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Steve Jobs Was Meant to Be Great

Posted on the 06 October 2011 by Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Steve Jobs Was Meant to Be GreatI have always felt that in times of need and sorrow, I look for answers where ever I can find them.  In the wake of the incredible Steve Jobs passing away, I thought I would search within Numerology to see if he fulfilled the destiny he was given by the numbers associated with his soul, name and birth date.


Life Lesson NumberThe attributes associated with the Life Lesson numbers are the things you must strive for and learn about on your journey


Life Lesson Number of Steve Jobs:  46/10/1

You will learn to become original and innovative.  You will be seen as a pioneer in your field and you are seen as a great executive.  You tend to be stubborn when you are restricted and you work best when you work alone.  Even though you like to be a hermit, you are the head of social and commercial groups.  You continue to learn about and look for the spark that will light up the life of many others, along with your own.

 Soul Number - The Soul number reveals who you really are as a person, not to those around you, but to yourself as an individual.

The Soul Number of Steve Jobs:  20/2

You have a strong desire for peace and prosperity through out the world.  You are an ambitious person but you are shy around others you don’t know very well.  You are fair and you like to bring truth to the forefront.  You are always seeking to create something new for you hold the knowledge of opposing sides, so you use that to your advantage when creating a new plan or product.  Those who have the Vibration of 20, have a Make or Break it Attitude.  When you start something, you are going to finish it, no matter what.

Outer Personality Number – This number vibration reflects the personality that you choose to show to the world and how other people view your personality.

The Outer Personality Number of Steve Jobs:  26/8

People see you as dynamic.  You are recognized as an authority figure and for good reason.  You have the feel of an executive and people pick up on the energy that radiates from you.  You are magnetic.  You strive to be ethical and due to this, you are recognized for your efforts.  You are also recognized for your ambition and the way you hold the attention of a room.  People are attracted to you and hang onto every word you say.

Path of Destiny NumberThis number vibration will help you down the path towards the destiny that was given to you.

The Path of Destiny Number of Steve Jobs:  66/12/3

You uplift others around you and you help inspire the masses to do greater things.  You spread joy and happiness to the society as a whole and you do it with much optimism.  Nothing gets you down because you are so focused on your calling that you are filled with sunshine and harmony.  You are charitable and will work to help others become charitable as well.

Steve Jobs was caring, innovative, unique and a strong, magnetic individual. Steve Jobs lived up to the numbers that were given to him at birth, and he will continue to live in our hearts…and our iPods.

The Numerology for Steven Paul Jobs was created using his full name and birthdate. 


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