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Stay Safe While Visiting Peru

By Alpacaexpeditions

While a lot of the details are still a little confused about the story of 3 American tourists getting attacked in a village outside of Cusco, it is an important reminder that we all need to be safe while we travel.  If you haven’t heard, last week on a TV program in the USA, 3 Americans talked about how they visited a small village and were immediately taken hostage and beaten.  While the stories we hear in Cusco are very different than the stories told in the below video, its still important to remember that you always need to be careful and respectful, no matter how safe a city/area is supposed to be.

Most of the villages around Cusco are not used to foreigners visiting them.  They do not speak english or spanish – they only speak the local language, quechua.  If you want to visit a local village, it is no problem, just go with a local or guide.  All Alpaca guides were born in these villages and were raised speaking quechua, so bring us with you – we will show you how these amazing people live and make sure that you are safe and secure the entire time.


The most important thing to remember is that this story is extremely unusual.  In fact, we have never heard of such a thing and believe that there are some details missing.  We are so sorry these people had such a hard time while visiting, but all of us in Peru loves tourists and encourage everyone to visit – we just don’t treat people this way and hopefully nothing like this will ever happen.

Your friends at Alpaca Expeditions!

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