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Strutting Because It Scared Me.

By Scarlettandstephen

I always thought that if I modeled in a fashion show that it would have happened a lot differently.  I envisioned it would have been because I was signed to a glamorous agency after being discovered on the street, or having won America’s Next Top Model, or because I was 6 feet and 100 pounds.  I envisioned starving myself the week before to feel my slimmest, and being fresh and clean and shaven and ready to go to be transformed into the high fashion “look” of the night.

Instead… it happened nothing like I envisioned.

It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon this past Saturday. I was already planning on later in the day attending the fashion show that my girlfriend Kacy was debuting her “Judy Jetson meets June Cleaver” inspired line in.  Because the show was hours away, I was still in my pajamas, hadn’t showered yet, hadn’t even shaved my legs in a few days.  My hair was still partly curled and full of hairspray from the night before when I dolled it up to attend the opening night of First Coast Fashion Week.  And well, I definitely was not at my ideal weight having put on those lovely married life pounds. Then I got a call from Kacy:

“I’m freaking out, one of my models flaked on me,” she said.  ”I know this is crazy and last minute, but can YOU come fill in and be one of my models in the fashion show tonight?”

Whoa… like, me?  Really?  I was only planning on attending the show sitting on the sidelines, NOT strutting in front of hundreds of eyes analyzing my every move, I thought.  Half of me was flattered to be asked, but the other half was scared to death.  But I knew, because it scared me to death, that was the exact reason I needed to immediately say yes.

“One last thing,” Kacy said, “I need you here in half an hour for the walk through and to start hair and make up.”

Wait a minute, I thought, my one and only opportunity to ever model in a high end fashion show, and I haven’t showered, shaved or starved myself?  Not the ideal situation to feel my most confident.  But, I figured, I’m 31, I have natural womanly curves, and for the first time in my life, I’m just going give myself permission to embrace it.  Plus, I knew, my friend was in need, and well… what girl doesn’t want an opportunity to say they walked a catwalk once in their life?  After all, back in middle school, my mom put me in modeling classes, and I’ve watched my fair share of America’s Next Top Model, so at least I knew the fundamentals of how to walk and sashay my hips.  Or at least, I could fake it.

Strutting because it scared me.

So I scrambled to throw something in the crockpot for dinner for Stephen that night, and I threw on some skinny jeans and a white tank top and heels (because I seem to recall Tyra Banks saying models need to keep it clean), and I headed out the door feeling completely vulnerable with no make on, zits showing and all.  Wait, where’s my red lipstick?  I thought as I scurried out the door.  I knew if I had at least had red lipstick on, I would have the courage and confidence to conquer the world that night.

It ended up being SUCH an exciting night.  Even though the back of my shoe liner fell out of my stilettos half way through my first walk, I kept my model look on my face while thinking “Just don’t fall, just don’t fall, keep walking and pretending your feet aren’t coming out of your shoes with every step.”  Gosh, it was a struggle to keep walking with my shoe problem, AND feet KILLING me with every step, but somehow I pulled it off.  As exciting as it was to be a model, I was just as excited for my girl friend Kacy.  Just earlier last year, she was at my house and pulled out a sketch book of the designs that were now draping the models.

“I want to show you something I’ve been working on,” she surprised me back then.

“Wait a minute,” I said shocked, “Since when do you know how to design clothes?”  I was so surprised I didn’t know this about one of my bridesmaids.

“Oh, I don’t know, I’ve just had these fun thoughts in my head and had to get them down on paper,” she said. “Who knows if anything will ever come of it.”

So to then watch Kacy debut her line at First Coast Fashion week amongst the other handful of seasoned pros who had been designing for years, I was just so proud of her.  I know how hard it is to turn dreams into a reality.  I know, most people dream and never take steps toward their dreams.  But Kacy took that step.  And another step.  And another step.  And now here she was debuting her line just months after she showed me her initial drawings not knowing if anything would really come of it.  Even though I was a model, I think I was more excited that night to just watch her behind the scenes doing her thing.  Kacy completely inspired me with her boldness and her courage to fight for fulfilling that which stirred her heart the most.

Because really, isn’t that what we are all born to do?

Here’s some photos and videos to give you a sneak peek of what happens behind the curtain at a fashion show.

Strutting because it scared me. Strutting because it scared me.

Be sure to check out Kacy’s fashions further.  She is in the process of getting an Etsy store up and running, but in the meantime, she can take custom orders for her oh so fabulous skirts that she’s most popular for (and what I was wearing in our promo video at the top of the blog!)

Strutting because it scared me.


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