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Studio Lighting Unboxing and Review.

By Georgina_clare_ @Georgina_Clare_

Studio Lighting Unboxing and Review.

Please excuse the mess in y room. I was very excited and forgot to hide my mess - haha!

Studio Lighting Unboxing and Review.

After many months of deliberating whether to invest in some professional lighting for my blog, I decided to do some research into a few brands. After what felt like eternity, I gave up looking at individual brands like Samsung and Canon, and checked out -*hand claps for amazon.*-
It didn't take me very long to find what size, shape and power I wanted to buy/look at. As I wanted soft boxes rather than umbrella lights, (mainly because they give off and natural flawless look to your face,) it was really important to be that I got the best price for what I wanted. 
The lights I ended up getting were these two 135W soft box, portable lights. The set comes with two separate lights, boxes and stands. You can find these on amazon by clicking HERE.
The lights were packaged really well and safety. The bulbs for each box were individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in polystyrene boxes, which were than separately put in hard cardboard boxes to post. I was extremely impressed that nothing was broken and how each item was packaged to make sure it got to me in tip-top condition.
The actual lights/soft boxes were also individually wrapped. In a black 'slip' bag each and plastic casing over each, these will be perfect if I need to transport/travel.
The results from using these lights are more than impressive. Nothing but positive feedback if I'm honest, which isn't a very common thing with me as I like to find even the lightest fault in a product. Depending on how you shine the lights you get a different image. As you can tilt the boxes up and down, you can get great shoots of anything from shoes, to profiles. The stand extends to up to two meters. 
For picture quality ,examples of pictures using these lights will be up tomorrow!
Studio Lighting Unboxing and Review.

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