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Strong Legs, Fierce Heart, Weak Stomach… When Nausea Rises

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver

feeling-sickSo, we finally had the long-awaited 20 minute erg test yesterday – a rare form of torture. To think that we could have been down the pub or doing something really fun like amusing ourselves with a little light spreadsheet-creation…

Anyway, although I’m delighted to report that the recent thawing of relations with my old enemy resulted in a PB that had me achieving a split several seconds higher than our coach was expecting, there was still one problem. Nausea.

It hit around half way through and got steadily worse until it entirely consumed my thoughts (those, that is, that weren’t thinking of evil punishments for those who were “just there to support” – you know who you are, you monitor-peekers). By the end, although I felt like I might have more in my legs,  I felt so sick it was a real battle to stick it out to the end. Digging deep? I was half way to Australia.

This isn’t the first time. It comes on in training sessions, too – usually the endurance ones – so it’s not caused by nerves. Nor does what or when I eat or drink beforehand seem to have any bearing on it – I have experimented with different amounts, types of food, timings, but still it comes.

Perhaps it’s just the way I’m made and I’ll just have to man up and accept that my erg training will always be accompanied by a handy bucket. But if anyone knows any solutions, I’m all ears.

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