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Sticker Snowmen Art Trading Cards

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

Sticker Snowmen Art Trading Cards
Students can learn how to make their snowmen come to “life” by altering where the face and buttons are placed on the body. The fact that they can easily do this all with stickers and markers makes it even more fun.
1. Cut lots of cool colored paper into the ATC size: 2.5" x 3.5". Students start by cutting a white 1.5" x 4" mailing label in half the long way, and apply to bottom of the card. The card is turned over and excess is trimmed.
2. A 1" Avery mailing label sticker is used for the bottom circle. Two 3/4" mailing labels stickers are used for the top two.
3. Students draw the snowman face arms and buttons with an Ultra Fine Point black Sharpie marker. They are encouraged to find a different pose for each card. The nose is colored with an orange marker and the hat is colored black.
4. Cards are kept in a 9 trading card plastic sleeve. Story telling would be another great use of this kind of layout. My students had some of their snowmen get progressively more melted, so clever!

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