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Stop Judging Me; My Kids Are Having A Shit Day

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I collected the terrible two from nursery yesterday afternoon to find neither of them happy, both tired and to be honest they couldn’t be bothered. Asking them nicely to hold my hand was an endless task as neither wanted too. I had to go to the other side of the school to collect the other 2 kids too. 

Stop Judging Me; My Kids Are Having A Shit Day


It was raining, they were cold and wet and wanted to go home, as we stood in the playground both decided to show me, with nothing held back that they were not happy. Screaming, throwing themselves to the floor, you know the usual thing in my life. 

The shaking heads and tuts could be seen and heard from across the playground, the look at that mother who cant control her kids scene. Do you want to try taming them? Trust me its like taming a pack of wolves when these two get started. 

Stop judging me, I am not a bad parent, I am not out of control, quite the opposite in fact. I am ignoring the tantrums my terrible two are displaying. They are screaming and throwing themselves to the floor as they don’t want to stand in this playground, but they have too, I have other kids to collect.

I do not scream or smack my kids, instead I ignore the bad behavior. I will not change my parenting style so it makes me look better in public. My kids were in a shit mood, plain and simple and nothing was going to change how they felt at that time.

Breath, raise your head, ignore the screams, plead that the bigger kids get out of school quick and you can dash home.

I know all to well how it feels to be in a shit mood and when you cant be bothered, you cant be bothered, the same happens with the kids, all to often.

So please stop judging mums parenting skills if their kids are throwing a wobbly, perhaps their kids are just having a shit day.

Share with me a time you felt you were being judged as a parent and how it made you feel …


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