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Stuffed Peppers!

By Chocolateandoranges
Dinner tonight included a new recipe - stuffed peppers.  There are a million ways to make these but I did the 'chop the pepper in half, roast it cut side down at 400 degrees for around a half hour, then add the filling and roast another 5 minutes or so' method since I was planning on precooking the filling.  The original plan was to use black beans, wheatberries, salsa, asparagus and cheese as the filling but I ran into two problems.  #1 my rice cooker took FOREVER to cook the wheatberries and I got hungry before they got done and #2 the peppers really didn't hold all that much.  So I improvised and did stuffed peppers with black beans, salsa, and goat cheese filling with some lovely spring asparagus spears on the side plus an egg on toast with some cheese.  Another successful meal (despite a few hiccups along the way).  I guess I'll have to find a use for the (finally) cooked wheatberries later this week.
stuffed peppers!

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