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Stop Toying Around With Your Child’s Education

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

If you have kids, you have probably asked yourself why your kids need to play with toys. There are very different opinions on this particular subject, but in the end we all want what’s best for our kids. There is a growing trend for kids to sit around the house and watch television all day. Some people agree that there is so much to learn from television programs, which is true, but you cannot take away the positive effects playing with toys has on a child. We will be looking at these effects in more detail and how they promote your child’s development.

English: Soap bubbles

English: Soap bubbles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Playing with toys promotes the use of the imagination. As a generation, we have tried to dampen the imaginations of our children. By doing this you are directly influencing your child’s future. Imagination stimulates creative thinking and teaches a child to think outside of the box. This is something that is high in demand in the modern and corporate world. If we always reminded ourselves of this simple fact, we would most probably encourage our kids to dream bigger and more. Being able to dream and imagine things is one of the main characteristics that separate us as a species. Toys act as catalysts for the child’s imagination. Anything from a stick to a cricket bat can become what the child imagines it to be.

Playing with toys provides the perfect platform for a kid to learn life lessons. Just think of the selfish boy who doesn’t want to share certain toys with the other kids at playtime. This is a perfect opportunity for parents or teachers to step in and teach the child about sharing. There are other toys that can become valuable in the process of teaching a child how to bargain or how to solve a problem. Think of a puzzle ,for instance, this forces a child to solve problems on a continuous basis. Trading cards on the other hand can be a tool to teach a child to bargain. The possibilities are endless and very powerful.

The most important role that toys have to play in the development of a child is in the development of the brain. Playing with toys stimulates brain activity, bringing together all the elements mentioned above. It also has a massive impact on the motor skills as well as developing the balance, coordination and reflexes of the child. Creative play is crucial for the positive development of the brain activity. Here it is the responsibility of the parent to provide the child with the right toys that will have a positive effect on their growth and development.

There are too many children who spend their days inside the house playing computer games. There is nothing wrong with a child playing computer games, but it has to be balanced out with playing outdoors and other toys as well. As with anything in life, balance is the key here. So stop toying around and spoil your kids with a new toy rather than a new DVD. Give them a fair chance at developing into a well-polished individual.

Ruan Smit loves his children and that’s why he believes in the importance of exposing your child to many various forms of education. He lets them play with bean bags,balancing poles, build lego city and climb all over the jungle gym.

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