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Style Inspiration: Lady Gaga x June Brown

By Wickedying @wickedying


UK National treasure Dot Cotton has long been heralded as a style icon and lends a certain grace and dignity to the mean streets of Walford. The epitome of granny-chic, Dot has never been afraid of mixing it up when it comes to patterns and prints, and she has yet to meet an accessory she can’t handle. Even the reigning queen of quirk Lady Gaga gushed over actress June Brown’s fashion choices when the two style queens met on the Graham Norton show, and the meeting provided viewers with the fashion equivalent of the Flintstones meet the Jetsons. If you need a helping hand in the wardrobe department, allow Dot to share her tried and tested style tips that have helped to make Albert Square a better place.

Dress To Impress When On the Job


Dot’s blue apron has become as much a part of life on the square as settling private disputes in the Queen Vic and the launderette just wouldn’t be the same without it. Dot’s satin neckerchiefs are the perfect way to personalise your work attire, and layering a contrasting color underneath your work overalls will add your own individual twist. Hair and makeup is just as important as clothing when it comes to maintaining an image, so ensure your curls are teased to perfection and never leave the house without first applying several layers of red lipstick.

There Is No Such Thing as Casual Friday


Comfy jumpers and baggy pants are forbidden when you’re out and about, and even a short trip to the local shops requires you to be in full costume. A pencil skirt teamed with a chiffon blouse and matching cardigan is ideal, and finish this off with a pair of low block-heels and flesh coloured tights. Outerwear always looks better with the addition of a vintage cameo brooch, and a matching scarf and glove set is mandatory. Just before you head out the door, sling your hand bag over your forearm and you’re ready to hit the town.

Camel-Coloured Duffle Coats Are Always Appropriate


Dots trusty duffle coat has been a faithful friend over the last 20 years and has never missed a single winter. Petite coats in classic shapes are the perfect option for smaller ladies and will not swamp those who have a slim frame like Dot’s. Keep it simple and elegant with the addition of just a silk scarf for everyday wear, and for special occasions a luxurious faux fur stole will ramp up the style factor.

Red Nail Varnish and Pearls Go With Everything


Some things never go out of style, and vintage pearls teamed with a fire engine red manicure adds a touch of old school elegance to your outfit. Simple pearl studs are the best option for those wishing to emanate Dot’s signature style, and team these with a short necklace that sits just above the collarbone for some 50s glamour.

Cardigans are a Girl’s Best Friend


Simple, elegant and a wardrobe staple, the humble cardigan has served us well over the years. Try to collect one in every possible color and fabric like Dot has to ensure you’re never stuck for something to wear during the chilly season, and cable knits are the perfect choice for extra warmth. Layer them over a silk blouse with only the top button fastened, and finish off the look with a statement necklace.

Attend Any Gathering That Requires a Hat


The English are renowned for their love of headgear, and no one can pull off a pillbox hat quite like our Dot. Weddings, christenings, funerals and Sunday mass are all fantastic opportunities to showcase a brand new hat or fascinator, and extra style points are awarded for those with additional lace and feathers.

Megan Barnes loves tracking celebrity fashion trends. He enjoys blogging about inspirations and how to integrate such styles into one’s wardrobe.

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