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Study Reveals What Homeowners Are Looking For in a Master Bathroom

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

A recent survey revealed interesting trends about bathroom remodeling tendencies of homeowners from across the country. 7,500 respondents provided insight into the plans for their up-and-coming master bathroom remodeling projects.

Among the most pertinent finds, 40% will integrate a bathroom layout that excludes a tub while 75% of homeowners plan to keep the rooms original layout. The majority of homeowners will leave their toilet in full view instead of hiding their toilet behind doors to address privacy issues.

Master Bathroom Without Tub

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Most home remodeling projects take place during the winter. For this reason, the month of January provided the best time to send out this survey on Houzz. Results show a disparity between the needs of older homeowners and younger generations. We’ll let the statistics speak for themselves.

Winter Houzz Bathroom Remodeling Survey

K+BB covered this story just a few days ago and many industry professionals are taking note of the new bathroom trends for 2014. The Winter Houzz Bathroom Remodeling Survey demonstrates the need to update the bathroom to keep pace with the rest of the home.

“Bathroom remodels consistently top homeowners’ renovation plans, so we’re pleased to provide our community with a peek into this otherwise private room of the house.”

- Liza Hausman, VP of Community for Houzz

New Master Bathroom Trends for 2014

  • 82% of Master bathrooms are suites.
  • Glass Shower Enclosures are a clear choice with 8 out of 10 homeowners taking this route. This highlights some of the points I made earlier in a post about free-standing showers.
  • 10% will incorporate a skylight to allow natural sunlight to enter the bathroom.
  • 48% will add a window to their master bathroom remodel.
  • 40% will add a lighted bathroom vanity.
  • 91% of will install efficient low-flush toilets. Frameless Glass Enclosures

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Motivations for Remodeling

Everyone dreams of soaking in a heavenly bathroom experience that will drown out all the worries of life. A variety of reasons motivated homeowners to update their current bathroom, but the most common reasons were to upgrade fixtures and key features.

  • 37% are remodeling to make their bathroom more practical.
  • 31% expressed desires to increase the value of their home by remodeling their master bathroom.
  • Changing lifestyle accounted for nearly 22%.
  • 19% are remodeling to increase storage space and improve organization. Bathroom Cabinet Colors

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Other Interesting Bathroom Trends

The Houzz Bathroom Survey also revealed some interesting insights into the view of the bathroom and how it’s decor is changing over time. Traditionally, interior designs have focused on more prevalent areas of the home like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen as seen here. In recent years, the bathroom is receiving some much needed attention as new designs seek to improve the aesthetics of this often neglected area of the home.

Pedestal sinks have grown in popularity and more homeowners are seeking furniture-like cabinets to add decor to the bathroom. It’s easy to tell why, these “Transitional Vanities” introduce the same thoughtfulness that is applied furniture design concepts. Transitional vanities are a new style that has just begun to emerge. This style blends modern, contemporary, and antique styles. The Imperia Vanity was actually designed to be used as a free-standing drawer or it can easily be converted into a petite vanity.

Double Sink vs. Single Sink Vanities

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The Generational Gap

The younger generation likes to have options while the older generation seems to make decisions based on functionality. Older homeowners are more inclined to install double sink vanities versus younger couples. Maybe they haven’t figured out how hectic it can be getting ready in the morning with just one sink! You can learn more about the benefits of a double sink vanity here.

Yet and still, double sink bathroom vanities are on the rise as the majority of remodelers will install these fixtures into their master bathroom. This number has jumped from 35% in past years.

  • Homeowners age 55 and up prefer hand showers and sliding bars.
  • Homeowners age 45 and under prefer rain showerheads and multiple shower heads. Bathroom Remodeling Statistics

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