this emotionless 'apology' seem irresolute. It seems obvious to me this is an automatic response to a public outcry on how Liverpool Football Club's handling of this situation was inappropriate and ineffective in quelling the restfulness of footballing fans everywhere who do not want the issue of racism to blight football. Public unrest aimed at Liverpool therefore is unwanted by club and manager and when yesterday should have been the time for explanations apolgies and peacemaking, all that was apparent was that Liverpool headed by Dalglish were backing their rebellious player and refusing to calm the situation - Dalglish's stubborn stance in supporting Suarez perhaps igniting the feud further.
Should not Dalglish issue an apology therefore also? If Suarez has been condemned by managing director Ian Ayre ( ) should Dalglish not be also, who practically said that perhaps Suarez was right in what he did, if not in those words, that he was definitely not wrong and should 'not be blamed' for what happened? I think this is a desperate attempt to pass the blame and whereby a few weeks ago Liverpool were all too ready to jump to the defence of their star striker, now they are in hot water and are desperate to pin it on Suarez: now the scapegoat for both his own and the club's blunders. It is no surprise to me, therefore, that Dalglish is hiding in the wings somewhere, no where to be found for a comment, considering that surely now Liverpool have gone over his head and made their stance that Suarez was wrong, indeed therefore they are distancing themselves from Dalglish who stood by his player, and saying their manager is wrong?
Of course Liverpool wouldn't alienate the manager that their fans love and has somewhat turned their season around after a shocking start, and of course therefore the player must remain in the spot light, alone, taking all the blame that his club and manager had previously said was misplaced on him.

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