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Student Life and Helpful Advice

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
The life of a student is set to get harder next year, with the rising fees and unjustifiable entry requirements.
In my view and think many will agree with me:
"Education is the biggest part of everybody's life and is the key to the future developments that will shape the future of this earth"
I have been studying at college and university since leaving school in 2007 and will never regret my decisions in life when i consider my life and my education.
If you are lucky like me and this is you final year at college or university "congratulations",
But from my past few years of study I wish to give some advice to the people that will suffer under the new university fees.
so here we go:
  • Get a Student or High Interest Bank account  
  • Keep all your paperwork in a folder: Bank documents, statements, UCAS paperwork, student finance documents, etc...
  • Keep records of your spending up to date
  • Get a part time job or a summer job (if you can)
  • Look at several Colleges & Universities. Many offer better courses than others.
  • Look round the Universities and check the facilities they have.
  • Look at Alternatives to Universities: many Local Colleges offer University Degrees. Fees are alot cheaper and courses are as good as the main universities.  
  • You will spend plenty of money on student accommodation each academic year so be careful with your spending
  • Do your research and be prepared
  • Put money away each week into an account so you have money to pay off your loans.
Yes this is not a complete guide, This advice was passed on to me from many people and places and my own experiences the advice has helped me alot in these past few years and i hope this advice can help any students in these increasingly hard times and the future to come.
Thanks for reading...
Leave a comment and any helpful advise you think will help students of today.

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