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Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: Fun Activities for Your Off-Time

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Motherhood is one of the most amazing experiences that a woman will go through. However, as rewarding as motherhood is, being a stay at home mom has its negatives. Many stay at home moms feel that they lose their independence as they are no longer working and there are now 2 of you to think of, therefore those shopping trips with your girlfriends are less frequent! Some moms also suffer with loneliness and boredom as your little one is often sleeping for many hours of the day. Even if it’s just a conversation with a likeminded person these things can really make a difference.

With only one parent in full-time work bringing up a family can be very expensive, many stay at home moms often take up freelance work or use the time off to set up a business. With more time on your hands doing ad-hoc freelance work will give your brain some much needed stimulus and give you structure to your day. Apart from being an added income to the household many stay at home moms often relish the opportunity to work from home as the hours suit them, it also gives mothers a new interest, topic of conversation and some independence.

As a full time mom you will have those days where it seems like too much effort to leave the house, online casino sites such as Intertops Casino are a great form of entertainment and fun from the comfort of your own home. Many online betting sites offer a ‘play for free’ option meaning that you can enjoy online games in a risk free environment! There are plenty of fun online games available for every skill set and interest – including challenging baking games, bingo, farming, Bejeweled and more.

For any first time mother the feeling of exhaustion may be overwhelming, a newborn requires constant attention leaving many mothers feeling worn out and that they have no time to themselves. It is important that mothers have time to themselves, even if it’s just relaxing for a few hours whilst a relative looks after your little one, it will give you a much needed break. However a great way to get you out the house or for an added income is mystery shopping! Many of the assignments need to be carried out during the week, making stay at home moms the perfect candidates to carry them out. Mystery shops take place in a variety of locations including retail stores, grocery shops and restaurants, giving mothers the option of what assignments they choose to do and great flexibility on when they carry them out.

A way to avoid boredom when being a stay at home mom is to keep connected with other moms; these other women are in the same position as you and will also appreciate some company. A great way to connect with other mothers is to use online parenting sites or blogs; there are some fantastic blogs with moms posting tips, suggestions and just general conversation. Another way to connect with other moms is to check your local community centre for free playgroups, many communities offer free mother’s meetings meaning you can socialise with others moms and your toddler can play with other children.

Motherhood is a very precious time for both mother and child; nevertheless mothers need to make time for themselves to ensure a happy period for both mom and toddler. 

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 Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide: Fun Activities for Your Off Time

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