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Steps to Younger Looking Skin

By Lamamma @LAmamma1

We all love summer, but keeping skin younger looking in the warmer months can present something of a challenge. The drier weather conditions, excessive heat and air conditioning can all take their toll on the appearance of our skin, making it appear more tired, dull and dried out.

Good news, then, that we can take action to redress the effects of summer with a few simple, easy steps.

Save your skin

The golden rule, which shouldn’t really need saying, is: Always wear sunblock. UVA and UVB rays from the sun are the biggest damaging factors to skin, so regular application of adequate sunscreen is essential to prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Those who love the sun-kissed look simply have to choose alternative cosmetic options which are much healthier and look just as good.

Wonder water

Water is one of your skin’s best friends. Keeping hydrated in hot weather is something that is effective on a cellular level. Skin looks plumped up and dewy instead of dry and pinched when the body has plenty of water on board, so drink up and look pretty.

Marvelous moisturizer

Keeping skin well moisturized is key to banishing dry, flaky patches and promoting a complexion that is smooth and flawless. Get equipped with a real heavy-hitting moisturizer such as Argan Oil which has unique, deep moisturizing properties for skin. For a radiant and youthful glow try using this lightweight Moroccan oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and is 100 percent organic.

Eat skin-friendly foods

Clichés only become clichés because they reflect a real truth – phrases such as “You are what you eat” and “Beauty comes from within” may be thoughtlessly bandied around, but they are true. Eating a skin-friendly diet will help achieve younger looking skin. Go to the grocery store and fill the basket with pomegranates, blueberries, walnuts, peppers, oatmeal, kidney beans, sunflowers, green tea and dark chocolate – all known to be good friends to skin. Generally a diet rich in fruit and vegetables coupled with lean protein and plenty of fiber will show outwardly in the complexion – too many refined carbs and saturated fats leave skin looking dull and pallid – not the look we want!

Give skin a fitness boost

The skin is the biggest organ in our body, which means it is acutely affected by our general fitness levels. To enable the skin to expel toxins, repair itself and keep blood circulating effectively, we need to be fit. Being fit and getting adequate exercise will be reflected in the skin, giving it a glowing radiance that’s hard to get any other way.

Sleep more

More sleep equals less wrinkles. Yes, it’s hard getting that fabled eight hours of sleep a night, but when we manage it, it certainly shows in our skin the next day. Sleep is essential downtime in which our bodies repair themselves, and being on the outside our skin tends to take quite a lot of flak. Bags beneath the eyes and a drawn, pinched expression can be smoothed away, or at the very least improved by deep, restful sleep.

Younger looking skin takes a little effort and application, but those willing to put in the time will reap the rewards – and the compliments.

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