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Stop Me If You Can...

By Roopz @Roopakutty

As you know, I have written more than hundreds of posts in which some are words of dedication to my dear ones. I am happy that your blog has become rich with the posts that you had taken from Village Girl’s blog. I could see posts and pictures of my relatives and friends in your blog.
I should admit that even if you are not an expert in English, you are so clever to set the dates of the copied posts prior to the day I actually published it. However, please mind the fact that there are many other methods to know the real date on which you have published them. In fact, I simply hate to mention what you did as ‘publish posts’.
It was a few days back I searched in Google about my grandpa’s day of demise in order to pay a tribute to him in my blog. I was confused whether the date is 27 or 28th of November. He was my guide and greatest supporter. I am sure it was his blessings that made me to check Google about him and to find out about this copying. During the browsing, I could see my words with another URL and finally I reached your blog. 
Stop Me If You Can...
Initially I thought it was just one post that you have copied. When one of my blogger friends pointed out, I could see that you have brutally duplicated majority of my posts. I was really shocked and depressed for the whole day. Slowly I realized it is not the end of the world. I still have a long way to go which you won’t ever follow.
My gain in this deal is a few self-realizations:
  • I’ve a lot of well wishers to support and encourage me
  • My posts are worth sharing and it is not an absolute nonsense

Your loss by this plagiarism:
  • Demolition of your identity as a writer
  • Chance of fame in the blogosphere

A blogger builds his/her blog with utmost care and affection. They value each post, comment, followers and page views. It is almost similar to a mom nurturing her child. Whether it is one or thousands of posts in her/his blog, each one are special. If you take away a blog post without permission, it is like kidnapping a baby from parents. 
I don’t know your gender, nativity or mother tongue. You might come up with an argument that I copied yours though the readers know the truth. My one lakh page views and 200+ followers (still counting) will speak for me. I am always thankful to the visitors and friends of village girl.
Stop Me If You Can...
I’d have respected you if you write yourself with dedication. Blog readers never mind much about the grammatical and language skills. All they need is originality especially when it is a personal blog. You will not understand the pain unless you create a post of your own. 
A blogger friend has even helped me to lock my posts from copying. I don’t know how to thank him for that. I am so sorry to say that you will not be able to update your blogs with posts about my family, friends, nostalgic places and stupid poems.
I might not be the best name in blogosphere. Still I’ll keep writing unless my brain or hands get damaged because it is the best way I know to express my thoughts and dreams. Now here is a challenge! Stop me if you can….
RegardsVillage Girl

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