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Stir-fry and Pie

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I had a running date with Dorothy and today was pretty hard. I think my muscles were a little sore from my run yesterday morning.



Tonight I took my iPhone with me to see how far we run and get a good idea of our pace. We take it slow and steady because we both would rather run the entire loop slowly then run faster and have to stop.

photo (1)

I used imapmyrun. We did 2.25 miles at 16 minutes a mile. This pace time is a little wrong because I started my workout with a warm-up walk so I think our pace was closer to 12 minute miles.

I also did 8,437 steps today! Which earned me some serious calories to add to my dinner tonight. SCORE!


After a quick shower and some playing with my camera and new Photoshop CS5 (my dad is letting me use his Canon EOS 5D) I hit up the kitchen to make some stir-fry.


I really like this dinner. It’s always tasty and pretty low on preservatives. I like that.

While making dinner I wanted to snack on some blackberries I found in the fridge but they were super tart so I decided to just wait for my stir fry.



That bag makes 4 servings, so now I have some delicious leftovers for the rest of the week.


I added some red pepper flakes and extra broccoli to make each bowl more filling. It definitely hit the spot.


I think I need to read up on ISO…

Because I earned 420 calories between walking and jogging today, I treated myself to a slice of Max’s berry pie.


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