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Staying in Step

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Ways to Relax Your MindIt is hard keep up with yourself sometimes, especially when you are attacking multiple projects at once or just being stressed out by life itself. Many times, your thoughts are racing so fast that you cannot keep track of what you are doing at the moment and you forget about what’s going to happen in the future. This can put you behind in work, bring down your mood and even upset your eating and sleeping habits and keep you out of step with your natural habits. Here are some great ways to relax when the work day or even everyday stress, starts to get to you.

Take a break

You probably have a deadline or a personal problem or issue but don’t we all? The work or problem will still be there when you get back, so you might at well take a break to save your productivity and sanity. Walk away from your present spot, grab a coat (depending on the season) and take a stroll outside. Calm your mind and refocus your thoughts. When you are clear your mind, you create a better environment for yourself to succeed in your project or overcome the problems you are facing. Fresh air and exercise helps calm the mind, the body and the soul.

Write a checklist

Checklists will literally save your energy and your mood while keeping you organized and on task in work and in life! You can organize your client work flow for that day in a checklist while creating smaller checklists for what needs to be accomplished for each individual project. You can also use checklists to organize your day or what you want to accomplish for yourself, on a personal level, at the present and for the future. You will keep your mind in check and your work load, projects, ideas and live goals on paper, instead of in your head.

Hold conversations with others

When you are constantly going and going and moving on to the next thing, people tend to shut out others, all in a futile attempt to continue on through the work or the pain, pushing through the madness that is your life. It may be time to crawl out of the busy body shell and grab a coffee or even a long phone conversation with someone else. Take the time to drop your life and converse with others about their lives. Take advice when given and give advice in return, but just relax and enjoy the conversations you are having with others, soaking up the memories and time of being around others.

Hold conversations with yourself

When you are back to the grind or feeling overwhelmed at a certain moment, many people are unable to talk with others and confide in a friend about their work or feeling stressed. Time to talk to yourself. No, I am not suggesting you start to walk around muttering to yourself about love or business. You might be holding conversations with yourself for the rest of your life that way. Grab a journal and write it out. Get out the cluttered thoughts that are bumbling around in your brain, even if those thoughts are just pictures or a couple of lines of text. Releasing those feelings will release your stress and bring you back to the real world.

Loosen up and lighten up

Continuously sitting or working on a project for hours on end will literally dull your brain while continuously piling up the thoughts, tasks or problems you are dealing with. In addition, being in the same place for a long time can tense up the muscles and make your body ache. Loosen and lighten up already! Try to stand and stress periodically throughout your day to relieve stress and pain in the muscle. Also, try to eat light, healthy meals through the day, so your brain does not get bogged down by the heavy food, making your brain slow down your thought process. Doing yoga in the middle of the day is another way to loosen and lighten up your routine.

Enjoy the moment

Stop. Look at what you are doing now and enjoy what you have accomplished. Even if you are just overwhelmed with life…just stop and look around. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy your life and your ability as a human being to do anything you can put your mind to. When you are feeling stressed or over worked or tired yet wired, just close your eyes and concentrate on the moment. Realize you are only human and not a machine. You have feelings, limits, strengths and weaknesses and that feeling overwhelmed is not the end of the world and that you can get through it. Just enjoy in that exact moment that you are alive on this earth and you are in charge of your own life.

Follow these tips and tricks to keep your mind focused, your brain on track and to keep your mood on the positive side, and you will be on your way to staying in step with yourself, your workload and your life.

This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men. ~ Captain J. A. Hadfield

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