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Stop Losses Are Satanic

Posted on the 26 March 2012 by Thecentralfranc @TheCentralFranc

Hello everyone,
After a weekend of buying copious stock in pharmaceutical companies, I've decided to give you all some practical trading advice.
As you may have already guessed from my references to mind, body and soul, TheCentralFranc is a deeply pious, spiritual individual.
In fact, I’m a devout Catholic, and my religious convictions are reflectedstrongly in my approach to trading.
This brings me to the topic of stop losses – a satanic invention designed todestroy the purpose and vitality of your entry order.
Stop losses are a tyrannical tool used by sinners, infidels and heretics as they compromise a chart's freedom and limit a trader's long term reward.
Stop losses can be compared with the abomination that is contraception. They interfere with chart natural law and the procreation of profit. I believe in sanctity of an entry order.
Because of the divine condemnation of stop losses, I see no reason to expand on my argumentation.

Pope Benedict XVI "Say No To Stop Losses"  

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