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Posted on the 10 April 2014 by Health_news

Get rid of ugly and flabby arms

Do you shun going sleeve less when you want because of the fat on your arms? We can tell you how to lose those bat wings quickly through some simple exercises and diet control. As a matter of fact losing fat from the upper arms is the hardest part of weight loss. People tend to put on weight easily on these parts and find it most difficult to lose it from there. There are some simple exercises which can be done at home and will help you lose this ugly fat. All you need to do is a repetition of 15 to 20 times of these exercises every day.


  • Use a yoga mat which gives you firm support on the ground.
  • Lie down fat on your belly on the ground and push yourself up with the help of your hands.
  • The weight should be concentrated on your arms.
  • This exercise is like performing push ups.

How it helps: This exercise uses your arms to support the weight of your body. The arm muscles start working harder to support the weight of the body and fat from here is burnt in the process. The effects of this exercise continue for several hours even after you finish.


  • As a beginner start with low weight dumb bells.
  • Put your arms directly in front of you and lift your hands sideways.
  • Bring the hands back to the starting position and repeat the exercise
  • Push your hands backwards and maintain it in a straight position. Alternate these two exercises for 10 to 15 times.

How it helps: Dumbbells add to the weight of your arms. The arm muscles need to support the additional weight and would require more energy to do that. The muscles start burning fat and convert it into energy to support the weight.

Exercise rope

  • Use an exercise rope to stretch your arms.
  • Hold one end of the rope down and pull the other end directly above your head using the other hand.
  • Repeat this exercise for both the hands.
  • Pull the rope horizontally using both the hands and keep your hands at chest level.

How it helps:  Pulling the rope` requires the arm muscles to stretch and contract frequently. The muscles start extending themselves and will become lean over a period of time. This is one of the easiest and best stretch exercises for the arms.


  • Eat fat burning food like fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut down on protein consumption and instead adapt to a fiber rich diet.
  • Try this for a month while you continue exercising.

How it helps: Diet plays a very important role in controlling the fat content of the body.  Fat controlling diets will help your goals and make the exercises more effective. While exercise uses up the fat in the body, diets will stop fat from accumulating in the arms. Both together can help you achieve slim, toned and thin arms.

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