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Stunning Faucet Designs Thanks to 3D Printing

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

The world of design has seen a resurgence in creativity thanks to the advancement in 3D printing. This amazing technology can be applied to a variety of industries and it is now making waves in your bathroom, quite literally. Luxury faucet designs have always been known for their artful and elegant designs but 3D printing takes them to the next level. Printed from metal, these designs use fine structures of concealed waterways, appearing to make water emerge out of nowhere. Every fine detail, including the flow of the water upon exiting, was calculated using powerful computer software to create an overall sensory experience.

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DVX by American Standard is taking bold steps in the faucet design industry with their new line of 3D printed faucets. The most astonishing of the three features a spiral latticework that starts at the base of the faucet and elegantly converges at the top where the water pours out. You can see straight through the core of the faucet, where tubing is expected. This makes it look as if there is nowhere for the water to travel, when it is actually going through the individual spirals. A clever and stunning design that is sure to be a wonder to behold. Another design is meant to mimic the appearance of water flowing over rocks in a riverbed. This resulted in a faucet with 19 individual waterways that were meticulously arranged to create the proper effect.

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